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This article is going to be somewhat different to other articles on Devine Miracles so far.
I wanted to approach the subject of "Ghosts" very cautiously, because I understand that there are people who are very afraid of this subject-however I hope that by the end of this,you will have a better understanding of the whole process, as well as expand your knowledge once again!
This is always my aim-to give free advice and help to those of you out there who can benefit, and use the advice to benefit others.
I will be giving you all free advice on how to release Ghosts from your home, workplace, hospitals in fact from any place or anyone- my belief is the more of us that can free souls to the light, the better off for everybody.

Also we will explore the mind of one of the worst Serial Killers the world has seen "Ted Bundy" who has had light treatment on the other side (or Heaven) and agreed to do an interview with me, so we can understand what can contribute to this sort of violent and sadistic behaviour.If you don't know who he is, please google search this.

The "Interview" was recorded on a small microphone plugged into a laptop, and the funny thing was, my husband sat right next to me, and he was writing down everything that Ted Bundy told me, because he did not think it was recording properly. But it was-only very faintly can you hear me relay the messages from Ted, but more interesting than that is the fact that you can actually hear my very own heart beat LOUDER than my voice? I don't know why...16 or so minutes through the "Interview" there is silence while my husband works out the next question to ask Ted. Then you hear a distinct "Hello?" almost like a question,and it is not my husband or me, we believe it was Ted,waiting for the next question also. I have to say, when we played back the audio, I jumped out of my skin at that moment!! Because I wasn't expecting it!! So I will share that interview with you here, hopefully you will hear it clearly.

I plan to do a lot more "Interviews" like this, with all sorts of people in the near future ..maybe we can unravel some long ago or forgotten crimes...

What Is A Ghost?

A Ghost in short is an "Earthbound" Spirit who has failed to go to Heaven and have Light treatment, and thus wanders the plane of existence between Heaven & Earth. I believe this place to be the "Soul Plane".I'm not talking about loved ones who have crossed to the other side,I'm talking about those who haven't had this "light treatment" & are therefore lost and confused.

Some Spirits or Ghosts, are not even sure they have in fact died & therefore will cling to Earth & their family, to try to get them to notice them.
Others who may have been killed horrifically, or by mistake for example, are trying to assist their families in bringing the perpetrators to justice.

Many people who feel there is a "negative" energy with them, may be feeling Ghosts from 10-100 even thousands of years ago, and the Ghosts simply remember the place where you live now, as their home or how they remember it.
Also, Ghosts do not perceive time too what is 500 years since their "death" in our time, can be just 5 min's ago to them..So you can see how they would be feeling confused!

Over time we have seen how people believe that certain houses, homes, Hotels, even Hospitals, for example, are haunted-meaning 1 or more restless Spirits exist there.
Of course this could be certainly true, but instead of trying to heal and help these lost souls, many will try to make money out of it or try to get information out of them, instead of helping them to the light!

You will not get too much information from a ghost that has not had the proper "light" treatment. A Ghost or Spirit will only really relay to you what they know from their own life, and can not predict the future or anything like that, without going to Heaven or the Other Side first.
Once this has happened however, the Spirit can give valuable information and the Spirit is lighter and freer, and not full of mischief and woe, but comes from a loving position.

It is everyone's responsibility to send a Ghost to the light. The Angels and Archangels will assist anyone at all who wants to do this! But even in death, the Ghost, can choose to be where they are.
I will teach everyone to do this and cleanse your environment, but don't worry if you don't see or feel anything happening, it is happening and the difference to your environment and even your children, is a testament to it working.

Even if the Ghost chooses to stay Earthbound, I will teach you how to at least protect your habitat(s) from them entering and causing mischief and or scary behavior, such as scaring you, flicking on & off electrical appliances,or entering your personal space for example.

Ghost Possession?

I certainly don't believe that a Ghost can physically harm you or enter you with out you first allowing this, but some can make you "Believe" that they are actually controlling you, when really you are harming yourself-and possibly others.

An unsettled or very negative and destructive Ghost, will, more than likely, choose to be near people who are already negative themselves. For example:

  • Drug users-

    The reason behind this is that your Aura, which is your surrounding energy force, become very blocked and 'dirty' and also broken in places, when you take Drugs on a regular basis.
    (I'm not talking about the occasional joint here at all) what I mean is daily heavy users of any kind of drug, alters your perception of reality, and while this is happening, anything that you feel guilty about, regrets, worries, concerns-any negative thinking in fact are amplified to extremes-thus drawing a negative entity towards you, that feeds off of this "thought" process, and latches onto your Aura, in a sense "feeding" on your emotions. This zaps your energy, holds you in altered states of reality, and makes you more resistant to the fact that there is actually anything wrong with this behavior-it actually gives you a false sense of right and wrong.

