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2012 Predictions For You & The World



Greetings and welcome to you all!!

I am so excited for the year ahead, and I hope that you will enjoy the message today, from Archangel Michael & Jesus, my master guide..

The message that I continued to see about 2012, was that if we unite in our thinking, and beginning to work on the different Chakra's, and portal of energy that are around the globe, we can open these places and enhance our abilities, as well as bringing peace and wisdom that has not existed since Lemurian/Atlantean times..
You can see the video for 2012 HERE

It is not my intention, to tell anyone what to do-nor do I wish to change your beliefs, so take what you like from the message, and follow your heart always..

I have also included here, detail about the 12 Earth Chakra's,but also that there are many other power places around the globe, that I did not get to mention, in my video..So I will explain some of these also, and also give you the Channeled message from Archangel Michael along with gives instructions for the New Year for everyone!!

Remember you yourself are a walking cosmic portal..

As Portals of light and Chakra's are opening around the globe, so too, will your inner cosmic portal, begin to open and awaken,releasing even greater healing to the world..

12 Major Chakra's Of The World

1. Earth Star Chakra:

Location: London

Archangel Sandalphon

Colours - bronze, gold & brown

Crystals : Smoky Quartz, Pyrite, Citrine, Jet


2. Base Chakra:

Location: China

Archangel Gersiel & Archangel Gabriel

Colours - red & russet

Crystals:Red Jasper, Agate, Quartz, Beryl

3. Sacral Chakra:

Location: Honolulu, Hawaii

Archangel Gabriel & Archangel Lumiel

Colour- deep orange.


apitite,rutilated quartz,clear quartz

4. Naval Chakra:

Location : Fiji

Archangel Michael & Archangel Gabriel

Colours - orange & peach.

Crystals: Rose quartz,peach quartz,amethyst,jet,Tigers eye

5. Solar Plexus:

Location :South Africa

Archangel Uriel & Archangel Raphael

Colours - yellow, lemon & white.

Crystals: Clear quartz, hematite,tourmaline, topaz,yellow apitite

6. Heart Chakra: Glastonbury, UK

Archangel Chamuel & Archangel Haniel

Colours - green and pink.

Crystals: Emerald, jade, green tourmaline,rainbow quartz,amazonite,turquoise

7. Throat Chakra:

Location: Luxor, Egypt

Archangel Metatron & Archangel Samael

Colour - blue

Crystals: Lapis Lazuli, Blue agate, Kyanite, opal,blue lace agate, quartz

8. Third Eye:

Location: Afghanistan

Archangel Raphael & Archangel Cassiel

Colours - purple & green.

Crystals: Amethyst,charoite,fluorite,

quartz,jade,smoky quartz

9. Crown Chakra:

Location: Machu Picchu,Peru

Ashtar & Archangel Jophiel

Colours- silver yellow.

Crystals: Hematite, citrine, yellow jade, snow quartz

10. Causal Chakra:

Location : Tibet

Archangel Cassiel and Archangel Michael

Colours - white & blue.

Crystals: quartz,hematite,azurite,sodalite,

11. Soul Star:

Location: Agra, India

Archangel Muriel

Colours - gray & lavender.

Crystals- sugalite,amethyst,rose quartz,onyx

12. Stellar gateway:

Location: Arctic, North Pole

Archangel Uriel, Archangel Michael & Archangel Raphael

Colours - gold, blue & green.

Crystals: Pyrite, quartz,citrine,jade,ametrine, tourmaline, amazonite, turquoise

Now we look at some of the minor chakra's around the globe..

Some of these are already opening as we speak, others have been opening for some time, but with the added energy that YOU give, these too will open quickly and easily, revealing healing,wisdom, and deep sense of knowing who you are ..peace shall reign again!

Mt Shasta: California, Sedona , Arizona USA

Uluru , Northern Territory, Gimpie Pyramid , Queensland
Kariong, New South Wales : Australia

Rotorua , Tamaru,Wellington,Christchurch,Auckland : New Zealand

Suva, Fiji , Lebasa Fiji

Lake Louise ,Guelph : Canada

Easter Island (whole) Whole of South America

Stonehenge: Uk, Avebury UK
All mountainous areas throughout the globe (even smaller ones) are minor chakra points, and also cosmic portals.

