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Emotional Healing-By BDevine®
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Greetings Everybody!

This article is a very important one indeed! I have been instructed by the Archangels & my Guides, to address this area-especially considering all the readings I have performed over the years, and just recently, many have been filled with very intense emotions-that I could not ignore.
This is the first in a series of articles in this area, and this one directly speaks of negative emotions, like guilt, shame, anger, addictions and self destruction.

I found myself very concerned that people are holding onto so much unnecessary, negative emotion, that it is in effect, slowly killing them!
So I've put together this article, to hopefully help anybody who needs it-hey including myself at times-nobody is perfect!

There are many of who have been through some of the worst horrors imaginable, and then this has shaped our whole lives.
We are angry at ourselves, feel guilty or are angry at the people who have hurt us, and this emotion , no matter how much we try to forget it, comes back to haunt us time and again.

Many of us turn to alcohol, drugs or sex for example, to make us feel better, and then in effect, feel worse straight after this.
Its a giant circle, and causes a ripple effect throughout our lives and the lives of others.

There is not one person, who isn't ashamed of something they have done, and wishes to take this back! But time stops for no-one, and for whatever reason things have happened in our lives, there was some part of us that GREW because of it. Even if you can't see it!
We wouldn't be the people we are today, without first having some sort of crisis or pain to deal with.

The fact remains, that even some of the worst people in the world that we can think of, could have been helped and healed if they had the right kind of help available to them.

Some of these same people have had help available, but didn't believe in this or themselves enough to ever heal, and change their lives for the better, because they have felt that what they have done is too unforgivable or they DOUBT that anything can help them.

But my hope is that once you resonate with an emotion and can see the potential danger of holding onto it, that you will decide enough is enough!
There is no point bashing our heads, always trying to work out why we do things, or why we have been treated so bad.

This kind of thing, is seriously not helping the problem to go away or changing who we are-it is just a negative cycle, that will continue to grow ,and even be passed onto our children!

If we each think of our parents, and how they felt about each other when we were conceived, we can get a general idea of how some of this is carried onto us now.

For example, my parents did not really love each other, they actually resented each other for whatever reason-so I was conceived at a time when my mother would have felt annoyed and so would my father, and it would have been a duty more than wanting to be together.

(This was the 70's) So in effect, because of my parents feelings for each other, I wanted to feel love in my life, as it was always missing.
I always resented my parents without knowing exactly why.....( until I discovered in my twenties where my feelings came from)
Of course I have dealt with this now, but yes, it took a long time for sure!
Sadly my parents have long split up, & yes, each still harbor resentment & anger toward each other even to this day!

So this is always a good place to look first, at why you feel the way you do in all areas of your life..& this first good look at yourself from that point of view, is a real eye opener!

Some people have had loving parents and were conceived out of love-so LOVE is not something that is missing-but can have the opposite effect-in wanting others to love you as much as you love them, and always looking for as much love as you can get.
So you can see what analyzing this can do for you-it just may surprise you how deep this effects you also.

So I want for everyone too feel release from their life emotions, and to start to be on a different frequency-YOUR OWN TRUE SELF. Hopefully, we can break the cycle of emotion, that has been hiding for so long.

I have put questions to the Archangels & guides that surround me, and here is the messages that I received from Archangel Gabriel:

Question: " Dear Wise Archangel Gabriel, what can you share with me on this topic of Emotional Healing, that will reach the hearts & minds of millions?"


The human emotions that are negative in nature, are almost always conjured, from long ago times-when you witnessed & committed heinous acts towards others or had them done to you, & this has left huge dents on your soul -that until now, have never come to the surface to be dealt with.

Common misguided guilt, shame, worry negative thinking & emotions, are never in tune with your true spiritual nature.

If the Universe were negative as a whole, nothing would exist.You all need to focus your direction, to that of love- but this process eludes many.

Humans constantly PUNISH themselves & then when their mind can't cope with the punishing anymore, they turn to punishing others-sometimes in the form of what you call - Serial Killers, domestic violence, rape, child abuse of the worst kind etc.

This is a way of trying to let go of what the person is FEELING about themselves. By inflicting it on others, for a time, they feel RELEASED from this .

Their only focus is on releasing the emotion from themselves-and for a time, the FEELING does go away when they perform these acts.
But soon returns-with ADDED negativity, straight after the act has been carried out.You see?

Any kind of medication, will SUPPRESS the emotion-so there needs to be total acceptance of feeling-a WILLINGNESS to stop & a dedicated plan of action, to release it.

So many humans deny help, as they feel spiritual healing means religion-or that they will feel a victim of their own emotion-so even when good help is offered, they would rather not have to deal with it.