  • Alcoholics-

    Again, occasional drinking is not necessarily going to warrant Ghostly encounters- although if you frequent at clubs, & Bars for example, you will need to clear yourself of any lower energies or in fact Ghosts that certainly may have been there.
    A heavy daily drinker, will more often than not be a daily smoker, etc and then when the drinking is done, they feel bad for a time, until the next drink "numbs" all remorse, so its almost impossible to quit.
    I believe this is further "encouraged" by the Ghosts that feed on your already low feeling , making it almost impossible to quit ..which spirals you down ...down ...down ...again & again. This CAN be helped!!!

  • Mental & Physical ( Including Sexual) Abusers-

    Although a lot of this behavior ( all of the above really) has stemmed from past lives, where your roles in life may have been reversed from being a mother for example to a daughter, the act of these sorts of abuse, can also be very heavily influenced by the negative Ghosts, or Spirits that are definitely encouraging the behavior!
    These type of Ghosts want to see people "punished" and human suffering and torture, and will thereby "hang-around" these types of abusers.
    This causes an uncontrollable urge to do it-and keep on doing it. Then when the feeling of guilt comes over the person, this brings further negative Ghosts to be near and drag your energies down, until you feel out of control of your own life & behavior-even your own mind!

  • Serial Killers & Sadistic Practices-

    This is an area of great discomfort & fear to so many.
    How could anyone in their right mind, do such things to another human being or even an animal for that matter?
    To commit such vile , viscous, and disgusting acts & then keep on repeating them, is something that will always baffle and astonish law enforcement, Doctors, & Psychologists alike, as well as the whole world.
    But could it be Ghosts or Earthbound Spirits, that have some sort of influence over these monsters? Is it genetic? Are they victims of childhood abuse? Or a mixture of these?

    I wanted to explore this area very deeply because it is an area of the mind, that no-one really has any answers for.
    Once again I'm not a Doctor or Psychologist or do I have any sort of Law Enforcement background, but I am able to communicate with Spirits, & have helped so many "Ghosts" to head home to the light & have much needed healing. I will admit, that some are so terrified of "punishment" that even in death, they refuse help.

    This can happen but very rarely, once you explain that the only 'punishment' is their own-in not allowing themselves to move on and have healing. But some, even in death, wander around never able to let somebody help them. Even the worst of people can be helped!

So it's a huge negative and spiraling cycle, BUT in just about all cases, this can be healed and released from the people who are committing these acts, but not through traditional medicine-although counseling is always good, but by a Past Life regression-which we have already discussed previously, and through Spiritual release.
It also requires continued shielding and a cleansing of all the environments that the people reside.

Sadly, a lot of people don't believe they can stop their behavior or worse, don't actually think they have a problem or what they do is bad! However, I will teach all of you who are reading this, not only to Clear your space or where you live, but clear each member of your family or whoever you would like to help-or believe can be helped & of Course I WILL NOT CHARGE A CENT TO DO IT!!!

You must always get permission to work on someone-but there are ways around it so they don't feel like they are pressured or that they are strange in some way.

Performing A Release

Performing the release does not have to be done by anyone so called "Special" It can be done safely with the help of the Angels and in particular Archangel Michael. So even if you don't believe in the existence of Angels, they do believe in you, and will help to rescue lost souls who are not where they need to be.

Rule number one, is that you call on your Guardian Angel & Archangel Michael before any sort of releasing should occur. This will keep you protected in a cocoon of white light, and no lower entities can penetrate the protective field-in fact they usually dissipate when they see the mighty Archangel Michael coming!

In order to clear a home, it is good to use sage- a smudge stick is great or just some sage incense.This has been known to "Clear" the area you are working on, so this is good. Just burn this or take this around with you if you like.
Don't worry if you don't have this-your intention is what will matter.

Now take a candle ( preferably blue) white is fine. Ask for your protective Angels to be with you, then walk through the house or dwelling and stop at each window and door, and say " Archangel Michael Is Here Now .Please Go With Him To The Light. This Place Is Protected By God & The Angels.Be Gone Now"

Then ask a protection Angel to stand at each Window and Door as you go through-no names are necessary, all you need to do is ask, and it is done. So you keep going around the place like this stopping in each doorway and window-if you cant get to the window, that's fine, just ask the Angels to stand guard anyway.