Wye Valley, Cardiff :Wales

Callanish Stones, Isle of Lewis,Skara Brae , Scotland

Dublin, Connacht ,Ireland

Temple of Ta Prohm, Angkor , temple of Phnom Bakheng: Cambodia

Ashab al Kahf-Shrine of the Seven Sleepers ,
Balkh Province- Chishmah-i-Ayyub : Afghanistan

La Rioja , Ichigualasto :Argentina

Teufelstein , Klagenfurt :Austria

Mahasthan: Buddhist ruins , Kutila Mura : Bangladesh

Wéris ,Beligium , Oostacker, Ghen , : Beligium

Island of the Moon, Lake Titicaca , Island of the Sun, Lake Titicaca , : Bolivia

Visoko-Bosnian Pyramids , Sarajevo :Bosnia

São Paulo , Juazeiro do Norte : Brazil

Mt. Huang Shan, Anhui , Mt. Lu Shan, Jiangxi : China

Rijeka: Church of Our Lady of Trsat and Franciscan monastery ,
Marija Bistrica: Marian shrine Our Lady of Bistrica : Croatia

Mt. Hostyn , Odry : Czech Republic

Bornholm Island : Denmark

Mt. Tungurhua , Ruins of Ingapirca : Ecuador

Great Pyramid , Stone ring and megaliths, Nabta : Egypt

Gishen: Monastery of Gishen Maryam , Skek Husen: Islamic pilgrimage site : Ethiopia

Mt. Kilpisjarvi , Hameenlinna : Finland

Paris , Rennes le Chateau : France

Owen; Celtic holy mountain of Teck / hill of Boelle and oracular cave of Sybillenloch , Speyer; pilgrimage cathedral on pagan sacred site ,
: Germany

Ruins of Dodona , Mt Olympus :Greece

Thingvellir , Mt. Helgafel :Iceland

Mt. Girna , Vaishno Devi : India

Mt. Agung and Besakih temple , Mt. Batur and Mt. Abang :Bali

Shiraz , Mt. Damavand : Iran

Moosayab , Mosul :Iraq

Jurusalem,Bethelem,Nazareth,Hebron,Meron :Israel

Naples ,Rome :Italy

Mt. Asama san , Mt. Hiei san :Japan

Mt Nyiro , Lake Turkana :Kenya

Song-ak-san Mountain :North Korea
Palgong : South Korea

Kinabalu National Park ,Penang : Maylaysia

Borre , Trondheim : Norway

Multan , Sehwan ,Pakistan

Mt. Apo , Mt. Banahao,Cebu : Phillipines

Licheń Stary , Teresin : Poland

Pechorsky Lavra , Kizhi Island : Russia

Jabal al Lawz  , Medina : Saudi Arabia

Piran , Drežnica : Slovenia

Virgen of Rocio; Andalucian village of Rocio , Granada; Abbey of St. Secilio, Sacre Monte : Spain

Chaiya , Chachoengsau :Thailand

Mt. Ararat , Gallipoli : Turkey

Chuo Huong, Ho Chi Minh City : Vietnam

There are many more power areas around the globe, too mention to mention them all here,but each area has much knowledge waiting to escape for all of us to understand and use..


Message from Archangel Michael, combined with Jesus:

"Greetings dear ones!

It is I, Archangel Michael, along with Jesus, here to bring you a special message for 2012.

Firstly, you must all know,that you have done a marvellous job in 2011.
It was such a cleansing time for you each individually, & for the planet as a whole.
There were so many things, that you needed to accomplish,release,enjoy & even reject from your lives...

Many of you were experiencing spirituality for the first time,or changed your religious view dramatically...and you are to be congratulated ,for the awakening to your true self,and your own spiritual truths...

Even more of you,who are already on a spiritual path,have had enormous stresses,and loss,grief,hardship,confusion & anger to name a few,to deal with once and for all..

Past life issues from Earth as well as lives on other planets,have come to you all,either conciously or subconsciously, causing enlightenment in some ways, curiosity & or more confusion than ever!

