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April 2012 Predictions



Greetings everyone!!

When I began to write the predictions for April, I thought to myself,
"oh, this is only a brief message"
However, as all of you may know by now, when I am talking on video, I tend to talk a lot longer than I originally thought..
So this month's prediction video, was a little over 50 minutes long!
If you have not watched yet, I shall place it at the end of this page..

The channeled message this month, was from the wonderful Archangel Raziel. You can read more about him/her here:

The key things to remember for April are:

  1. Find your truth-and stick to it
  2. Look at your circumstances, and see it from a higher perspective
  3. The time of judgment, to yourself, others or any situation past or present need to stop,for the real healing to occur.
  4. Find the truth of "who you really are"


Here is the message for everyone, as channeled by myself (BDevine) with automatic writing-again, if you would like to practice this yourself, there is an article about this,just click here.

Message from Archangel Raziel-April 2012

"Dear ones of light,

You are each blessed souls...

You are here on Earth reaching for the divine-reaching for the truth of who you are..& you are each doing better than you imagined.

April is the month to find the truth of yourself.

As you uncover the layers of truth inside of you,many may feel as though you are only becoming more confused..Many others will feel alone and vulnerable because you have never truly known who you are...but do not give up-this is a natural feeling,and will pass as you get stronger.

Do not be afraid of what you can achieve..

All of your life is full of learning, you may be different year by year or day by day-the point is that , as you change, you you create, you heal, as you heal you love, and when you love, you truly are at one with the source or the highest power- this is what you are really searching for-the peace love and happiness that is divine.

You will never find this though anyone else, but you.

Teachers will come when you are ready ,but will only show you what you already know to be true-what makes you smile and inspires you, is all that matters...

No one can or should tell you exactly what to do-this ,you see, would limit you, and your experiences..

We Angels do not tell you exactly what to do either-for the very same reason...

This month, do your best to focus on yourself, and uncover the blockages you hold in your life.Free yourself, if you are ready, and you will begin to see why you have chosen certain scenarios in your life. You gave yourself challenges of course, but nothing that you can not overcome at will...

If you see the higher perspective, you will see your own truth-not someone else's,but yours.

Stand tall, and be proud of who you are, and how far you have come!

Blessings and great abundance to all of you!

I am Archangel Raziel!




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