Also the reality of living a life WITHOUT the guilt, pain, & victim hood, is totally UNKNOWN to them and so with insecurity and doubt , they draw away from ever seeking help in the first place.

We Angels say to you, It doesn't matter what you have done in your lifetime or lives past, we promise to lead you in the direction of your true life purpose.
This may be a road you have difficulty traveling, and the first step is seemingly the hardest...How do you know how great you will become, if you don't just take a step towards this?

Yes, even you , who feel you can NEVER be forgiven, have the choice to step into the light, & take your rightful place, in joy & harmony.
It is yourself, who casts judgment, & keeps your beautiful soul in a prison cell.

So take the first step today and know that no matter what you think-you are never truly alone-and even in death,you will have the CHOICE to embrace the light-or come back and try again!

Dear child, do not give up hope & bring such sorrow to your loved ones! When in need of strength-ASK when in need of confidence-ASK!
All things come to your life for a reason-a reason YOU put in place before you were born, and you forgot how hard it was to walk the Earth.
Still, you knew you would be able to do this, and come home again, more evolved then before.

The world is calling on you now to turn away from that which takes you away from your divine life purpose and hang on tight as your new world begins.

You will have times when you will forget that help is at hand, & it may be a struggle for the rest of your life, to let go of emotions, & heal from the inside out-but you will soon remember that which you are forgetting to ask, as we gently remind you of this throughout your life.

OK thank you Very much!
Question: So wise Archangels, how do people heal themselves from their addictions ( in whatever form) & negativity? What is the PROCESS? Can anyone truly be HEALED?

Answer: Dear Children,

Of course it is not a simple easy process, because your mind will still hang on on to the problem and think on it-& you may want to stop yourself -but then you say to yourself 'One Last Time' & so the act of asking for healing and forgiveness has felt like it did not work at all.

If you truly want to be free of your self imposed prison-it is a good idea to imagine your problems-every single one-in your hands-then you are passing this over to the Angels to deal with for you.
This WILLINGNESS to separate yourself from your problems,will be a relief in itself.
Some of you think that handing over your problems is ridiculous.

Problems that you have in your life, have been caused by constant thinking on this-WHY then would they be HEALED by ADDITIONAL THINKING?

This is why your imagination is so powerful.
Because your mind is connected to God & what you see as an Angel-is real to you. So imagine the most beautiful Angel you can think of-or one that you relate too-& this will become your "guardian of thought"
This is who you ask to take your problems and deal with them for you.This process is repeated over & over each time you feel the crisis take over you, & comfort you along the way.

Doors will open, & you will find that there are many life areas that we can help with, if you need this.

Even if you have had bad thoughts,feel like you always have bad luck, felt used, abused, get angry easy,feel like your mind just CLICKS & you can't control yourself, are addicted to sexual fantasies, gambling, drinking, smoking, drugs, have hurt animals, have cast spells, been a terrible mother, father, partner or child,-all this and EVERY OTHER emotion that you have that is negative, can be given to the Angels to deal with. WITHOUT any judgment about it.

The process of release comes with it a great deal of faith, but, you must ETHERICALLY cut the cords that continually tie you to these things-each thought back to it, is another attachment!!

So you see, if you truly are ready to let go of unnecessary thought patterns,that are restricting you, aging you, & slowly killing your spirit, then please, allow us to help you!

Step by step,we shall light the way-lead you to books, people, or places that will help you to feel strong & give you ways to overcome your urges, and replace this with something better!

Just close your eyes, take a deep breath, & imagine a beautiful ball of light in your hands above your head ......gather all your worries, habits, guilt, shame all your negativity, and place it into the rainbow light-and an Angel for every problem, will come and take care of this for you. Every little thing that you don't need in your life, or are worried about, goes in.

That is all. Expect a miracle, & nothing less!! Each time a bad thought comes up, close your eyes & imagine the ball, and repeat.
It will feel as though a thousand pounds of weight is lifted-little things about you will change-you will see yourself & people in a different light & become the best person you can be!

But please, be patient with yourself, as you have spent a lifetime, or more, having these negative views, so it will be constant work for you as it is for anybody who is trying to better themselves, & walk to the beat of their Divine life purpose!

This type of deep healing is the only way to truly rid yourself of deep emotions that are really not helping you or anybody in your life. As we can see, all it takes is too ask for help, and it is given-although we ourselves, are the ones that will drag emotions up again-or in some cases are constantly reminded of how other people won't let you forget what you have done or what they have done to you.
One thing with all of this, is that we can't fix other peoples problems unless they first want to heal themselves.