Usually this is enough to get rid of any Ghosts or at least stop them from entering the dwelling. Its still best to try to do this for 3 days in a row, calling extra Angels to come and stand guard.
Another good practice, is to lay salt around the perimeter of your home, so that no lower energies can cross this, but that is a personal choice.

I prefer that Angels are posted at the back door, gate & so on-you can even protect the whole street or neighborhood by doing this-since the Angels only need your permission to help, they will do their best to protect.

To release yourself or a loved one. First you will need their permission. Now you may not want to come right out and say that you are going to clear their Aura of lower energies, but you can say that you would like to give them a healing or relaxation that you have learnt. So you will cover everything with this.

Again I can't stress enough to have protection of Archangel Michael with you at all times.
Then you will need to hold a crystal-just a small clear quartz crystal in your hand and sit quietly yourself for 5 minutes or so, calling the healing Angels to be with you and assist the process for you.

Know that you can do this, you are a natural healer and this is going to be the best thing you can do for someone.
Ok ask the person to sit comfortably and close their eyes. Palms up is best. Now you will do this with your eyes closed slightly also.
First just take your hand and from the end to the toes, sweep your hand down wards-without touching the person, just about 5 cm away from their body. This is an Aura cleansing process, and you are pushing any negative energy away from the person. This should be done quite a few times over.

When you are ready, take your two hands and place them on the person's shoulders.
Just hold them there and in your mind, ask the Angels too work through your hands, drawing out any negativity from the person. You can do this across the shoulders, on the head and even through the hands is a good place.

Next, take your hands to the top of the head, and imagine white light flowing out of your hands into the persons body, all the way to the toes. Repeat this process, but imagine different colour's of healing energy flowing down through the body.

You may feel immense emotion and you may feel as though things are leaving the body! Keep going until you feel that you have put enough light into the body.
You must then rub your hands and immediately wash them. By now whoever you have done this for should be feeling much better and energized-if you are feeling tired after this, have a large drink of water and hold your Crystal for a while.

There are elaborate forms of doing a clearing, but I feel this works best and can be done by anyone for anyone!
You are doing a great service and the person will feel like a million dollars afterward!
It would be good if the same could be done for you, so practice on an understanding friend, who will also do this for you. We ALL Pick up negative energy from time to time,so regular clearing is always useful!

So there is no need to spend money on getting someone in to clear your place or your body, unless of course you prefer not to do this yourself.
But as long as the intention you have is to truly help people then you can't go wrong!

Ted Bundy's Message-(Written & Audio)


In case you can't hear the audio for some reason, & it is very raw, my husband has written the whole transcript out. By the way,there are some small parts missing from the audio that we have written in the transcript,so it helps to read as you listen...

I had some questions written down on paper for my husband to ask Ted, because what happens is that Ted will sit next to me with Archangel Michael right behind him, so I could see him sitting there.
In an orange jumpsuit. (As I Said earlier you will need to listen for his voice about 16 minutes through.)

He spoke to me telepathically, although I could hear his voice in my mind the whole while.
So as quickly as he told me something I spoke it-but I did not "Channel" the information-I did not let him Step inside my body!! ( Healed or Not! Ha!)

I have no reason to make anything up- I am not totally aware of exactly what is said, until I listen later.
I have to say that although I was speaking with obviously an evil person-(well when he was alive), I did not feel the least bit threatened by him or scared, and as I said, he has had a lot of healing on the other side, and just having Archangel Michael there is enough to make anyone feel safer!
So I hope that you are intrigued by this, and I dare say, this will be the first of many of these kinds of "Interviews"
** Chris my husband, speaks in white **


Interview With "Ted Bundy"- Saturday 13th March 2010

------------Rebecca would like to ask you something-

Yep, fine , she's sitting right across from me.

-------------What happened at your time of death?

uh, Jump right into it

Let me just say this
at the time that I was living there was heaps of things that I did do, death was the only way out for me, even while I was in jail I couldn't stop the urges that I had inside me, the pounding headache, It was like something that just crushed my brain until I just did it and that couldn't be released while I was in prison. I was given an injection in my arm, and I remember that. And I remember feeling very cold and then suddenly I was above my body looking down on it, but no mental capacity to remember who that person was- I only know that that person was me, if that makes any sense. .... across the room, people that could see me but nobody else seemed to be able to see me. I did know that I was gone when I was dead. And I will say that it was not exactly pain free (the injection) then I didn't want to leave immediately, but I didn't want to stay either, there was a deep sense of love for the first time, something that I haven't felt, not like that. It was then that I realized that, I had a choice here to stay close towards the earth and watch and feel sorry for myself, feel sorry for the body that Id lost, people that I'd hurt. Or I could go and I could get help from the caring other side, they promised to help heal me and teach me. It was all about karma they told me, .......karma, the people that were killed, although it was at my hands, had also done terrible things in their past lives, and I've come to understand, now, after what seems like five minutes in fact its been , you know , a long time, 30 years or so i guess. I've come to realize that there's reason for everything although I didn't know what that was at the time.

you have other questions for me?

