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2013 Guidance For Everyone



Greetings and welcome to you all!!

Thank you all so much for joining me on another year guidance journey!

We have come so very far in 2012, and this coming year, 2013, is going to be even better! It is the start of a whole new way of being around the globe!

As always, I have channelled a message from the Archangel Michael, as he is the one who is usually the loudest when it comes to messages of great importance such as this!

It is not my intention to give any of you an exact 'prediction' type of

messages, or tell you what you should or should not be doing..

My intention, only, is to help you to seek what resonates with you, and leave whatever does not. Each of us this coming year, will be able to clearly see, hear, and feel the truth of our mission, and what is right and wrong for us..

I am very happy to say, that this year is going to be full of awakening, and ascension in our abilities, and lives completely..

I do hope that you will enjoy the message that comes through from

Archangel Michael, and you are welcome to see the video message HERE.

OK! Lets get started!

Key Thoughts for 2013:

1: Get started with something you always wanted to do!

2: Let go of all that used to bother you and consume your thoughts.

3: Be open to having a wonderful life- allow yourself to have it!

4: Keep love as your main goal in everything that you do!

5: Surround yourself with a blue cloak of protection, with Archangel

Michael, and the Angelic realm.

6: Let go completely of any anger, resentment, hate, greed, jealousy and the

like-if you want something better, it does not come from these emotions.

7: You are attracting your thoughts very rapidly- good and bad. Keep your

thoughts elevated, and strong!

8: Heal yourself with your mind, and share it with others!

9: Many discoveries will come, that will help humanity break away from old

doctrines, and limited ways of living.

10: Be ready for greatness to happen to you, if you are standing in the

vibration of joy and love.

11: Be proud of your achievements and know that anything is possible.

12: You will be required to answer a lot of your own questions, and really

look within you. Teachers and mentors may not be readily available to you.

Time to become a teacher in your own right!

13: Music and all music related people, will have advancements, which

changes how everything is done in the music world!

14: Each will need to work on one day at a time, and open yourself to the

blessings that are coming for you!

15: Most importantly, love yourself, and care about who you are! Your

greatest discoveries come when you accept yourself, and move into the light!


Message from Archangel Michael, for 2013

" Dear Ones,

Blessings and joy to each of you!

I am Archangel Michael, and I bring with me the energy of many Angels, to speak with you and comfort you today and always!

I place you all in a blue cloak of protection, love and energy...As you sit in this cloak, it will energise all of your chakra's, clear your aura, and awaken all abilities.
This cloak is yours, and can be worn by you whenever you need it! It becomes a natural state of being, & it will greatly assist each one of you as we enter the New Age this coming year 2013.

Please. each of you, take a moment now, to sense and feel your own spiritual cloak of protection.

Dear Ones, you each have many questions, and each have heard different things about 2013. I do not want to confuse you further, so this message will be kept simple as everything really should be kept.

2013 ushers in a whole new way of being for each of you.

You may already be feeling a wave of peace wash over you and a deep release of fear that was surrounding 2012.

Know, that you are each here for more than one reason. You have each requested to be here, as the World transforms itself into a higher state of being.

This means that each of you are also transforming into this higher state.

This will not be immediate-this process is steady ,but, at your own pace!

You will find yourself experiencing many things that you felt that you could not before.

Indeed, as you begin to open yourselves more completely, you shall also accept who you really are, more fully.

You will experience the Angels, Guides, light beings, and loved ones, more closely-

You are unique! What one can see, hear or sense is different from another and so on.

Do not think that you are less then anyone else, if you do not feel you are going as fast as others seem to be- You are advancing at just the right pace for you, as a soul.

Acceptance is KEY to your growth.

From now on, the light will be covering the Earth more brightly.

This will affect not only the humans; but ALL of nature and the seas and skies.

This also means that there will be new 'discoveries' in the areas of botany, marine, animals, and nature as a whole. Also there will be further developments in the cosmos..

There will be some things that humans have not ever seen in this life, but will seem familiar, and these will be discovered!

Different insects, and also trees, will be found to grow and live in unusual places-this is because it is safe for these to show themselves again. All have been here, but hidden from ordinary eyes!

