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Awareness -By BDevine

Greetings to everyone!

There is a time in everyone's life when we know there is something different about us. Maybe you are already beginning to think so now.Or your awareness began some time ago. Whatever the case, its important to all of us to be strong in all areas of our lives, & live the happy life we want for ourselves.When we are aware of the changes in our lives,that may seem catastrophic at times, & we push through, we have an amazing transformation take place.

As each of us are on our own journey of discovery, I wanted to talk about awareness and the awakening of your life purpose from within. I will share with you different ways in which you can notice the things taking place around you, that are evidence of something happening for you.
I hope that by the time you have read this,you are experiencing your own awakening,and increased awareness, of the energies that surround you, & solve the missing pieces in your life.

Each of us experience so many different struggles and situations.We may feel as though we are always battling something, which can leave even the most spiritual person, with unanswered questions.
We navigate blindly, through our lives always trying to find a reason, a purpose, for these events to occur.

We pray for answers.Yet, nothing seems forthcoming.We strain to hear our Angels,and feel that no one is even listening, or we are the ones just not hearing.
We ask for doors to open, and our lives to get better.We even ask for miraculous healing's,yet there seems to be nothing that takes place.Or is there?How do we know?Why does this happen? Is it real at all? Why would the Angels help me? Why am I so weak?

These are the conflictions amongst almost everybody, because there seems to be no help whatsoever . Not that you are aware of......

Yes, it is absolutely true that the Angels hear your cries for help, and instantly get to work to help you to solve your current dilemma. So how do we know this is true? Why don't they just show me the answers in plain view?

For one, we need to stop wondering how things will take place. Nothing is ever entirely as it seems, and what you think is silence from your Angels, is actually the beginning of the journey to your answered prayer. The Angels will not instantly make wishes come true and have your answers neatly wrapped,tied in a bow and placed at your feet-the Angels will only guide you to the solution to your problem, and the rest falls into place, with your actions, instincts and intentions.

As this process takes place, you will be guided to address your worthiness of good things to happen.To release,or let go of things that don't help you to reach your goal. To start to become aware, of the events taking place in your life.To start taking notice of the coins you find on your travels, the feathers you find along the way, the book that falls off the shelf and the instinct to go a different way home then usual. THIS awareness, creates an awakening for you & sets the whole thing into a faster motion, because you are working with the natural flow of events, and noticing the signposts along the way.

This has & will happen time and time again, so it is vital that you understand how the system works, and to make it work for you.Yes, even in spirit, there is a system in place. But you hold the keys!

For instance: Lets say you are wanting to start your own business. You have the knowledge that you need to share with people, you have the money that you need to get going, yet you don't know where to get started or how best to proceed. So you ask the Angels to help you to get this business started.To infuse you with knowledge, so you will know what steps to take.
After this you feel wonderful, because you know the Angels will help you to get where you wish to be, you have read how to ask for help-and you are sure the world needs to hear this message,so naturally you assume that things will easily fall into place,and you will be working in your dream position in no time.

A month goes by,and you are still no closer to reaching your goal then you were before. This is really puzzling because you have done everything you can to put this in the hands of the Angels,yet nothing has come. So you ask again-maybe they didn't get the message you say.

Meanwhile, you are getting invitations to spend time with friends and family. You think this is taking you away from your purpose-after all you need to study and prepare for this. So you stay at home,and continue to pray and ask for help. But all the while,your instincts were telling you to get away for a while,to take a break. You decide that next time someone asks,you will just go-after all,one evening out can't hurt...So the time comes,and this time you go.

While you are at friends house, there is someone who you haven't seen for a long time,who is very successful, comes rushing up to see you. They say to you
"I was here last month,I really wanted to talk to you about starting a business with me-I know exactly how to get it up and running, yet I need your knowledge and expertise in the area."
You see? It finally dawns on order for your dreams and goals to come to fruition,there is always some action to be taken on your part! Notice the openings,even if they are seemingly unrelated to your dream, or your goal.

As much as you feel that nothing is happening, there are events taking place all the while for you to pick up on and embrace, as your guided towards your goal being realized.