2012 heralds a time of "illumination" of a grander scale than ever before-You as a soul may have lived at a time of the 260,000 year cycle, and its end, and thus you are feeling very excited at the prospect of the New Year.Those souls who have incarnated relatively new,may be feeling a little afraid at the changes and the scenarios,certain people have been giving...

2012 marks the opening of thousands or cosmic portals around the globe,in fact the number is monumental..
These portals are directly attuned to other pl[planets, and stars, and were once opened on the Earth,hundreds of thousands of years ago..They WILL be opened again..

In addition, the major Chakra's of the Earth (12) will begin to open and bring with them a multitude of healing,love,light,vibration,self acceptance, and awaken and enhance your abilities..

There are also cosmic portals that are larger in size, and pyramids that have not been seen by your physical eyes,that will become visible,and clear, as you attune to them...

As these portals, or gateways of energy open, there will be certain clearings to be done on Earth, to renew and restore itself..Many of these "clearings" can be easy to avoid,if you make it a practice to send healing energy to every country,and place on the planet.

As the portals & Chakra's centers begin to open, there will be signs, that Angels,Elementals,Guides,Masters & even what you call Extra Terrestrial beings are with you..You will sense them, you will see them like never before in your life.

This is due to the chakra's and portals opening,bringing in the beautiful peace so many are asking for..

Not since Atlantean/Lemurian times,has this happened before-where Angels,Guides etc, walked around freely -guiding,helping and encouraging those on Earth..

You each have come so very far & passed over a time of great destruction..

The more of you centered on healing and giving, created a shift throughout your world..

Those who have higher technologies, from other planets, are also amazed at the what you all have been able to achieve, in such a short time frame.

2011 is over-and we have heard almost ever soul say "Thank God!"

But, each of you wanted your life to change, and so, this is why things became tough-but relief is at hand!
2012 will be alot smoother for you all-You may still have some things to deal with, but even so, you will find, that solutions & options will be quickly available..

There will still be Global cleansing & fear will also need to be contained, as the negative forces who have controlled you all for so long,will be afraid of losing control..

You must all learn to forgive unconditionally..

Loving your "enemy" is the only way to defeat this, because fear and negativity can not exist or have any control, where there is love..It must become the focus of you all...See where you are still allowing fear to control you..each soul has a tendency to do this...

When you focus your intent on your own chakra's, also invoke the Angels of each area to cleanse & awaken the chakra's around the globe.If there is any particular place, in the world you feel needs particular healing then focus on it,as well as asking for the Elementals,Unicorns & Dragons to also direct their healing energies in that place..

Try to focus around the same time each day,so that there is a concentrated flow of light-groups of two or more greatly enhance the effects also..

When the Stellar Gateway chakra opens,every single soul will see and hear the Angels clearly..this includes seeing all that has been hidden before..

Over the next 20 years, it will be a part of everyday life, for you all to experience this, and live amongst those who you have felt disconnected from...

As the cosmic portals open & the chakra's and aura of the planet are healing, great enhancements to your lives will unfold..

Many ,many souls will choose to incarnate in 2012,to be of great service to humanity & will have no need for formal schooling,in fact this method of control will be deleted eventually...

Money will not be an issue for long because it has held so many back-but as you learn to use your mind to manifest-you wont need it at all-it will hold no value-Earth is the only planet still under this kind of control.

More and more of you will also discover your true selves-There are millions of Angels, Elementals,Masters and Star seeds among you. Don't doubt your own role because of all the so called "naughty" things that you have done-embrace who you really are, and accept it..

With acceptance, comes understanding..

When you are seeking knowledge,listen to the message-if any part does not resonate as truth and love to you,move your attentions elsewhere..

Combining of all the elements will be essential for the healing of the globe,and the full awakening of the souls that inhabit it..

Spend time in excitement and anticipation and also use your healing inner power,to create the changes you wish to see..

Stand facing North, and flow energy there-do the same for all directions,seeing the world as you wish it to this also in nature and connect once again with the energy that flows through the air,ground and the heavens above..Try your best to be all you can be!