This will bring amazement & joy to the World!

As long as each of you continue to open your awareness & continue to have a LOVE focus, all of this will very quickly begin to occur.

Do not fall victim to lower frequencies of fear, anger, jealousy or worry-even in times of change or disaster, because this is the old you trying to hold on, instead of embracing the new you and the new Earth.

There will be those, as there always have been, who are negative in nature-But as you turn to you authentic self, and rise above all of this, it will not effect you like it used to.

In fact, you are attracting your thoughts all the time-you always have, Only now, you will use your entire mind, to have the greatest life and in turn, lead others along the way!

2013, also brings acknowledgement of who you really are- Some of you are Angels having a human experience, some are guides, and elemental, even star beings..and you will begin to meditate on this, until you each accept who you are!

Each of you are magnificent beings of light, with deep and very ancient knowledge!

Ask yourself without judgment, "Who am I?" "What am I here for?"

Write down your response. By the way- the word "CAN'T" exists in your vocabulary, because you put it there! Replace this word with "I CAN" always!

2013 will bring blessed changes to each of you, if you vibrate at this level. In other words, each day, place a smile on your face and don your cloak of protection, and have an accepting heart for goodness coming your way.

Make this a year for you to truly use your mind and imagination, without limitations!

See for yourself, your greatest life unfolding!

When things are not going your way, DON'T DWELL ON IT!

Move along!

Do what you can to bring peace to yourself!

Those of you, who question and doubt everything, and can not make decisions for yourself, because of fear in your soul, will have a lot of work to do, but you will be supported along the way and you will have strong revelations in your life, that will be personal to you, and you will see the changes that others are making and begin to release the fear in your soul.

You may feel alone, as the teachers, and mentors who you used to rely on are advancing to their new heights to learn and teach again.

They may even seem to 'disappear' but, will be there again when you advance.

This is also what is meant by the old Earth, or 3D and the new 5D Earth. It is not so much that one dies and another is in it's place, but instead, it is that those who are like minded will stay closer together then before.

So it may seems as though they are a 'World' away!

You will always be with whom you need to be with for the moment- & in a moment, everything can change before your eyes!

Another great thing about 2013 and beyond is the advancements in technology and ancient artefacts, crystals, and writing that will become available. When this happens, there will be a further rise in frequencies, as the truth about everything can NOT be denied!

This will bring freedom for everyone, in some part of their lives, but, for many, it will impact their entire lives and what they have long believed in!!!

It is important, that each of you realize that as you lift and expand your abilities, and consciousness, everything changes. It is a natural progression.

You do NOT have to feel under pressure to behave in a certain way- you only have to do what is feeling right for you!

Take each day as a new beginning.

Those who are still in a lower vibration will remain until one of you becomes a teacher amongst them.

You all need to remind yourselves that you are onto the next part of your divine journey.

You have each played your role magnificently and you must give yourself credit for all you are and all you have already achieved!

Healing of the self, and all that inhabit Earth will continue to grow and science will really begin to come on board with the healing power of the mind-this is already happening, but will continue to grow as you each advance.

Music and soul will hold more meaning in the healing process, and those of you who are musicians already or who work in this field, will be working with advanced beings of light, who will help you to open and discover higher frequencies of sound, and open your musical abilities further.

Teachers will adopt a more spiritual outlook in school settings, because they are realizing the need for change with this, especially over the next 5 years.

Spiritual centres and groups will rapidly flourish as further portals of light and ancient Lemurian and Atlantean energy, become available once again.

Over the next 5,10,15 & 20 years especially, you will advance and change so much all over the globe, Telepathy will play a major role in how you will communicate with each other. A lot of you do this now without realizing it fully.

Rejoice now, and feel enlightened, as you begin a new year of limitless enjoyment, and advancement.

Be patient with yourself and others along the way, and believe in yourself, and your ability to create your reality.

We Angels are ever present and ready to assist you along the way. Many of you shall begin to see and feel us in a different way, as we walk amongst you and the veil of illusion lifts away!

You are important, and very loved, and we Angels are proud of each and every one of you! & we love you Unconditionally!

With love and eternal blessings,

Archangel Michael"




© 2012 onward