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The World Of Angels-By BDevine®



Get In Touch With Angels

One of the easiest things to do in your life is to be in touch with an Angel!But how do you see one? That can be quite tricky, I myself have only ever "witnessed"one in the flesh Angel-i.e. wings and everything! But I have felt 1000ís of others. You see, for an Angel to appear in front of your eyes it requires an awful lot of energy for the Angel to do it-they mostly prefer to show you different colour's or feelings to represent them selves,- sometimes you hear a name in your mind, or a certain hunch you get about someone or something, that you can't shake- These feelings, impulses and intuition are directly from your Angels guiding you forward.

Why Would They Help ME?

Itís hard to believe an Angel would help little old us- but they love to help! In fact the word ANGEL means Gods Messenger, & as such, they have a responsibility to help where we need it.
Angels can't help us unless we request it! so this is where many believe they have not been helped, but have later found that they where- but was not aware of it at the time.
This happens frequently when life is hard or we experience loss etc.
We feel we may have been abandoned.
The Angels don't promise to stop occurrences that are part of our growth but they can help us to COPE with these hardships.
What seems to be unfixable has a tendency to fix itself with blessings that can be hidden, therefore we must be reminded, that the Angels will always work for our(Everybody's) highest good even when we feel at our utter lowest point.

Guardian Angels & You

We each have a GUARDIAN ANGEL , that has been with us since before we are born and guides us gently throughout our life on earth.
Even when we die, our guardian Angel is with us to lead us to the golden light of home.
Our Guardian Angels are assisted in this process, by Archangel Azrael, & Archangel Michael.

There is said to be around 6000 Angels for each person, and perhaps even more . This being so, we only really hear about Guardian Angels or Archangels, however I will help you to understand about ways in which you can contact a specific Angel for your needs.

Angels are omnipresent-meaning they can be everywhere at once! So you are never disturbing an Angel! They actually love to help! In fact there are so many Angels that are not "working" at the moment, that a simple call of ďAngel Now!!Ē is all you need to get started.
(I wish I knew these things so much sooner! )

As soon as you connect with any Angel you will feel different-somewhat gentler and everything seems to take a smoother path, as we learn about our souls magnificent purpose.

Initiate Contact!

When we wish to have contact with our Angels, the INTENTION is the most important thing. There is no right or wrong way to be in touch but there are ways to make the connection easier for yourself.

Remembering that your Guardian Angel has always been with you, you may feel drawn to be in contact with them.
To make the process easier, it's helpful to purchase a clear quartz crystal.
As this vibrates at a similar frequency to the Angels, it can act as a direct channel for contact.
Also, it is advisable, to find a quiet place where you can come to for the purpose of meeting and talking with your Angel.
Regular meditation on this intention can indeed call the Angels quickly to you and soon you will be receiving loving guided messages for yourself and others. Simply close your eyes for 5 min's about this.

What's My Angels Name?

Angels themselves have no use for names, as they communicate with each other telepathically, however they understand that we like to call them something, so they may give you a name to call them.
My particular Guardian Angel, has told me his name is "Michael" yet I have Archangel Michael with me at all times too.
I've questioned "Michael" about this & he laughs and says "I'm sure you know the difference between us" and funnily enough, they do possess different energies.

You can ask for a name through meditating, writing it as in automatic writing or perhaps even read a name and it keeps echoing in your mind. I will show you some more tips in the article on the right.
If it seems all too hard to hear or sense a name, just go ahead and tell your Guardian Angel what you would like to call them.
They are quite happy to come when you call their name!

* A few ways too tell when an Angel is near-*

* You may feel goose bumps over your body*
*A butterfly may float past you or you will see one*
*Feathers will mysteriously appear or fall right near you*
*You may smell beautiful smells like jasmine or incense*
*You may feel a sense of joy so profound it brings tears to your eyes*
*You may see sparkles of light out of the corner of your eye*
*A song you have been thinking of comes on the radio-this usually has a message for you!*
*You may wake up with a song on your mind!*
*Books or cards may fall-containing a special message for you*
*Seeing Angel clouds in the sky*
*Hearing your name called but no-one is there*
*Seeing swirls of colour's behind your eyes as you close them*
* Being guided to take a different route whilst traveling/driving*
* You may feel warm when Angels are near *
*Sudden Unexplained help but when you turn to thank the person they have gone*
*A beautiful rainbow just for you*
*Your dog or cat rolling over seemingly enjoying a belly rub*

Often Angels will use a subtle approach with you like these signs above, until you start to recognize what is happening then the connection deepens.

