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The Nature Angels-By BDevine®


Welcome to the magical world of the Fairy's!
Fairy's are everywhere! For every blade of grass to every flower petal a fairy will reside there.!
How amazing to think every time you step outside there are literally thousands of Fairy's just going about their business?
Not always easy too see or hear and this is how they tend to like it.

Fairy's are experts at helping people too manifest their desires.
In times of crisis and even when you are flat broke,they encourage
everyone too spend some time outdoors with your thoughts and
perhaps ask them for ideas to make what we wish for a reality.
You may be inspired too do something for the environment or build
that veggie garden you keep putting off! They give too you what you give too the earth.

I’ve found the best way to communicate with fairy's is by your actions!
They are watching you throw that cigarette butt on the ground , using pesticides and not recycling- they simply move on!
They will respond to people who are quiet and not always wanting something from them,or wishes granted. If you are quiet enough you may actually hear them talking too you!

They are very big on saving the planet and they don't appreciate disrespect for mother Earth or her inhabitants.
They also can't stand cruelty too animals and will promptly leave a dwelling that condones this sort of thing.
Each Animal that lives with you can easily see and communicate with the fairy's,and you may notice your animal loves too play in the garden and not confined too a cage or tied up.
You can ask the Fairy's silently too help your animals too behave or too help with healing of a sick or injured animal.

They are much like Angels,in that you may never actually "see" one in the flesh, but you will feel a sensation of peace when they are close.
They also have a hierarchy,as the Angels do and their mission is too
get "promoted" so too speak,so they one day may become an Angel.
This is a huge process however, and as they work on specific areas of nature it will be up too the head fairy or "Overseer" when this happens.

As you spend time outdoors,the Fairy's will pick at your aura,making it clean again.
They really like to stay close to your shoulders and buzz about your head!
When I see fairy's with people,this is where they generally reside.

They love to be near children and families- children can see them quite easily- how many little girls do you know who chat about their love for Fairy's?

Chances are they spend more time outside than adults, so of course they are able to communicate wordlessly,without even realizing that they are doing it.

This absolutely delights the Fairy's who know that the Children are our future and if we are too save our planet,we need too educate the children in how too do their part in this.

If you are into saving the Environment then Fairies will love you!
Just let them know (In Your Mind) that you are about to mow the lawn and they will move their homes out of the way!
Also even if you are taking a stroll in the garden, just be mindful of the Fairies and they will be able to get out of your way.

They are also happy too give you tasks and if you listen carefully,they will tell you how too rearrange your garden, grow better vegetables, and how too rid yourself of all types of allergies that you feel may come from grasses or weeds.

Certainly,all types of pesticides not only kill weeds,but this poison reaches to the soil underneath the plants and as far down as where the Crystals come from-& yes,there are Crystal caretakers as well as Root caretakers who are often poisoned too!!

Fairy's are really quite happy and they love to get up and dance!
They know the importance of music as this stops your mind from dwelling on unnecessary bad thoughts or emotions and elevates your mood!

Once you start to chat with the fairies your life will improve and you will naturally become a lot happier for it!

You can purify your drinking water by taking a crystal of your favorite colour,asking the fairy's too bless your drinking water and drop the crystal in it.

This will instantly make you feel amazing and you can do this as many times as you want.

A fluorite crystal is a good one too use if you would like a wish too come true!

Remembering too give yourself a garden task that you have been putting off!

Remember that not everybody wants too know or talk about Fairy's and this is ok!

The Fairy's world is coming closer too ours now and only people who are ready too take note will do this.

In other words you don't have too try too make others listen too our beliefs-apart from the fact that some people might think your crazy, the Fairy's want everybody too seek their knowledge of their own free will.

My hope for everyone is that you will on day see the beauty and wonder that lies in your own backyard and indeed your homes.

Once you connect with the Fairy's they will never leave you unless you ask them to and they will help you all in so many ways!

Many Fairy blessings too everyone!


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