You may have heard the expression "God helps those who help themselves"-and this is very true! Its all part of the big scheme of things,and once you realize how the system works, nothing is too hard, you will instinctively know how to deal with events, because nothing is really as it seems .There is reasoning behind every obstacle, and its all for the benefit of you.So when you think things are going wrong, this is when you need to assure yourself, that its actually a good thing because this is the change that needed to happen, to have what is it you are looking for.

So this is what is meant by awareness. Some say an "epiphany" Its like a light bulb flashes in your brain, and the missing pieces start to fit together. Everything you learnt along the way has been relevant.Yes even the seemingly bad times are relevant for the ultimate goal you have.

When you look back on your life, I'm sure you will find a time where you felt hopeless.That you were defeated.That there was no way out of this, and that you didn't even think you could make it through the night! Yet here you are! A solution became available to you, there was a way out of things, the money you needed came through or you woke up knowing everything was going to be alright When you are totally honest with yourself, your instincts ,will tell you that you have always been cared for, even if you could not see this at the time.

But many of us still don't feel we are listened to. How can I be more aware of this? How can I have the deep awakening that is talked about?. How do I know what I'm meant to do? Why am I still alone with nobody to love?

When things haven't happened immediately, or in the way we think they will, we are left with confusion and doubts, and so the Universal energies do not know how to proceed.They began to get to work on what you told them you wanted.They start aligning events so you will see the big picture. All this is going on behind the scenes,and then you doubt-and change your mind. The energies get to work again, and again, until you stick with a goal and start moving towards it.

We may never understand why some things seem to be easy for others. But as we look to what we think others seem to have received in life, we have no idea what it took for the person to get where they are today.
We may ask ourselves, What did they do to have their prayers answered? Is there a secret sequence we should practice to make it so? Someone tell me how to have the things I want and I will do it.! Yet the answer is so simple, that you may think ;
"that can't be it!! It is too simple,that will never work"

The answer is that there is no special sequence needed.No praying for days on end.No kneeling at the side of the bed.Or screaming out to God to make him listen. All anyone ever has to do, to create the things that you want in your life, is to open your heart to your true potential. Believe that you are a powerful, multi sensory being, that can bring your dreams to reality, by becoming aware,that a system is in place, one which orchestrates events within your lives, to align with your goal or purpose.To open your heart,imagine a flower bud (your heart) then imagine the process of the flower opening up till it shows all its glory.

We really need to "think outside of the box!"
If we all were to really look deeply at the Universe, and the "other side/heaven" and how it really looks, I don't think our eyes or our minds would make much sense of everything. Since on the other side of the veil, there is no time-and earth is run by time, we can't comprehend the magnitude of what really is occurring.

As no time exists on the other side of the veil, as it has always been & always will be,Angels can simultaneously help everyone all at once,and what is 50 years to us has been but a moment on the other side. I call it the other side,but in reality,it is all around us all the time. Because the vibration,or frequency is spinning so fast, & it does not look 3-D like we are used to,it is impossible for the naked eye to understand this, so we see glimpses of this.

When I, for example, give a mediumship reading, I'm asking for the Angels to show me who I need to see, and I'm in a different area of "heaven" or the other side, I guess so I'm not overwhelmed by the enormity of what it really encompasses. Although I have done many meditations about this, and have "visited" different areas of "heaven".

For whatever reason, we are all alive on the planet right now. We are all in different areas of spirituality,and awareness. It is up to us, to change the way that we see ourselves.Gone are the days where one religion rules. On the Earth, at least 85% of people belong to some sort of religious organization. The remainders, are us.The Light workers.

So you say, what can one human being really do to make a difference, and the answer is a simple one. Open your heart .Surrender yourself to the light that is within you & around you.If only for 2 minutes a day,it will change the way the world is-even if you don't think so.

Any source of light, no matter how small or insignificant we think it is, will dispel darkness.
Its like turning on your bedroom light- Its only one small globe-yet suddenly the darkness is gone and the whole room illuminated!

