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Creating Abundance -By BDevine®

There are so many life area's where abundance can be had,but most people will first think of money as the significance of abundance.
In this article, I want you to think of all areas in your life where you think there is room for growth,change and miracles to occur.

We all by now, have heard of "The Secret" which talks about the laws of attraction-what we think about we bring about...this really is the answer to so many of life's problems, but if we feel we can change our circumstances or create something for ourselves-we soon start to doubt this is ever going to happen,because we don't see any proof as quick as we would like.

The problem lies, in our own minds. First, we take a problem that we have-whatever that may be-then we pray or ask for help in some way.
Great,we think we have done our jobs! Then, lo & behold, we can't stop thinking about our problems. No matter what we do,we grind it over & over in our minds until we are just about to explode, and then we stop, and ask again....& this becomes a habit,that stops you from having what you really want..

This is exactly where the problem lies in gaining the things that you are looking for...We pray about the problem,then we HANG ON TO IT by thinking of ways that WE could possibly fix it....Why would we ask for help in solving our problems, if we don't then allow the energies around us to actually do this?

Well, this is why some of us have gotten somewhere in our lives while others struggle. Some are rich and some are poor-have fancy cars while others walk-have the perfect house, kids, partners-whatever the situation, the difference between someone who has Abundance in their lives and someone who doesn't , is gratitude, release , faith & expectation....very simple, yet we are all guilty of asking for help in someway,hanging on to it- trying desperately to work out how to fix it, and then saying to ourselves-
"Ha! see nobody is helping me!! why would they help me?Its only the lucky ones or special ones that have everything-I will never have anything like that"
& so it becomes your reality.....

So many of you are now saying-

"I try to keep the faith, but I'm going to be kicked out of my place if I don't pay the rent"

"I really need to pay these bills"

" I have no money- I'm a student"

" I do see it happening anytime soon and I have to do something"

"I just want to be happy"

"I just want to be married"

" I'm a single parent-who would want me?"
words to that effect...

I have said all of these words myself, so of course I understand exactly how you feel.

There is a way out of the thought trap, and if you start in little steps, you will see the blessings take place , and this will encourage you to try more,until it becomes a natural part of your life.

Our Plan Of Action:

OK, so you really want to make positive growth in your life? Have The abundance you have been looking for?
If you are not all that keen just now, you can always come back when you are ready.

It does not have to be a hard process at all and if you follow the sequence step by step, you will have created miracles in your life ....whatever that means for you. But it is always best too use these tools and give it a really good try-after all ,whatever you have been doing so far hasn't been working, so what do you really have to loose?


Step One: Gratitude

This is the most important place to begin. By Gratitude, I don't mean manners at all, but truly grateful, even for the smallest things that we already have.
By truly embracing just how abundant you already are,you are given more & more things, for which to be thankful for.

So, start a list. Your List should look like this & Titled


  1. I'm so grateful for my skin..
  2. I'm so grateful to have eyes..
  3. I'm so grateful for teeth..
  4. I'm so grateful for my hair..
  5. I'm so grateful for my hands .....& so on.

The list will be VERY Long by the time you are done looking around you. Some people don't have hearing,or teeth or are disfigured etc.
In this instance,remember, that there is always someone who has more ailments than you!
The idea is to really make a good long list and then start from the top, say it out loud,close your eyes,and say THANKYOU.

When I have done this exercise myself, I felt so ashamed for asking for more for myself & my family....But God & The Energies around us,want us to have things that will help us to be happy in our lives-It is we,who believe we are not worthy,or we are greedy for asking ..etc ct.

This is all part of the discovery & abundance creation. Removing this kind of thought from your mind,and allowing yourself too ask for the things that you want,whilst being truly grateful for the things that you already have....When we look at our enormous list, and as I type on my new (second hand) computer, Its amazing all the little things that we all are guilty of taking advantage of...When we see and appreciate how blessed we are already,and this fills our heart with joy, something incredible happens ...a little crack has formed in our heart ...enough for an Angel too fit into!! Suddenly, the wheels are in motion, and you will feel a burst of joy,and happiness wash through you...& just like that,your whole life is changed.

