Guidance for 2014-With BDevine ®


Greetings to you all, and welcome to the guidance for 2014!

I have made a video about this, which you can see below.


Also included is a special FREE attunement, for everyone who wishes to be totally empowered for the New Year!


I am ever excited about the New Year, and what it holds for each one of us.
I do not like to worry about the so called 'bad' events that happen each year, and because of this, I will not be focusing my attention in that area.


I would first like to mention, that 2014 is the Year of the Horse, in Chinese astrology. This is important, to understand, as it does set the pace for the year, which will be quite swift!


It is especially important for those who have been born in the year of the horse, as you will feel this energy more intently.

Those who are born in the year of the horse are as follows:

Taken from wikipedia:


Start Date End Date Heavenly Branch
25 January 1906 12 February 1907 Fire Horse
11 February 1918 31 January 1919 Earth Horse
30 January 1930 16 February 1931 Metal Horse
15 February 1942 4 February 1943 Water Horse
3 February 1954 23 February 1955 Wood Horse
21 January 1966 8 February 1967 Fire Horse
7 February 1978 27 January 1979 Earth Horse
27 January 1990 14 February 1991 Metal Horse
12 February 2002 31 January 2003 Water Horse
31 January 2014 18 February 2015 Wood Horse
17 February 2026 5 February 2027 Fire Horse
4 February 2038 23 January 2039 Earth Horse

Fire (Chinesepinyinhuǒ), is the prosper of the matter, or the matter's prosperity stage.[1] Fire is the second phase of Wu Xing.

Fire is yang in character. Its motion is upward and its energy is expansive. It is associated with Summer, the South, the planet Mars, the colour red (associated with extreme luck), hot weather, daylight, and the Vermilion Bird (Zhu Que) in the Four Symbols (which is associated with a red phoenix in Western culture).


Earth (Chinesepinyin), is the changing point of the matter.[1] Earth is the third element in the Wu Xing cycle.

Earth is a balance of both yin and yang, the feminine and masculine together. Its motion is inward and centering, and its energy is stabilizing and conserving. It is associated with the color yellow and the planet Saturn, and it lies at the center of the compass in the Chinese cosmos. It is associated with the turn of each of the four seasons and with damp. It governs the SpleenStomach, mouth and muscles. Its negative emotion is anxiety and its positive emotion is empathy. Its Primal Spirit is represented by the Yellow Dragon.


Metal (Chinesepinyinjīn), the fourth phase of the Chinese philosophy of Wu Xing, is the decline of the matter, or the matter's decline stage.[1] Metal is yin in character, its motion is inwards and its energy is contracting. It is associated with the Autumn, the west, old age, the planet Venus, the color white, dry weather, and the White Tiger(Bai Hu) in Four Symbols. The archetypal metals are silver and gold.


Water (Chinesepinyinshuǐ), is the low point of the matter, or the matter's dying or hiding stage.[1] Water is the fifth stage of Wu Xing.

Water is the most yin in character of the Five elements. Its motion is downward and inward and its energy is stillness and conserving. It is associated with the Winter, the North, the planet Mercury, the color black, cold weather, night, and the Black Tortoise (Xuan Wu) in Four Symbols.

It is also associated with the moon, which was believed to cause the dew to fall at night.


Wood (Chinesepinyin), sometimes translated as Tree, is the growing of the matter, or the matter's growing stage.[1] Wood is the first phase of Wu Xing. Wood is yang in character. It stands for springtime, the east, the planetJupiter, the color bluegreenwind, and the Azure Dragon (Qing Long) in Four Symbols.

The Wu Xing are chiefly an ancient mnemonic device for systems with 5 stages; hence the preferred translation of "tree" over "wood".[citation needed]


See more information about 2014 below this video.



Now we shall look at what this year is bringing to us all.



It brings to us communication, kindness, fast paced will, the limelight , helping people, healing, animal telepathy, new careers or career changes, and changes throughout our lives in many ways.


We are guided to watch for tendencies to be stubborn, to be angry, and procrastination. It is important to finish what we start, mind your business and forget what others are doing.


Daily rituals will also be an important part of our growth.

Light inscense in the mornings and evenings, and dedicate this to the Sun and Moon respectively. Light candles, in the same way, allowing yourself at least half an hour a day, or more of these type of rituals. It is something that is very ancient, and is missing in current times.

You may also wish to call on different solar dieties, angels, elementals and guides for the sun and the moon.

I have made a list for you, at the end of the message here which includes some Lunar and Solar dieties, of interest.


The first 6 months of 2014:


It is vital that we all start to implement our plans, and feel that we can do anything that we set our mind too. Often this is said, yet, other pressures get in the way of this.

Now will be the time to really focus on what you want to do, and forget anything that gets you down, or people that do this, for that matter.


Financial burdens begin to be lifted, especially so when you see this as your reality. We have learnt the lessons, now we need to apply what we already know.


It is time to decide, that your life is controlled by you only. This means that you have to conquer your fears and worry over others. There is no place for feelings of fear and lack, in an abundant, happy, carefree, joyous & exciting future.


Towards April, May & June, you will be putting your ideas and life goals more concretely into action. There are also endings here-these are final endings, that may not be easy to deal with at first. You know that you need time alone and this is happening.


