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December Message: Archangel Metatron



Welcome everyone!

Here is the message, that was given for the month of December, with the mighty Archangel Metatron! You can read more about Archangel Metatron HERE

Otherwise, please read on, or watch the video message, and the end of the transcript.
Please remember, that Metatron is with all of you, if you ask,and is very loving, helpful and understanding!

I am excited once again, to bring this message to you all!



"Greetings & bright blessings!

I am known as the "Archangel Metatron" & I bring with me the Angelic light, right to your heart now..

I am with all of you, right now, in this very moment...for those who wish to accept it, you are given a sacred mission ...a mission for your soul journey on Earth, at this time.

You have all, indeed, passed through the great cosmic gateway of planetary light activation..this effected you each differently & your mission now, is one of belief & acceptance ..

For , you see, so many are feeling as though, they have had more struggle than ever, more conflict & grief, more situations that have caused upset, and endless physical, emotional & mental unrest..

But, dear ones, this is also a sign that you ARE & HAVE come through the activation successfully!

The activation of light enhanced ALL your abilities-even some that lay dormant for some time...with this in mind, is it any wonder, that you ALL may experience a crumbling away of unwanted or un needed situations in your life? On every level?

Of course, you are highly sensitive beings, and have so many things to sift through...
BUT this does not mean that you have been left out of anything-It means that you need to try to take life less seriously.

Support yourself with love, and allow the old to fall will struggle for as long as that word EXISTS to you..
In other words, if you allow things to upset you, they will continue to do so...

Did you think, that your life would magically become easier-without a positive attitude from you?

If it is a peaceful world that you are craving, it must first exist within you...Your world may be upside down-but you can perceive it as healed if you choose ...People may be nasty to you & upset you -or you may have disappointments , pain & strong emotion, but all of these things are only real, if you place ENERGY to the problem.

In December, place your ENERGY in happy solutions...yes, there may be adjustments & misunderstandings, but learn to look at it softly...turn every negative into a positive..It is imperative not to slip back into the old habits!

Again, all of you have been through the activation...Some people,even animals, are done with their time on Earth ...rejoice in their life, & contribution, & know they will now suffer no more, & come into full alignment, with all the parts of themselves...

Love, with ALL your heart, trying to live your unique path..

Do not fear failure, rather expect success in all things...

December is an important time, but do not feel pressures or give yourself so much responsibility ...simplicity, & acceptance is the KEY.

As an Archangel, I bring forward great energy & many many Angels with me to work with you...

Try your best to believe that unseen hands are always there for you ...Don't put expectations on this- just do your best to accept the help that is eternally yours.

We Angels, Guides, Loved ones and all other light beings, are delighted at your progression! Look how far you have ALL come, to be where you are today..

Celebrate your life, & do not be afraid of the future- remember, nothing can upset you , unless you let that emotion become the BOSS.

Look at your life as a cosmic highway & the destination, is your dreams! Not what others want you to dream, but YOURS.

In a World that is changing rapidly , it is easy to become consumed with what is "wrong"

Become consumed, instead, with what is "right" Your GRATITUDE is your perfect ATTITUDE!

Take, now, extra knowledge-know, that when you have knowledge, share it, and this gesture fulfills you, bringing more peace & understanding, & yes, knowledge, that will fill you with joy, energy, and love...

Continue the cycle of giving knowledge-every single one of you, has something to share! ALL of you are teachers of light, healers, seers, doers!!!

Don't look for a perfect time to start-the time is NOW..With faith,trust & hope, you will breeze through the ascension process freeing yourself and the planet in the process!

Congratulations! ALL of you! Your true power,vision,hearing,sensing & all knowing-comes from your thoughts-if you can think it-you can be it-use the willpower for the uplifting of yourself, which in turn, heals everyone, & everything!


I am with you all! We are family eternally!!


With ever abundant, and eternal love!




© 2009 onward