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Domino Angels! -By BDevine

Welcome to a whole new type of guidance!
You may already be familiar with Divination By Domino's but after much thought on this I wanted to change it and make it my own, & share it with you.

All you need is some domino's which you can get relatively cheap, if not, you can make some up on paper,and pull them out of a container etc.

Or you can now purchase, the Domino Angels Card Set from HERE.

You may also choose to look back at some of the Domino Angels Videos that I have made on YouTube. CLICK HERE

So the way that it all works is to focus on the best message for you,pull out just one Domino, & read the message for the week. They say that it is better to just make this a weekly practice, for best results! Anyone can try this its so simple!

I trust you will all enjoy this as much as I have enjoyed creating it!



Angelic Meaning
The Angels of abundance are with you now and if you have been needing the extra money it appears that you will not be waiting too long! When this comes up for you, you can start to feel that financial pressures are lifting & there will also be surprises in bank accounts. Very lucky for investments & property deals with things having a surprising turn of events! Thanks to the Angels of Abundance! Light a green candle for extra quick returns!
The Angels Of Fun are with you & urge you to go to that place that you have been thinking about visiting. Any place where you will get a good laugh is advised right now! Even a trip to the movies or hiring one, is the order of the day. You are also asked to liven up and go to work with a smile on your face! You will meet someone interesting,who makes you smile! thanks to the Angels of Fun! Light a pink candle for extra fun.
Archangel Michael is here to ask you to be careful of anything that might bring legal attention to you. For instance,there will be extra police out & about,so be sure that you are watching the speed limit or parking in the right place! Also comes to help those in legal entanglements,and asks that you bring him along to any court case,to bring you courage! Especially when you need to speak up! Thanks to Archangel Michael! Light a blue candle to remind you of his constant support!
Archangel Adnachiel is with you bringing news of a sudden trip.Be it on a plane,bus,train or any means of transport,it seems to be something unexpected that requires you to attend. You may also be doing some extra study and this is part of your life purpose. Best to have an overnight bag ready just in case, when this turns up! Thanks to Archangel Adnachiel, for protection on journeys. Light a yellow candle to connect!
Archangel Verchiel is the bringer of surprise gifts,and this week you shall more than likely,receive new clothes,jewelry or things you have wanted but hadn't gotten around to getting. This is a gift from someone else,and you will be amazed at the thoughtfulness of the gift .Could also indicate,that you have been meaning to get something for a certain someone,so this reminds you to hop to it! Thanks to Archangel Verchiel! Bringer of Gifts! Light a gold candle to remind you to give thanks!
Archangel Haniel is with you and reminds you that your kindness is very much appreciated.You are about to receive some extra kindness from someone who has a complete turnaround. Also old friends & past lovers, could come back,with a surprising new outlook which will bring relief! try to always be helpful & kind, even when its the hardest thing you can do! Anything is possible ..Thanks to Archangel Haniel ! Bringer of kindness! Light a Dark purple candle, to remind you to keep calm!
Archangel Uriel is with you, and this is a time that you may need to face the past and let it go completely. Something is bugging you & its not in your best interest to lose sleep over it! You are much stronger than you imagine, and have all the power of the Universe flowing through you, so now is the time to change your thought patterns. Let it go!Try not to listen to mindless gossip right now! Thanks to Archangel Uriel! Counselor! Light A brown or yellow candle to increase your mental strength!
Archangels Of Beginnings are with you,and you are about to move to a new place-whether its a new office or home,but it does mean big changes that are well overdue! Its natural to feel nervous about this, but it will be the start of a new life! Also many will find that they have been having strange dreams waking up puzzled.This is past life connections, and you are moving away from it now. Thanks to the Archangels of Beginnings! Light a Silver candle to allow a smooth transition.
Archangel Raziel, is inspiring you to put into action that wonderful idea you have. Don't let someone else get the credit for your idea!Any creative pursuit that you have been putting off,is actually going to do very well & bring in the money you need! Don't delay! Whatever that creative impulse is, put it to work for you! Also somebody may inspire you to make life changes that benefit many! Thanks to Archangel Raziel! Light A dark green candle to connect with ancient wisdom!

Archangel Muriel is with you protecting your home right now. There may be thieves in the area, or you could have just been a victim of this right now. So please ask the Angels to stand guard at your home. Also you may be losing things more than usual or becoming a little forgetful. This will pass with a reason behind it! A person of authority may visit your home.
Thanks to Archangel Muriel! Light a Light blue candle, for home protection.