What I mean by that,is you have now come one step closer,to living the life you want abundantly,and it was as simple as being grateful for all the things you already possess!!

But this is not the end of the process,but a fantastic start!

Step 2: Release

The next step to creating abundance, is release.
Let me explain....By now you have written your list of things to be grateful for and you should keep adding to this,to include anything and everything that comes to you,and it is helpful to use this as a log, so that you can see what really has come your way since doing this small list.

The release process,will entail yet another list-but this is the fun part! On this list,write all the things that you want to manifest in your life...But don't title this A "Wish List" or "What I Want" list,and this is why.

When you state "I wish" you are telling the Universe that you are only "WISHING" for the item to come to you...Its the same as saying "I Want" You are only ever going to "WANT" The item...

So you List should be titled " I HAVE"
This is where you write everything that you would like only you are stating that you already OWN it or HAVE it!!

Your list might say:

  1. I HAVE Wealth to support myself & my friends & family,that will not run out
  2. I HAVE a fit and healthy body, & I maintain the perfect weight.
  3. I HAVE the Perfect partner.
  4. I HAVE an awesome business,that is attracting fantastic customers.
  5. I HAVE a fantastic home, which is full of the latest furnishings and decor....

You can see how much fun you can have making this list!

At the end of your list, you thank the Universe,Angels Guides, whoever you like.

Then comes an interesting part-you must feel what it is like to actually HAVE those things on your list-easy to say that you would feel wonderful as a millionaire for example, but would it change you? Would you still be the same person? How does it all effect your family-if you became famous for example? These are all things to consider for your HAVE list.

Once you have written your list, been thankful for this, and imagined yourself with those things in your life, now it is time for release of it...

With everything that you have written,you need to go outside, & say out loud the entire list,feeling the gratitude of everything you HAVE..Then you will BURN IT...that's right,take the paper & burn it, asking for the energies around you to take care of this for you...

Now, certain things will come about almost immediately,and if you have truly released this,to the heavens, it will be delivered to you very quickly indeed!

Step 3: Faith

This may be the hardest part of the whole thing,because you are having faith in something that you can't see..But your faith in this,is what 'Seals the Deal' so to speak.

So once you have come to this stage,and you have burnt your list, you must do your best NOT too think about it again.

This is the faith that everything is going to happen in the right timing,but it is not an easy task. As soon as you doubt the process,you have cancelled all your hard work.
The simple thing to do when you start to doubt this happening for you, is too cancel your thought. Simply say
"I cancel that thought" & you are away again.

Now,if you were to ask to become a millionaire,for example. Obviously in most cases,this is not going to come to you immediately- but this doesn't mean it will never happen for you. It just may take a while, but who cares,if you know you WILL HAVE this?

Also you must do the work towards it. If you have your own business,for example,you can ask for success,and if you tweak this with the lists we have mentioned it will come sooner. But if you are sitting on the couch playing games-how do you expect this too come? It is true .I have heard of people following their instincts and buying a lottery ticket,and of course becoming millionaires-but this is a very select few.

So try to work towards your goals and follow the guidance your given.This may mean leaving an unsatisfactory job or relationship,and taking a risk,but this does show your faith in the process,and this does get rewarded,in divine timing.

STOP-Before everyone quits their job or divorces their partner, not everybody needs to do this,just if you are terribly miserable,you are definitely on the wrong track! So PLEASE gauge this with your own sense of judgment!

Step 4: Expectation

This is a very interesting part of the process,and its really enjoyable also.
After you have completed these steps above,you are going to do a simple visualization technique,that SPEEDS the whole process up.

In order to demonstrate how expectation works,I will tell you my own story,of success with this.

So I wanted my own business and to work from home,making enough money to comfortably sustain my family, & to help my friends where I could.