There are certain Angels too call on for emotional healing and also Crystals that you can use too connect with the Angel better-or raise your vibrations, to the level of the Angels.
So if you are ready to begin the healing process, here are some ideas of what to say and who to call on to get the ball rolling-remember as with all healing or release , sometimes the emotions will come at you all at once, and you may even feel a little worse as your body lets this go ...don't be afraid of failing, as this whole process of emotional healing, is going to be a work in process, because you may keep RE-ATTACHING yourself back to the problem-in which case be sure, that you tell yourself, that the Angels are taking care of it..

Archangels Of Emotional Healing


Archangel Uriel:

He is known as the mighty counselor or Psychologist Angel.
This is always a good place to start because Uriel understand the human attachment to problems.He asked me why it was so difficult to detach COMPLETELY from a situation.
I had to tell him-
"Because we are afraid to trust even a mighty Archangel to solve the problem"-
then I realized exactly what I was saying to him.

We expect to be able to solve a problem, but we don't allow An Archangel, who has been around since the beginning of time, to be able to not only solve it but heal it and deal with it?

So yeah,*Gulp* I had to admit, I'm guilty of not completely releasing myself, and thanks to Uriel, I've just now realized that I have hung on to things, because I'm afraid of what will happen if they weren't there anymore....& I also see why they call him the Psychologist Angel! HA!

To connect with Uriel, it's just a case of finding a place where you won't be disturbed-I'm hoping by now you have a little area set up for your Angel work-but at any rate, find your spot, light a candle and some incense if you wish, and just ask him to be there, and tell him how you feel-from the bottom of your heart just pour it on out..this can take a long while you are at it, take a pen and paper and write your questions to Uriel on this-or better yet write a question to yourself, and you will feel and sense that Uriel has given you these answers.
As you dialogue like this, he is pouring golden light through your body, from your head to your toes, and the more you release to him, the more attachments are just dissolved...

" Dear Archangel Uriel ..Thank you for being there for me and for dissolving the feelings of attachments to all of the things that do not serve my highest good.
I thank you for your constant support when I need this!"

Crystals To Help The Connection:

Smoky Quartz
Tiger's Eye
Clear Quartz

Music To Lift You ( or make you giggle)

Let It Be- The Beatles
Bridge Over Troubled Water- Simon & Garfunkle
Can't Touch This- M.C Hammer ( do the hammer time dance please! lol)
Maggie May- Rod Stewart
I Want To Live- John Denver



Archangel Metatron:

One of the tallest Angels and a beautiful golden orange color, he is the keeper of the
'Akashic Records' which holds all of our past, present & future realities in this book.
When I perform Past Life readings for people, Archangel Metatron is there smiling at me with a huge feather Quill and a beautiful old book. ( My vision is always centered in my minds eye)

I ask to be shown a life for the person, which will help them to reclaim part of their soul and also discover why exactly they behave the way they do or have a particular birthmark or have feelings for the wrong person, for example.

He can also show you a future life in a healed reality, one which YOU can create, if you allow yourself to heal. He holds out to you a green aventurine gemstone, to help you with the healing process.

I asked him what his advice was for people who are in need of healing, and he told me to share with you, the KARMIC RELEASE process, that you can just repeat to yourself.

When I see Archangel Metatron in my 3rd eye, he is so bright and aglow, that I can see just his eyes because he is so bright. I actually thought he may be "HAMIED" the Angel of Miracles ( Who I will talk about soon) as he is so aglow.
So light your candle to connect with Metatron, while you say the Karmic Release.

Karmic Release:

Dear Archangel Metatron,

Thank you for helping me too see this life & one's past .
I ask you now to please cut any remaining ties I have with that time,long ago, when my soul was young from my life now.
I know I can ask you at any time too help me too release the pain of
lives past and show me a healed reality.
I thank you now for your assistance.
Release me now from any thought,person,place or feeling that is no longer needed!
 THANKYOU Metatron!!!

You see all it takes is to say the words and it is done.

Crystals To Help The Connection:

Clear Quartz

Music to lift you:

Time After Time- Cyndi Lauper
Heart Of Gold- Neil Diamond
You Are The Sunshine Of My Life- Stevie Wonder
It's Raining Again-Supertramp
I Believe In Angels-Abba


Archangel Sandalphon:

The 'Angel Of Music' and also twin brother of Metatron, he is an almighty Angel indeed who works mainly through music, to help you to feel more and release emotions in this way.

Like Metatron, if you have issue with children or troublesome teenagers or even conception trouble he does help you with this.
Also he will ask you to reclaim your inner child, the one who we all push far down into our bodies and forget they ever existed.

He tells me that no memories are ever really forgotten and if you are having trouble remembering something about your childhood, he tells me to think about each bedroom you have ever had.
Starting from the one you have now , count back and you will find, that suddenly you are remembering a lot more than you thought you did.
So many things happen to us in our own rooms, and we spend most of our time in there yet we don't think of doing this!
Its amazing how far back we can go!
This is where A lot of you will find hidden-maybe dark or scary moments ..remember that you are only observing so you can release it and take your God given power back.