All so called 'loss' in the physical, is always a gain. Communicate with your feelings and don't hold onto, or suppress any feelings-good, or bad.

As you go through some challenges, you will begin to feel different, and have a different perspective.

For those of you who are ready for the next part of your journey to begin, you can ask for extra downloads of information, as this will integrate beautifully with you.


Boosts of energy, and new insight, is also becoming more normal to you now.


The last 6 months of 2014:

Your true soul families will be with you, and you will recognize them easily. People you may never suspect, will begin to be prevalent in your life.

Extra sensory perception, telepathy, intuition, spiritual guidance, and all of your psychic senses, will begin to open on a far grander scale.

Those of you who are already open to your spiritual gifts,and have been practicing for a time, will be now learning new skills.

If you want anything-accept it!


Half of the people, who have always been negative in nature, or unbelieving of anything that is spiritual, will actually begin to see the light. This is happening on a Global scale!

They will each have their own experience, and start to come together.

Do try to always be a beacon on light even to those who have been horrible to you.


Healing of the body, and your own physical, emotional, and spiritual scars, will be very important.

talk openly, and lovingly with your body, and listen to it's responses. If you do this, there will no longer be issues with regards to your health. This is so very important.



Overview of 2014:


The year will hold some difficulties, severe weather conditions and the destruction of old ways of life.

Every year, we have 'shake-ups' on the Earth which is needed-as it brings an outpouring of love, compassion, community and devotion to each other.

It is sad that we need drastic issues to wake us up to our thought patterns & how we CAN live in peace ourselves no matter what.


As the veil lifts, we will really start to sense our true selves, ascending into a higher vibration which will be in line with our thoughts always.


Our health will need to improve-self talk is a must!

You are a God to your body-it will respond to praise and love just as you do. It will enjoy being congratulated for it's efforts, just like you do!True healing, is always self-healing. What does your body tell you? Really work on understanding the power to heal anything that you already posses.


If you want an easier journey, happiness, success and abundance, own it. Never give up and don't let anyone make you feel like there is something wrong with achieving.

Life in 2014 will be a lot less lessons, and more putting into practice what you already know.




Here are some Lunar and Solar deities, for you to work with:

Taken from Wikipedia.



All information below, taken from wikipedia:

solar deity is a god or goddess in mythology who represents the Sun, or an aspect of it, usually by its perceived power and strength. Solar deities and sun worship can be found throughout most of recorded history in various forms. The following is a list of solar deities:

  • Egyptian mythology
    • Bast, cat goddess associated with the sun
    • Horus, god of the sky whose right eye was considered to be the sun and his left the moon
    • Amun, creator deity sometimes identified as a sun god
    • Atum, the "finisher of the world" who represents the sun as it sets
    • Aten, god of the sun, the visible disc of the sun
    • Khepri, god of rebirth and the sunrise
    • Nefertem, god of healing and beauty, who represents the first sunlight
    • Ra, god of the sun
    • Sekhmet, goddess of war and of the sun, and sometimes plagues and creator of the desert
    • Sopdu, god of war and the scorching heat of the summer sun
    • Ptah, god of craftsmanship, the arts and fertility, sometimes said to represent the sun at night
    • Khnum, god of sunset
  • Greek mythology
    • Apollo, Olympian god of light, the sun, prophecy, healing, plague, archery, music and poetry
    • Helios, Titan god of the sun
    • Heracles, the "solar hero", whose entire story has been interpreted as a sun myth, and whose labors are often associated with the Zodiac signs.
    • Hyperion, Titan god of light
    • Alectrona, goddess of the sun, morning and waking up
    • Eos, Titan goddess of the dawn
    • Phanesprotogenoi of light and life, described with "golden wings", surrounded by the signs of the Zodiac and equated with Mithras.
  • Hinduism
    • Agni, god of fire, associated with the sun
    • Aryaman, god of the sun
    • Mitra, god of honesty, friendship, contracts, meetings and the morning sun
    • Ravi, god of the sun
    • Saranyu, goddess of the dawn and clouds
    • Savitr, god of the sun at sunrise and sunset
    • Surya, god of the sun
  • Maya mythology
    • Ah Kin, god of the sun, bringer of doubt and protector against the evils associated with darkness
    • Kinich Ahau, god of the sun
    • Hunahpu, one of the Maya Hero Twins; he transformed into the sun while his brother transformed into the moon
    • Tohil, god associated with thunder, lightning and sunrise
  • Norse mythology
    • Baldr, god associated with light, beauty, love and happiness
    • Dagr, personification of the daytime
    • Freyr, god of fertility, sexuality, peace and sunlight
  • Slavic mythology
    • Belobog, reconstructed deity of light and the sun who may or may not have been worshipped by pagan Slavs
    • Dažbog, god of the sun
    • Hors, god of the sun
    • Radegast, god of hospitality, fertility and crops, associated with war and the sun, who may or may not have been worshipped by pagan Slavs
    • Zorya, two daughters of Dažbog
      • Zorya Utrennyaya, the morning star, who openes the palace gates each dawn for the sun-chariot's departure
      • Zorya Vechernyaya, the evening star, who closes the palace gates each night after the sun-chariot's