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Message From Archangel Gabriel

Greetings and light dear ones,

It is I, Archangel Gabriel, and I am here with each of you, asking you to align yourself with love and light..

There are so many who, right now,  are afraid of the negative energies,that are around,but they can not ever hurt you unless you are giving permission for that too not dwell in it at all!

All too often, people are afraid of what another might do to them,or feel that there is a bad presence around them..

Do not give into this kind of thinking! I will explain for you...

Energy is is a neutral can push it or bend it in a negative way,or you can push and bend it in a positive way..the more that are positive, then then more positive light shines in, and guides you and protects you on your way...the negative energy, can also grow and people can choose to bend the energy in a negative way also..

But, dear ones,I say to you, that if someone has a negative intention,towards another, or tells you that you have been cursed.or they are taking your energy and power, you must understand, that this person,will lose 3 times more energy,by doing that..they have attracted the same to see?

When there are those who wish to make fear and negativity, their life,and spread it, they will also have this directed back to them,because that is the frequency that they are emitting...

Do not concern yourself with negative people,who are holders of negative energy..

No matter what a person says to you, or makes you feel, YOU  have the power to overcome it..

When you are positive, and are moving forward with your life, you are attracting more of the same to you also..

What do you choose?

Do you wish to be fearful of everything, or be at peace and in the flow..?

The source of all, who humans call God, is not going to send people to harm you or punish you, your soul is not in danger of being taken over, you are not going to pass on from this life, and be lost,unless you choose too ..please don't worry yourselves about this!

I Gabriel, and what is known,as a messenger Angel ..I over see the messenger Angels who are on earth, as well as help all of you to overcome negativity and continue on a path that is benefiting the world..

Each person has the free will to make choices in their lives ...those choices effect the balance of the Earth, and it is vital that you are each watching your thoughts,as you have all been through the light activation, that enhances your it makes sense, that your thoughts and feelings are traveling quickly through the Universe, that you are sensitive to harsh energies, and each trying to find your feet, because of the changes that have occurred..

It is your choice to be afraid or not...We Angels are here for you, at any time that you call..

There is no one more powerful than each of you in the Universe...

Don't spend your time in worry, and try your best not too judge others for their beliefs, or way of doing things..but stay away from those who make you feel ill, or you are not certain of..

Remember, too continually shield yourself in, in the light, morning and night..

Ask that the words that you speak are sending healing blessings to everyone..

Ask for friends/ lovers that are on your wavelength of energy, because you will be most productive together..

If you feel that you are abused or hurt by another in any way, and they are scaring you with their actions, be sure that you ask your angels to talk to their angels, and create a force field of energy around you..with this energy force field, anything that is negative in nature, will go back to where it came from, and can not penetrate the shield..

If you give energy to a negative situation, the situation grows..if you give love to the negative situation, love is returned to you, and healing is given to you, and the Earth at the same time..

The other, may continue their behavior, but you have done your part, to ensure a healing..

If you are afraid of spirits, and lower energies that you can't see, but you are sensing, immediately ask that this is escorted to the light immediately, and we Archangels will do this for not give it a second thought! this just re-attaches you again!!!

When we Angels talk about protection, it does not mean that you are in danger from anything at is just, that it is a way for you to feel safe if ever you feel in danger, are frightened or uneasy..

There are measures in place to help you, dear ones, through your time on Earth..

You each made your life to hold lessons, and also to find the signposts that you are on the right path..

You will sense and feel when you are heading the right way, because you will have joy in your heart, even if there is sadness around you..

Many of you think, that Angels can perform miracles for you...but this is not the case!

We angels can only work with your energy, in order for miracles to occur, and we always work for the good of all..

Right now, if you ask for it I and many other mess anger angels, will help you to receive information, and open your higher selves to this, so that you will know what you need to do,and where you need to go..

You must always ask, if you want assistance, but dear children, remember that we are aware of who you are and what you are here to achieve, and we know your wishes before you ask them ...please know, that there are times when you feel that you are never heard,but you are always heard, and always answered, in the best way for all involved..

You may wish for something so badly,but in a month, that desire has left if it had really come about, would this have helped you or hindered you.?..You each may look at your lives, and things you have longed for, and realized, if it had of happened, your life would not be the same...

As you do this, see where you have been guided and helped along the way..