I'm sure there will be some friends that you had forgotten about also and your inner child will giggle with delight at this!
It may even help to try to draw your old bedrooms, where was the window ?and door ?for example...this will help you to remember really early memories .
If you can't 'see' it , try to sense this, or ask the Angels to help you to easily remember.

To connect with Sandalphon and ask for his help, go into your bedroom and make sure you won't be disturbed, and play music as loud as you can!
Perhaps even music from the year you were born-have a good look on the internet, and see who was popular then-this song may have been playing when you were born even, and many have had memories of their own birth!
( I don't really want to see my birth, but indeed, I know what the hospital room looked like, what the nurse was like and how my mum looked down on me)

" Dear Sandalphon

Thank you! for helping to discover my inner child and heal some parts of my life that I felt where long forgotten!
Thank you for helping me to emotionally heal and awaken my spirit again! "

Crystals To Help The Connection:

Imperial Topaz
Red Coral
Moss Agate
Clear Quartz

Music To Lift You:

I Honestly Love You-Olivia Newton John
If You Leave Me Now-Chicago
Songbird-Kenny G
Didn't We Almost Have It All-Whitney Houston
The Roosevelt Midler



Hamied-The Angel Of Miracles

It may be that you haven't heard of this amazing Angel before, but just reading or saying his name brings you in contact with one of the most amazing and knowledgeable 'creation' Angels you will be blessed to know.

Yes, he does create miracles on all levels for people .Whether you are worried about finances,emotions,healing or just about anything and it might take a miracles to happen,Hamied is your main Angel!

He is completely white, and very dazzling indeed.He will hover above you in your bedroom at night and if you look really closely at your ceiling just before going to bed,you may see swirls of light-almost spiraling around the ceiling.The more you look, the bigger the circle can be sure that Hamied will help to co create a miracles in your life if you ask, and then expect this to happen.

He is also there in your life when there is a life or death crisis, and some people have witnessed him swoop in and buffer the impact of a car crash for example-leaving people wondering-how did they survive?
He also may give you miraculous bodily healing from illness-many people who have been near death have miraculously been fine the next morning, confusing the doctors,who deem it a 'miracle'

To easily connect with Hamied, say his name slowly and he will appear right above you.
(you may feel a tingling sensation above your head when he is there)
He will urge you to give him your problems and to ask for a Miracle.
He is one of the Angels who will gladly assist in healing your emotions as we all need this.The more you call on him, you will create a very strong link-like an Angelic umbilical cord, that directly keeps you in tune with him-& indeed any Angel that you call on enough, this 'link' grows stronger & stronger.

This is why we must ask for the Angels help in everything we do! The more we ask,the stronger the bond, and the more we will notice and appreciate the miracles that occur!

'Dear Hamied,

Thank you for bringing me Miracles into my life.
I look forward to living a joyful life and creating miracles
with your expert advice and help..
Please visit me tonight, & show me how you can help
me to achieve my dreams!'

Crystals To Help The Connection:

Clear Quartz
Blue Agate
Fire Opal

Music To Lift You:

Downtown-Petula Clark
These Words-Natasha Bedingfield
Love Me Tender-Elvis Presley
Against All Odds- Phil Collins
Up Where We Belong-Joe Cocker & Jennifer Warne


Now that we have explored just some of the Archangels related to this area, its important to remember, that it is not WHO you are calling for-just that you are CALLING!
The NAME does not matter but your INTENTION of healing that matters!
You don't have to have ALL the pieces, to make the CONNECTION.
Just be WILLING to give it a try, & it will be the best help that you can receive.

Follow your ideas-when you feel like going for a walk for example, its because you are meant to for some reason. Try to see the positives in all situations ! There are no CURSES on you! Unless you allow the negative energy too engulf you-this is the only CURSE there is! Your own Fear!

After spending time with friends or family, ask yourself how did that meeting effect you?
Did it make you nervous? annoyed? sad? if so, ask for these cords to be cut from you each time you need too. Although its hard with family for example, but you just need to send light from your heart to theirs and ask for strength in these situations. You chose your family & circumstances for some reason-generally you will only find that reason out later on in life,when you have healed yourself.
Make yourself a priority for once, and as you get better people will want to know how you did it!

We should only spend time with people, places & situations that make us feel good...if you don't feel this way, you must detach and let it go.

This topic of Emotional healing has many aspects to it-so I decided that I would keep adding to this with other life areas.
My mission is too help you connect too the happiest life!

I do wish everyone the best of luck with this. It may take time too trust the process, but as soon as you have asked for help from the Angels, the process has already begun!

With Many Blessings to everyone!


© 2012 onward