These are just some of the ways you may have already experienced! Now go and try some of the simple exercises to the right of the page!

Many Angel Blessings To You!


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Get In Touch With Your Own "Guardian Angel" .

Remember There Is No Right Or Wrong Way To Contact Angels-Its Your Intention That Counts!

Again, Its A Good Idea To Have A Crystal & A Candle Whilst Doing Your Affirmations/Meditations But It Will Still Work Without It.

Ensure You Have A Quiet Place To Work And Take Your Crystal And Hold It In Your Left Hand .Close Your Eyes And Relax Yourself Down With Deep Breathing.

With Your Eyes Closed,Ask For Archangel Michael To Stand On Your Right,And Also For Your Guardian Angel To Come And Hold Your Left Hand.

Notice Any Changes In Air Pressure Or The Feeling Of Goose bumps & Warmth As You Do This.

Keep Breathing And Try To Let Other Thoughts Drift Away From You Like A Cloud.

When You Are Ready Ask Your Guardian Angel To Give You A Name.Be Aware Of Any Name That Immediately Comes To Mind And Don't Try To Change It Or Think Its Strange.Your First Instinct Is The Right One!

Don't Be Worried If You Don't "Hear" Or "Feel" a Name. Just Know That You Have Made A Connection Right Now And You Will Be Able To Do This Whenever You Need To.

You May Ask Your Angel About Anything You Like And In Time You Will Understand The Messages They Give You .Always Be Sure To Have Archangel Michael By Your Side To Keep Away Any Lower Energies That May Interfere In Your Thought Process.

When You Are Ready, Be Sure To Thank Your Angels For Helping And Guiding You As This Is All They Ask.

You May Also Wish To Write A Letter To The Angels-Just Tune Yourself In As Above,But Have A Pen And Paper Handy.As You Ask Questions,Write Down Your Answers-They May Actually Start To Write Through You And This Is Called "Automatic Writing" You May Actually Find This Process Easy,But Its A Personal Choice.

You Should Never Feel Fear From An Angel And They Will Never Make You Harm Anyone Or Anything And Only Have Your Highest Good On their Mind For You.

Anything Angry Or Nasty Is Not From The Angels-EVER. Again You may Need To Clear your Space From Negative Energies.

Daily Affirmations Are A Great Way To Keep Your Channel To The Angels Strong.

Post some Of These Around So You Are Reminded Daily Of The Angels In Your Life.

"I Easily Connect With The Angelic Realm"

"My Prayers Are Always Answered"

" I Can Easily Hear & Feel My Angels Guiding Me"

"When I Need Help I Shall Call My Angels Without Delay"

"I Receive Valuable Guidance Daily"

"I Invite My Household Angel to Protect This Home & Inhabitants"

"My Children Are Now Safe & Protected From All types Of Harm"

"My Animals Have Angels With Them And I Thank Them For Their Presence"

"I'm Never Alone Or Never will Be"

"The Soul mate Angel will Guide Me To My perfect Partner"

" My Auto Angel Will Help Me When I Have Car Troubles"

"I'm Safe Protected & Peaceful And I Share My Knowledge With Others"

"The Perfect Home will be Provided For Me Now"

" The Angels Of Abundance Shall Lift My Financial Position To Greater Heights"

"I shall Share My Bounty With Others Who Need this"

'I Always follow And Trust My Angels guidance"

"When I have Computer Problems My Technology Angel Will Guide Me"

"I Notice And Appreciate Heavenly Signs"

"In Sad Moments I Call On My Angels To Comfort Me"




Please Be Gentle With Yourself Through The Process & Keep Practicing!I Have Complete Faith In You All


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