-------------What do you think was the reason for what you did when you were alive?

My family were very religious, and with this religion came many restrictions. Although the home was loving and kind, I wasn't abused, I didn't see abuse, I had a friend that was abused though and I remember that that made me feel very angry inside that I could not help, that I was helpless. But, back to the family, they did try to do their best to help and guide me, it was just that there was always something else in my mind, there was always something that.. I would just be going through every day activities when suddenly this blank space would come across my mind. This blank space were it may have been hours at a time were that I would be sitting but to me it felt like there was just five minutes were my mind had gone into a different place. I also felt that there was something pushing down on my shoulders and on my head, constantly and I was checked for this and it was deduced to head aches and growing pains. So while I felt that I had this different little space in time that I went to and this pain and the pressure, I didn't want anyone to see it...
So I spent a lot of time as a teenager especially, away from the other children incase, incase the moment in time that I had would come upon me, because I didn't want anyone to think that I was Insane, It was very important to me how people felt about me, that I kept up the good boy, I was still a good boy, I didn't want anybody to know that I was different somehow. I spent so much time alone and I am embarrassed to say the pornography and , you know , girly types of shows (spurred a young mans interest, just a thing young boys did) and still do. The thing of it was, it was when I was looking at this type of paraphernalia/ magazines, the more that I realized I wasn't supposed to be doing something-was the more I wanted to do it , and the perfect excuse or being in high school and wanting to spend time in your room like have privacy, my parents understood the need for privacy, so I spent much of my time in there just gazing and daydreaming about these things. When I was a teenager , although the authorities, the authorities that.....the ones that captured me and put me in jail did not know this but I did kill my first victim as a 15 yr old boy, this was just something there was something that I deeply wanted to try , I didn't know why I wanted to try this, but after the pressure on my back and the head ache would happen this feeling of wanting this would grow stronger, that's the only way Ii can explain were my mind went , its clearly not in my right mind. The right mind was the one that went to school, loved the family, had a normal childhood, wanted to study, when I was not in my right mind I did not feel in control of my actions, I felt that this space that come across me- the space was in control of my actions, I know now that there was many spirits around me but I did not see them, I did not believe in them so I did not know what it was. The space or not being in my right mind, started to overtake the right mind, there were more times that I had the space than I had normal time in my life, which became very powerful. As I finished high school and I wanted to pursue, well I wanted to pursue Psychology, at first and then to enter law. I wanted to do this so that when the space took over my life, that I would know how to get away with the things that I wanted to do, that pressed upon me so much. And Id have to say that, only after doing this that ... while things were happening because I cant think about those things because It was like it didn't exist it was like I was watching somebody else do those terrible things, but I also knew that I needed to be able to not get caught, I wanted to outsmart the legal system, I wanted to be left alone to do what I wanted to do. And , in the time of this space that over took my right mind, which was starting to get bigger ,is when I did all my planning, is when I had the worst thoughts that I could ever imagine that I could think, totally opposite to what I was taught to what I was supposed to do but also totally in secret and I liked that as a young man.

It was not so much that, it, it was a hate against women but was a hate against one woman in particular, and I never felt my heartbreak like I did when she left me. This was something I could never take out on her and I guess this anger went with me to the space time. That this is what I used to fuel myself, to do what I had done, but its ........killing of these people, these innocent people. It was to maim and torture, it was horrendous, necrophilia ....going back to visit the dead bodies, and in my time of space and you know thinking that I was so pleased of myself for getting away with it for so long, parts of me did not believe that I would ever be caught, parts of me felt invincible, and this feeling grew and it made me feel very strong, or stronger than before. So really this space and this pressure, these headaches, that started when I was young took over my life and in the times of this space and pressure I had no control over what I was doing ,at all. But then when I would come back to myself I would just continue my studies, continue parties, continue living normally, but part of me must of realized what the other part of me was doing... and when those two parts collided (there was no right mind anymore) ..............(hello?) ----(We believe Ted himself says Hello)

You have something else?