There are many at this time, on Earth, who are Angels themselves, who are here to help bring in the new energies, and connect with others who will keep the Earth anchored in light..

We angels are aware, of the fear factor, that is over the Earth, but we also tell you, that the light is winning ...there are more who are developing love for themselves and the Earth, and learning very quickly,the power of energy..

Learn to recognize the Angels,Masters, Elementals, and so on, who are living in human bodies..

Can you guess who BDevine really is? It was a surprise to her also!

Embrace your true are all a part of a wonderful new change to the Earth..Do not give into those who talk of destruction, it is simply another fear tactic ...these have been going on for thousands of years...

Be assertive and loving, and go your own way in life, but hurting others, or having intent to harm is never going to serve you, but will, always come back to you, worse than when you gave it out...see how this has happened, even when you were not consciously trying to hurt another, but may have had bad thoughts about only ever hurts you, in change it!

Use the inner power and connection to the source that each of you have..

Bend energy to a positive tone, and more positive energy will reach you..

Spend time getting to know you, and what kind of soul you really are..

My partner here, BDevine, will soon write about some ways you can connect with your true nature..

I am Archangel Gabriel, and you may see beautiful orange,white purple or pink colour's,or indeed rainbows as a sign I am near and working with you!

I can bring you all kinds of messages and healing,and I bring with me, many many thousands of Angels to help you and your cause ..I do ask that you speak and write about your feelings, but be very careful with your thoughts, as these are creating very quickly..

An Angel can and will come to anyone who calls immediately, but , would never help those who are bent on destruction ...although every one has guardian angels, Angels are not helping the darkness to exist...many spirits will call themselves angels, but have no real power, except what thoughts are given to them..

Guardian Angels of those who have darkness in their heart, have a very tough job indeed, and do their best to help the person to see the light..

So dear children, you are all here and together for a reason ...remember who you really are! Call on the Angels to give you clarity, and believe it is happening! Clear your auras of negative attachments, that can really make you feel that something negative is with you! This is important!

To do this, stand tall,outside, and imagine that a column of golden rainbow light, is coming from the heavens, and surrounding your entire self ..imagine that healing is taking place, and your aura is repaired...this may be done a couple of times or whenever you feel like you are not yourself..

Every single one of you is a healer, and use this to heal yourself, as well as others and of course this energy reaches the whole world...

Go now, and have your healing, if you cant be outside, don't worry, I am there with each of you, when you are ready to have a clearing ...quiet your mind enough, and don't allow your mind to worry about anything ...I am with each one of you,anytime you call..

All of you have met me, when you have been in Spirit, and I am a guardian to all of you also..

Write daily, and open your hearts to the answers from the Angels...each day as you do this, your connection grows stronger, and over time, you will easily know what is needed in your life, and how to achieve anything..With constant communication, love and healing light energy, the World in which you live in, will become a wonderland, that so many of you are fact, it is already underway! 

Call in the pure white light of the source of all ...surround yourself with it, and do it for a longer period of for example, you may ask that the white light surround you, and it happens...but it is a "band-aid" when you do it this way..

If you take time to enjoy the full effect of the white light enfolding you, and give yourself at least 5 minutes to enjoy it, you will have so much better will actually feel the full effect of the white light around you, and for many of you, it may even be for the first time!

Know that everyone has the same opportunity for growth ...everyone has the freedom of choices in their lives, but it does no one any good, especially yourself, if you are going to continue to be negative, or wish ill of others, or continually try to change someone else...this will only ever come back to you, worse than what you are giving out to others...

Take control right now, and embrace the potentials of your soul journey..

Be a warrior of light, and do your best to love,even those who are nasty or negative to you...or cause you pain..

If you love them, then a healing has taken place, whether you know it or have done your part, in the peaceful resolution ...never ever think that you are punished in any way...

Be assertive, but not bossy,and always treat others how you wish to be treated..

Dear ones, I am here for you all, at any time, please write to me, telling me all about your fears or your dreams, and together we can create a solution that is tailor made for you..

Open your heart to love, and trust your instincts, PLEASE! This is how we Angels communicate with you, giving you guidance, so ask us to show you your place in the magical world that is happening right now!

You are not alone in this, and never will be!

Peace , love and joy to all of you!!

I am Archangel Gabriel!


© 2009 onward