At the time, it was 2003 & I did not even own a computer.In fact, my sons and I where staying with my best friend as I had recently moved from another state.
We had no car, little furnishings,and clothes,as all of this was in storage 2 states away-and I was relying on the help of other people,to bring this too me on a truck-with barely any money.
So,whilst on my friends couch, I wrote one of these lists,with what I wanted to achieve,and this included finding a place to live,buy new beds and clothes,washing machine,fridge-all the things that you need,all the things that had been taken from me. ( This is a whole other story) Anyway, the gist of it was,that my children and I needed to have our own place,with little money,and to set it up.

So I began my list of "I HAVE..." included where my dreams of the perfect partner,and my own business,doing email readings and giving advice to people ...funnily enough,I drew up an entire business plan,and called my business
" Devine Readings By Rebecca" This was 4 years before meeting my now husband!!! ( The Universe does have A sense of humor!!)

After writing the list,I burnt it,I gave thanks for it,and I FELT what it would be like to have all of these things. I imagined telling my sons we had our own place,car,all the items we wanted,and how excited we were ..I imagined having a successful internet business,and even writing my own book ( which is underway!) & I FELT The joy of this happening. I imagined Christmas without Stress,and how that would feel, and so on.

After all of this,I actually didn't think about it any more. I just got busy with my life..soon after I was in my own place,right across the road from my dear friend!
My car come over to me from 2 states away,from my mums partner,who did this for me very cheap!
I landed a job working as a tutor at a high school close by, and also at a fitness center,which was very enjoyable!
I continued readings for people at home in my spare time,and found some paint in my backyard shed,and repainted my entire kitchen!
I was able to get a washing-machine,fridge,and table and chairs, ( second-hand) but they looked brand new,and came all from the same place!!
I also received a very large amount of money,right before Christmas,that was a total surprise!
I was able to buy the rest of the furnishings,fix up all my bills,and have the best Christmas ever! All within 6 months of writing my list!!

But I believe,the only way everything came together,was by having the list,going through all the steps,EXPECTING this would take place at the right time, & not allowing anything else to hinder it by doubts etc. Which can creep up on you!

As you now know, "Devine Miracles" is part of that vision,and with the help of my husband,I've learnt how to create web sites,and help people as I had wanted,and I can do it all from home..Of course,I'm not rich yet,but I feel that I will be, and I'm not going to ever doubt this...

This is just ONE example of these miracles that have happened to me and my family,and I wanted to tell you this,because when I was younger, I was homeless for a time, and had nothing but the clothes on my back,so I don't want you to think that I'm special-or more special than anyone else,God does not have favorites!!

I truly believe in this process-but it does require constant work! This is why you should try little things first,that are easy to forget about,to keep you charging ahead.
Also remember,that sometimes when we don't get what we had wanted right away,its because there is always something better and the job at the High School as a tutor ...I had originally applied for a completely different position, and I did not get it. I was heartbroken..but kept thinking it wasn't meant to be.

Within 2 weeks,they called me back,and offered me a better position,with a larger pay,and less hours!!!

I sat in my room that night, and said "thank you" over & over & over again...with a huge grin on my face!

So please,if you really want to create abundance in your life,no matter how big or small the ask,the Universe,has no trouble delivering your request...It is we humans who doubt that it will happen,and therefore,abandon this..

I do hope that everyone who has read this far,is ready to get started,and really do this once and for all ..after all,you have nothing too lose,and everything to gain!!

There is just one warning-your wording is very important.
If you do fancy someone for example,Its not right to say
I HAVE JO SMITH ...that will not work because he/she has their own free will,and could also be a potential disaster for you..So use appropriate language,when writing your list-or you just might miss out on the best thing that ever walked into your life,because of this!

I do wish you all the best with Creating Abundance!
Remember that sometimes it may be years for your dreams to come into fruition-& usually when you least expect this too occur! So don't abandon all hope! Just keep being grateful and when something nags away at you,just say "Cancel that thought!"

Wishing you all a life full of abundant blessings!!

With Many Blessings to Everyone!



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