The Angels of water are with you and this may indicate a pool party! Or even that you need to drink more water to help you with achieving your goals. Double your water intake for 3 days,and you will notice an amazing difference, and its a good way to flush negative toxins from the blood! Also you may find that you feel alive near the ocean,and this may be an indication for a day at the beach! Any body of water will be helpful right now! Thanks to the Angels of Water! Light a White/Blue candle to connect.
Archangel Chamuel is with you spicing up your love life! If single,be on the lookout for a newcomer that catches your eye! If attached, you will feel very in tune with your partners needs and need to set a "date" to be alone. Chocolates are a must! Follow your instincts, & get ready for fun! Your irresistible right now, so use this to your advantage! Thanks to Archangel Chamuel! Love & Marriage. Light a Rose Pink candle to connect.
Archangel Azrael is here, & it indicates a time of loss or attendance at a funeral. Generally not related to you immediately, but your support is indeed required. Also increased sense that you are not alone,and this is also a hello from heaven directly to you. Your loved ones are in many ways more alive than you! So don't ignore this calling to medium ship or helping others with their loss right now. Thanks to Archangel Azrael! Light a dark candle to connect and give thanks.
Archangel Gabriel is with you asking you to speak up if something is bothering you. You may also be nervous at the prospect of making a speech, in which case Gabriel will help! Also a party is in order, and this Domino can indicate drinking & feasting at a distance-so maybe go to that party that a friend is having.Time to get out of the house. Good news and extra messages. Thanks to Archangel Gabriel! Light a lavender candle to keep you centered.
Archangel Raphael is with you offering you a chance to put your healing skills into action. it is a time to go to the doctor if you need to or seek advice about getting into a healing profession.You are reminded that you are a born healer & as such you may be called into duty at this time. Believe in yourself & your ability to heal yourself & others. Thanks to Archangel Raphael! Healing time! Light a bright green candle for extra support.
Archangel Bariel is with you and this is a time when secrets are revealed & a longstanding problem is resolved.Its still wise to be on guard,& not let all your defenses down,but you are now being given extra gifts of prophecy and deep wisdom from lives gone by.So much will start to make sense & you may feel like suddenly moving to another place! Sometimes another country! Follow whatever instincts you have right now,as they are in tune with your life path! Thanks to Archangel Bariel! Light a burgundy candle to connect.
Archangel Zadkiel is with you,urging you to organize your finances. If you have had extra bills coming in & not enough money to cover it, Zadkiel can offer practical advice & suggestions. Usually its a mind set that worries us when we see bills, so Zadkiel reminds you to keep positive,because there are blessings around the corner! Someone may offer you financial help,don't be so prideful that you don't take it. Thanks to Archangel Zadkiel! Light a Red candle to connect.
Archangel Michael is with you again & says that you may get messages of a negative & angry nature,but the idea is that you don't retaliate with this or you will bring more and more of this upon yourself. When misunderstandings arise, it's time to re-evaluate the friends that you chose.No one should make you feel sad in any way, if so, clear them out. Stand up for what you believe right now, & don't take no for an answer!Thanks to Archangel Michael! Protector! Light a blue candle to connect.
Mihael, Angel of lasting love is with you know. When we see this it indicates a sudden wedding that you will attend.The feeling of love & romance is all around you, but part of you may feel that you are losing your best friend. Nevertheless, this is a good time to make commitments & start a new relationship right now. Also there will be ends to delays & fast movement indicated on every level. Thanks to Mihael! Light a blue or green candle to connect.
Archangel Cambriel is with you now and he is helping to develop your psychic awareness. You may have strong urges to speak with someone-perhaps someone you have avoided. But now is a time to follow through with this. You will have the most energy at night & you should go to things that your invited too. Not a real good time for gambling,so keep your money in your wallet. Unexpected visitors through the night. Thanks to Archangel Cambriel! Light a dark blue/purple candle to connect.
Archangel Raziel is with you know and this is a time of unfolding puzzles and secrets of the family. It may be that some overdue explaining is done this week, and you may even find something that was missing a long time! De-clutter the home & pick up any coins you find on your travels for extra good luck! Make plans for that holiday now! Plenty of excitement abounds .Thanks to Archangel Raziel! Light a dark green or white candle to connect.
Archangel Metatron is with you increasing your time with children. Births and pregnancy abound, so if you are wanting a baby you are very fertile now! Also a time of giving to others. A teenager may be going through a rough patch,so try to take a different approach with this. Many doors are open to you now,but if you pause,you will miss it. Be sure to take up any new opportunities. Thanks to Archangel Metatron!Light a orange candle to connect.
Angels of Patience are with you asking you to calm down. It may be that there is all kinds of arguments stemming from jealousy around you but don't give in to anger. Situations will be calmed with people looking to you for guidance and peaceful resolutions, so be sure that you ask for strength when you need it.You are just about to have a miracle,so don't give up!Thanks to the Angels of Patience! Light any colour candle to connect.
Archangel Barakiel is with you & you will find an item that is very valuable either monetary or sentimental. So be alert & on the lookout for special items. Its also a time when real solutions are needed to your problems. But there is an older person helping you with this! Also a time to ask yourself-"What am I really hiding?" Thanks to Archangel Barakiel! Light a bright pink candle to connect.
Archangel Sandalphon is with you now asking you to express yourself more with music.When you are feeling low crank up the tunes, and see how your mood changes. Also is a time to be sure that you are ready for anything-there maybe someone who wants to cause trouble, & you will need to be the mature one. Be patient with yourself at this time. Thanks to Archangel Sandalphon! A yellow candle & music will connect.
Archangel Haniel is with you bringing great news right now! The answer is "yes" to any question on your mind right now. There will be a birth of a baby very soon and also the colour red is significant when you see this on your travels,its a sign that you are on the right track. Anyone that you meet this week,will be a good friend to you! trust that you are doing the best for everybody. Thanks to Archangel Haniel! Light a green candle to connect.
Archangel Ambriel is here to bring messages about children. Perhaps a child will come to stay with you & you have the right way to deal with any problems. Also just a warning to switch of the TV for a while and have a real good talk with kids. A letter arrives or extra emails & phone ready for action! Thanks to Archangel Ambriel!Light a light yellow candle to connect.
Archangel Michael is with you at this time because you are going to need the extra is a situation you can't control, & perhaps even trips to the hospital are in store. Just remember that even though things seem at their worst, "This Too Shall Pass" Hold tight because the changes occurring within you & around you are blessings in disguise! Thanks to Archangel Michael! Light a blue candle to connect.
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