---------------How can we recognize the signs in others?(of Serial Killer tendencies)

eh eh, well its everywhere, its everywhere every, any little thing, any little habit can turn into something major, there plenty of discarnate spirits around that .... as a healed person having gone to heaven and now being able to come back and talk about these things to you, we can see below us almost if you want to look at it this way, people that are still walking around aimlessly some for thousands of years still looking for who ever it is they've lost feeling guilty for whatever it is they have done, and they want to stay that way. When you die you have a choice you can stay wallowing in your misery or you can move on to great healing. and to recognize the signs you need to look at these, the younger children because it really does start before teenage before teenage life.You would notice having no friends is one, wanting to spend a lot of time in the room or the opposite wanting to be at someone else's place all the time, these are signs that something is going on, also a secret interest in sexual activity, a , being afraid of being caught for this. em If were talking about sexual serial killers then definitely then the younger they are looking at this type of pornography then the more worried that you should become, although parents need to, not so much encourage the pornography but not worry about it as much which will allow the child to not worry about it as much, and the opposite is true if you are forbidding this type of behavior , which is natural to want to want to look into it more. So you will see the children that pull them self away, withdraw, these children that might secretly might hurt animals for instance or even just want to see what the animal will do with small amounts of hurt first. And then sometimes its a, a totally accidental thing and they kill an animal, but that will do one of two things to a child, it will either secretly excite the child who feels power or it will make them sick. The one who feels powerful is generally the one who will do more. And its not always the bully, the bully at school , the class bully already has power and he finds power in picking fights on small kids it doesn't necessarily mean that he will grow up a monster. But the, the shy the shy quiet ones are the ones that will do the most thinking. So we need to be looking much younger than a teenage child. The ones that are out there and getting caught , are not smart anyway or they wouldn't have got caught. and ...weapons. so these are the signs that you need to look for in, in children,ah also just, just odd behavior in general. If they say, if the children are saying they have head aches, they have neck aches, that they don't feel right do not ignore this too many parents say this is growing pains, tooth aches or whatever, but a medical doctor is not going to find an attached spirit, this is something I never would have imagined upon myself especially in the 70's and 80's, now there's plenty of healers that can help children if the parents do something about it. Cause there's gonad be some massive, massive killers, in this generation of children ( some massive killers not caught that were doing it while I was) doing it.)

---------------Message to the world?

Well I guess what I can say is no matter what you've done, no matter who you've hurt, noth.. anything, anything you've done anything ever, there is no punishment, there is no punishment except that which you've put yourself through and I think that was my biggest message to everybody is that People are so afraid to die and their so afraid to let go of past actions that they are ashamed of, but the truth is there is help available, and you know especially when you die you find out so much more than you can imagine, but you've just realize that you've spent so many years on, on earth and what did you make out of it, you know and so the message to the world is, you know do what you can and move forward and don't glance back to much, you know if you are going to hurt others , if you feel that way don't let it escalate to something that you cant escape from. So my message is this, to the world is, there is only punishment of yourself, punishment of the mind, the mind and heart need to beat as one, always look forward, glance back but don't dwell too long, move forward and get help if you need it.

--------- Rebecca would like to know if there is something you can validate about who you are?

Well, Haaahaahaa that's funny , I have a lisp if you haven't noticed since we've been talking, I do have a lisp from funny shaped teeth, but there's I have a lisp and um, I'm wearing an orange, well I'm showing Rebecca that I'm wearing an orange jumpsuit type prison outfit well its orange, so you can I guess check that out, and also that my parents that I called my mum and dad were not really my mum and dad they were actually my grandparents, but I called them mum and dad, so that was a little strange as well, and they are all here now. I guess there's nothing really else I, I have a lisp ahh

--------No that's great thank you, thank you for your time

Ok, That's alright, its all I've got........



Well I'm sure that by now you are as surprised as I was to hear Ted speak of these things, and even to hear his voice very briefly.

I'm not sure that anything like this has been done before and I just had to share it with you all.
I have to say that although my husband is very supportive of what I do, it was only when he hears for himself, the voice from beyond, that he was absolutely convinced that there is certainly life after death.

So my hope is, that if there is something that has frightened you or even your own bizarre thoughts that you can't shake and have no idea where they have come from,that you will just do a short release and protect yourself from these "lower energies" with the help of the Archangels, who will take them to safety.

With Many Blessings Always!


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