This is what your heart does when you surrender and release. It is like a beacon that shines out and attracts those who have lost their way, and you will direct them as far as you can,and on it goes-all the way, lighting up the pathway,in all directions.

This is how powerful we all really are, its just that we have been taught differently,and so we are natural skeptics.Our minds can only cope with what we see with the naked eye,or our feelings about things.It does take a lot of trust, to cross this bridge in our minds.But once we do, suddenly everything is made clear to us.

No one can make you see this powerful light inside you. This is something you will discover,if you haven't already. And if you have, what are you doing with it? Are you showing people by your actions that you want to improve your life? Are you truly happy in your relationship? Are you only a week-end warrior of light-or does everyone sense there is something different about you?

You may still feel you would have nothing to offer anyone spiritually. But you are only asked to guide those who come to you.No need for wondering if you will say or do the wrong thing, as long as you are acting from love & compassion, you can't do anything wrong. All of this helps you to reach your own potential, even while you are offering help to others.

As with Devine Miracles, I always ask for those who are guided to come to me. One thing I don't think anyone should do, is try to force others to think like you do. If people ask you why you are different,and why you are so positive,and how you quit smoking,you will naturally tell them.But everyone needs to find out in their own time and in their own way. Soon enough,the reality of it all sinks in. They may have a positive experience,when they have asked for help & guidance,and on goes another light globe in the world.

Anyone who is seeking awareness, or seeking God in their life, is blessed. Even religious people who frequent church or temples on a regular basis,are searching & finding God within and this is wonderful.We should never judge others for their religious beliefs,and we must remember,that each person has their own idea of what takes place and where God is.

I know,that a piece of God is given to us for our Earth journey.That each of us carry this eternal essence of the Divine.That God is not "up there" somewhere, but instead exists in our hearts. My hope is, that one day the Religions of the world will unite, and decide to broaden their views a little from the old ways, and accommodate for every belief, saying ;
"It's ok! We are all equally loved" It would be nice :-)

OK So some of you may have a grasp of the big picture here. Some of you may still say to yourself,
"Yes, I understand completely,but why am I still alone and miserable? Why don't the Angels bring me someone to love?Aren't we supposed to be happy and find the "one"?
Why can't my partner just talk to me? etc.

This is a HUGE part of life and so many people come to me asking " Is he/she the one?"
Well it would be simple if there was only one wouldn't it. The truth is,that there are plenty of people who are the going to come into your life for romantic reasons.They have connected with you in ways that they are not even sure of. And each one of those has been the ONE. How can this be? you say. Well, each person has been placed in your life to learn and grow.aybe you didn't like them in the end,but for a moment you wished that you could be with them forever. What if this was granted...? Was it the best thing for you? * EEEK*

Looking back on failed relationships, I'm sure many of you would shudder to think what your life would be like if you were to stay with that person!! So you changed your mind, and you moved on, and the Angels/Guides moved along with you,all the while KNOWING YOU & what you are really looking for. Preparing your heart & mind for the real thing-if this is what you really want.

So the ONE can sometimes be found after you have gained experience (sometimes a lot!) in what you don't want for yourself. When you are truly ready for the person to come into your life, generally they are not going to just knock on your door either! ( Although this did happen to a friend of mine)
It always takes some action on your part .Sometimes,your love will come in totally unexpected ways, and this may even go against what you would normally do!!Or how you would normally react.

For instance, one lady was just going about her life. She didn't really have money but was getting by.She was healthy and generally happy, and she had been asking for her true love to come into her life. She knew how to ask for things and always expected that her prayers where heard and answered in divine timing. She even got very clever, and wrote a list of qualities she wanted in a partner,and even how she wanted him to look- ( In GREAT Detail! ha). She could see him in her minds eye, she could feel the burning in her heart, and she just knew that anytime soon this would be hers.She certainly wasn't going to look for it,but rather expected this to come in divine timing. Although she was starting to think that it was taking a long time!

So one day, she was going about her normal business, and was doing some shopping. Ordinarily, she would start at one side of the shop and work her way around. Today she started from the other side of the shop. While she was minding her own business, a gentleman came straight up to her and said that he was a friend of someone she knew, and that he would like to invite her to dinner, if she could please come......