Allow your true soul,to shine through ..Don't allow your self to be controlled or programmed by media or people who want power.

2012 should be a celebration all year, and continue for the rest of your lives.
Peace and love will reign,and illusions and fear will be washed away..

Learn that you can change energy by your thoughts and honour and respect mother Earth, and all her inhabitants..

Your diet, friends, addictions and lifestyle will change in a way that better serves your purpose..

Your mind can be your greatest asset,or greatest downfall,what will you choose?

SPiritual communities are growing on a greater scale with ancient teachers incarnated especially to be at service at this time..

Look for those who wish to help without personal gain,who truly want nothing more than to help you to help yourself..

These teachers have been around for thousands of years, and have always been a part of your life in some capacity-you will find them, and they will also find you..

2012 starts everything wondrous in motion..It is vital,to stay centered in love with life,no matter what..

Each of you chose to be here now to witness a new era, a new Earth, and new times..

Go with love in your hearts, and do not fear, because you are always supported and soon the visions of your 3rd eye,will be witnessed by your physical eyes,all in line with when you are truly ready..

The life you have always wanted starts NOW.

Believe that those with negative intentions, no matter who they are, will be exposed...
Cleansing of areas will be inevitable,but no mass destruction on a global scale will occur.

Benevolent beings from other planets, and solar systems will begin to speak up and be seen and heard..

They have kept relatively invisible for so ling,but have always been telepathically in touch with those who ask...
They will bring with them many technologies which will benefit the whole of mankind...

Negative beings from all over the plants, will not be able to exist where there is love...and almost all of them have been detained from Earth's atmosphere..

Much work is needed however we Angels believe in you and the power that is eternally yours...In reality,all is already healed...your imagination strengthens you, and makes it so..

The cosmic portals opening now are pouring golden light to your aura,and the Earth's aura ...embrace those vibrations you feel,knowing you are rising to new heights all the time..

Be proud of yourself, no question!! This sense of happiness is healing in itself-Dragons & Unicorns are also waiting to reconnect with you..
Each person has their own family of mythical beings-connect with them before sleep & feel the strength and courage they show you..

As there are cosmic portals throughout the world,which bring wisdom from the stars, you yourself, are also one of these portals..
Your own soul, is reconnecting and hence knowledge and wisdom will be felt and shared by you more abundantly..

So dear ones,we want you to know that you are unique and wonderful & you each played a major role in healing the World.

We Angels and Guides never leave you and when you call we come!

We can not make you do anything-and we would never interfere with your life plan...We are love and we are understanding!

Get ready for a wonderful year! Remember even in hard times,there is never punishment,only enhancement for your soul..

Everything is going to be OK! Together we shall teach you to create miracles in your lives,and the lives of others..!

With much Love,pride and healing blessings!

Archangel Michael and Jesus!

For Every country , there are 1,000,ooo's of beautiful energy portals.
Each state, town, street , home, will have a different release feeling as the area is opened..

This will increase in areas that are relatively close to each other..
Many areas will overlap, and reflect to you their own unique knowledge.

Whilst you are sending light to each area, it is a good practice to reflect on what has happened in the past, in history, to your area..& endeavor to learn as much as you can about this history,and keep a journal of events..

When you can find things that are negative in nature, that may have happened in these areas, think about some of these areas in your own do you feel inside yourself?
Are there any areas of ,guilt,pain,hurt,anger,hate..?
When you are aware of what that area/s
is, ask the Angels of the Universe,to bring healing to your whole self, top to bottom ...filling you with confidence and freedom.
Then, send that same thought & feeling to your area..

Sense your area free of all the baggage of the past..
And create a ball of energy around it, that is governed by as many angels as you like ..these will become the overseers.

Loving something is also feeling grateful for it, how it is today..
When you can appreciate it, as it is, you will then be able to project thoughts of healing to each area..

It is also a good practice, to then affirm :
"I am ready to accept who I really am"

These exercises will be so beneficial to you, and the world as a whole.

Thank you all for taking part in this wonderful journey for the New Year ..I shall also be creating some guided meditations for you, so we can work on this with all our focus and intent!

Blessings and much love to you!




© 2012