2018 Messages for all of us
By BDevine®

"We Shift Higher Still"


2018 The year of our great shift in all areas of our lives.


This whole year, the focus is putting into practice what you have been learning so far.

We shift into the higher dimensions, because our mind dwells there, and this will become easier as the year progresses.


As we focus on "Energy" and how we can bend this to our benefit, we will begin to notice when we are out of balance, and rectify this straight away.


For far too long, we have dwelled in the lower realms, where there is judgment, criticism, comparativeness, and low sense of self worth.
We are also triggered repeatedly by the words and actions of others, and also by our own memories and experiences, that come to the surface.
We may be sick of hurting or feeling like there is no way forward,because of these things.


This year we learn to truly forgive and stride forward into the new vibration,where all of that "stuff" does not exist. It does not exist because we choose to alter the way we think, to catch our old "programs" before they take hold.


A negative energy, can peck at you,like a woodpecker, going for the weakest emotion, very subtle at first, then building in intensity, until you feel overwhelmed and exhausted.
It is then, that hopelessness also sets in, and brings with it a depression like lethargy, fatigue and eventually illness,until you believe all of your positive thinking has done nothing..

This is an illusion that the darkness want you to feel. So we must be vigilant, in protecting our energy, and our empathic tendencies.


Protecting your Empathic levels:

We are gifted with being able to "pick up on" or actually physically "take on" other people's pains, and some of this has been something we have taught ourselves, and other has been unknown to us-we just suddenly become ill, or feel aches and pain, headaches, nausea etc.

We may have understood this and cleared it-whilst others have no idea they are not sick at all, and have picked up another's vibration.


We can do this not just with people, but with animals, houses, workplace, cars or anywhere we go. It can be debilitating, especially if you are unaware of how to clear it, or that it is not your energy.

Even if you ask the angels to clear it, you still may pick it up through your aura,then the chakra centers, which can throw you right off of balance.


So how do we stop this effecting us so badly? How do we keep it away, yet still help others?


These are questions others have asked, and I also wanted to stop absorbing other peoples energies all the time, and feeling sick after being shopping.

The Angels say, that we can ask for a "filter" to be placed within our DNA as we as our Auric Field, that stops the process of "absorbing" and instead brings "awareness".

If we listen that is, we will begin to become aware of who needs help, and also when to really protect ourselves i.e. in public,shopping,pubs and hotels.


It may take some getting used to, and we will need to ask for a complete clearing of any lower or stagnant energy we have still around us-a clean sweep, and that any energy that is not our own, leave NOW-you may use "In the name of Jesus Christ Of Nazareth" or you can work with the Angels-Archangel Michael and Raphael in particular.

We must fight back now, protect and strengthen ourselves, and as we do, we become a powerful collective of energy, which is positive, high vibrational, loving and most importantly, CLEAR.

(New Ebook coming soon with more details)


Angels of The New Year:

Along with our favorite Angels, I am told we are working with 4 other Archangels, in order to help us to remember what we are doing!

They are bringing in healing,creativity, manifestation power, assertiveness,shifting, high vibration,soul awareness and expansion.


Archangel Sandalphon-

Is working with us, with the power of sound. Music, Sound healing, drumming mediations, creative music, and just having sound around us as often as we can.
This will allow us to be in the flow, open our abilities, and release stress and worry. Sandalphon encourages all of us to connect with the truth of who we are, in order to truly walk our path and allow us stronger grounded ness and protection. He is a beautiful peaceful angel, who can orchestrate things happening quickly as well, or help you to improve your technique in anything you are trying to achieve.


Archangel Jeremiel-

Is working with us with a life review as we need to get rid of unwanted patterning,
behaviors and triggers,which effect our emotions.

As we look back on the past, we must do so with nothing but forgiveness in our hearts, which means we may not forget, but at least we have taken the higher road to forgive, yourself and others, and this way, it has no more power or control over us anymore. This is so important and empowering!


Archangel Metatron-

Is working with us on uplifting our spirits, releasing ties in all directions of time, and any karmic issues, that may be holding us back from our real path.

The past life issues may also come into play for us as well, and we must remember to cut cords in "all directions of time" as well as remember to "enhance" any energies that are positive attributes to our lives.


Archangel Chamuel-
Is working with us to bring transitions, deeper love for the self, less comparison with others, global healing and awakening our own abilities further. We must truly begin to accept ourselves- if you don't know how, you are thinking too hard. Accepting yourself comes one day at a time,with a thought of it and affirmation "I accept myself just how I am"

Chamuel will also bring the love light into your life, and bring heart space expansion which connects you more easily to the divine.


Overall, this year (if we allow it) will be the best year we have had in a long time!

Although there will always be things we need to adjust and work on in life, and things that happen, natural disasters and crazy phenomena, we will be able to vigilantly adjust to the energy, work with our own natural abilities, and change the way in which we live on this planet-thereby changing the whole world one person at a time. We are most powerful when we work together doing the best we can, in order to help ourselves heal, and work on helping the earth heal as well. Loving energy always wins, always, and we can clear the negative from taking hold, first in our lives, then show others, who can keep it going, until our reality is nothing but joyful and loving.


You may also like to try some essential oils that enhance the feeling of wellness and great joy.

Geranium, Orange, lemon, Peppermint, Fennel, Frank incense, Cypress, Fennel , Lavender, Ylang Ylang are some that are favored for the year. If you would like to buy your very own detailed reading, please contact me anytime.



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