Her heart just about collapsed! She was looking at this man and saying to herself
"He is nothing like the man I want to be with, what is this all about, I don't want to get involved with him!"
But instead of saying no, she shocked herself and agreed to go with him to dinner. She thought later that it wouldn't hurt to get out of the house for a change, and she didn't see her dream man come knocking yet!

So she gets herself dressed nicely and sure enough,right on time, this fellow comes to pick her up. Now they were both very nervous with each other, and because of this, there was much silence along the way. When they finally got to the restaurant, he turned to her and said
"there is something I need to confess ....I did not ask you to dinner because I was interested in you, but I did it because my best friend,really wanted to meet you but was too shy ...would you please come and meet him with me?"
(You see where I'm going with this don't you?)....she does go inside,heart pumping, cheeks flushed, and the exact match that she had written down, was standing right in front of her.....

So as you can see, there is no one direct path to your true love. There are actually many,as you go through life,but with your intentions crystal clear, your faith that the best thing for you will occur, and your belief that it will happen in divine timing, is what will make it so!!!

Also we must believe, that the Angels, all of them that exist KNOW you personally.They know who is best suited for you, and some of you will chose to walk alone, but it is always your choice, to listen to their encouragement, or warnings, and take action.

Assume nothing! As even the worst circumstances,have had their place! The worst partner in the world is still relevant to your growth-of course no one deserves misery in relationships, nobody wants to be abused or belittled in front of people. But for whatever reason, if this has happened to you and you have gotten away, you are truly a brave warrior!

But, the person was chosen by you, you walked sideways for a while,instead of straight ahead. If you think back on these kinds of scenarios, you will see that you had a gut feeling that something was wrong,but you went ahead anyway.

Something told you this was wrong for you,but you ignored it, or perhaps thought it was your own fears and doubts that made you feel this way.
Yet your Angels patiently wait for you to make a decision for it to change. They will always try to nudge you & keep you away from people that are all wrong for you,but it takes a lot of trust to listen with your heart. Generally, if someone is wrong for you, you will receive many nudges from the Angels!

So many relationships and terrible situations,even children can be saved,by someone being bold enough to listen to their instincts and leave the situation, because you know that it is not right. Many will not leave because its all too hard. They have children, they don't want to be on welfare, they don't want people looking down on them,they don't want their children to be without two parents, and the list goes on.
But when a situation is hurting you & the kids, then there are no badges of honor for staying.
In fact people will surprise you and say,"thank God you left!"
So you may be on the welfare,but doesn't that give you a chance to do some serious healing? And if anyone thinks bad of you for taking charge of a bad situation,and not allowing the cycle of abuse to continue,then who needs them!

So the whole point to awareness, is to listen to these intuitive gut feelings,and take action.Once you have done this just one time, you have become aware.You have had the realization, of the system in place.When you sit in your room or quiet place and you close your eyes and honestly say, " What do you really want me to know? My heart and mind are open, and I ask for assistance in this matter" an overwhelming feeling of divine love will travel through your body.You may not see that this has happened, but your body and mind knows. Your Angels know, and with this increase in awareness that results, you are going to be able to feel and see the underlying truth in all situations.

Then we must be willing to follow through and take action,but only if we feel directed too. You might have a gut feeling that you shouldn't go to a party for example.How many of us have forced ourselves to go somewhere,and had a rotten time in the process? So ALL feelings that you have are valid.

All any of you have to do know, is start your day differently tomorrow..wake up and ask for your Angels to walk with you today,and help you to notice the parts of your life that are changing. To have a deep and uplifting awakening, of your true self, and to always be aware of the big picture.
Don't worry if you forget...when the timing is right for you, this will happen, and when it does, you will noticeably feel within yourself a change occuring...once the changes start within, they will be noticeable in all areas of your life, and the miracles begin!

Thank you all for taking the time to read this, and my wish for you, is to live your best life & have this deep awakening of the divine light that you are!

Let it shine from you & see yourself transformed!

Many Blessings Always,




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