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Meet The Angels-How Can I Connect Easily?



Creating The Miracle For Yourself

People often feel that only certain people can call on Angels.

The truth is, every single one of us are able to easily connect with the Angels and create our own miracles. To get started all you need is a quiet space for about 10 min's, and a candle.

I've included colours for candles here but what is important is your intention.You will feel the Angels!, and this will become stronger over time. You can connect with your Angels as often as you like. If you don't have the correct candle colour, white is always fine.

Remember be patient with yourself, it will happen!

Try These Easy Exercises To Meet Your Angels





Archangel Michael will help everyone without exception. People still have free will, and this is sadly why there is so many crazy things going on in this world. Michael often makes me look inward at myself and realize the mistakes of negative influences of the past, he also clears these cords for us and can help with "Karmic Release" for areas which no longer serve you. Many thanks to Michael for helping me design and write this entire website!


Meet Archangel Michael

Archangel Michael , is one of the most loved and easily contacted Angel. He is known to be the leader of all the Archangels, and his name means "Who is like God"

Call on Michael when you need protection. He is the first Angel you call whenever you are doing any kind of spiritual work, as he releases your self doubts and clears away any negative energy with his blue/white sword of light..He helps with major life issues, having confidence, overcoming fear, all worldly matters, help for departed loved ones and animals, memory problems technical difficulties and dream interpretation .However he can help with any area you choose or bring the right Angel with him!

  • Look at this picture of Michael for a moment. Feel yourself knowing him-just that thought will have him by your side.
  • Take a clear quartz crystal in your left hand  (if you have one) and light  a blue or purple candle. ( White is fine also)
  • As you close your eyes, keep your palms up and feet to the floor if you can.
  • Take a moment just to sit quietly as this will help the connection, the more you are relaxed.
  • Now, take a deep breath in and hold for a second. Slowly Slowly breathe out . The slower the better here. Remember you are protected at all times!
  • When you reach the bottom of the breath, push more out with your stomach slightly.The feeling that washes over you, Is actually Arch Michael! letting you know he is there! There may be tingles also. Ask him to stand on the right of you & your guardian Angel on the left.
  • Keep breathing, and in your mind tell him you are glad to have him help you, thank him for escorting any lower energies to the light, and ask him for insight into anything you need. The answers will come via feelings or hunches and you will start to be more aware and in tune with things in life.



Archangel Gabriel is a beautiful being some think feminine but he gives you physical strength ,parenting skills, supreme comfort, helpful guidance, a new way of life-sometimes can come around when there is a pregnancy, gives written and verbal advice. Call on him for automatic writing and all types of study. Many thanks to Gabriel for helping me to write these articles to help you!


Meet Archangel Gabriel

Arch Angel Gabriel or "Gabrielle" to some , is able to help people who have just started to open up their abilities in life. He gives you the ability to communicate easily on all levels, as well as enhancing your Psychic abilities. Gabriel is known as the leader of Angels, Whose name means "God is my Strength" Call on Gabriel when you need help with communication, the arts, enhancing abilities and vision,helpful to children in listening to their parents , life in general, female problems, brilliant ideas. A very different vibration, you may feel a buzz in your throat while working with Gabriel.

  • Again focus on the picture and feel Gabriel with you. Take your clear quartz crystal in your left hand and light a Lavender or pink candle. Remember there are no wrong colours!
  • Palms up to receive light and eyes closed. Do your deep breathing until your mind is not racing, (as with Arch Michael's invocation.)
  • Imagine you can smell the beautiful smell of flowers just softly in the air. You see yourself the happiest you have ever been with everything you ever wanted to be do or have. Enjoy this feeling as long as you can. Do this often and it will become your reality with Gabriel's help.
  • As you ask Gabriel to help you in whatever area, you may feel a slight pressure in your throat area as he makes some adjustments to your throat chakra. This will help with clear speaking.
  • Ask Gabriel to sharpen your awareness and to help you with life areas and also comfort if you need it. You may also ask about your children/grandchildren and ask Gabriel to help them also.




Archangel Uriel is a beautiful golden colour and you will feel relieved of many old thought patterns and beliefs when you connect with him. He gives us emotional strength, release from worries, change of lifestyle, relief from grief, claircognizance, and inner peace. Many thanks to Uriel for giving me clear thought and beautiful Angel messages!

Meet Archangel Uriel

Archangel Uriel is the supreme counselor. He helps you remove old emotions and toxins that make you emotionally, physically & financially drained. Uriel is the leader of The Seraphim band of Angels who are the guardians of the veil of consciousness. His name means "God is my light" Call on Uriel when you need to make clear decisions,release the old hurt, forgive someone, let go of blame or anger,peace, cloudy thoughts, nightmares, addictions of all kinds, legal problems, new ideas, love of life.

  • Look at the picture of Uriel.Feel his ability to help you with your situation.
  • Take a clear quartz crystal in your left hand(if you have one) and light a gold or yellow candle.( White is fine also)
  • Close your eyes, keep your palms up and feet to the floor if you can.
  • Imagine yourself surrounded by golden white light. Allow yourself to see your past pain or people and allow this light to cover them. Just observe this and try not too worry over what has now gone. Uriel will help to release that which you no longer need.
  • Its important just to have a sense of this and as you become used to the process, the connection happens quickly.
  • As you talk with Uriel, you may become emotional.This is just a clearing that he does for you. Ask Uriel to clear any of these emotional blockages for you. Make sure to give thanks.



Archangel Raphael is a beautiful shade of emerald green. When you connect with Raphael, you instantly feel a lot better in many ways, and you will receive guidance about what needs to change in your life for healing's to occur. He may be called upon in all areas of healing and is especially gentle with abuse victims or children. He will greatly guide you if you work or would like to work in the healing area. Helps to heal relationships of all kinds also. Many thanks to Raphael for my miraculous healing's over the years!


Meet Archangel Raphael

Archangel Raphael is the ever kind healer. Raphael has a beautiful green energy and he wishes to heal physical ailments as well as emotional ones. He is known as the leader of The Powers band of Angels who are known for there role as protectors of the cosmos. Raphael name means "Whom God Heals" Call on Raphael whenever there needs to be a healing. Especially call when you need to find the right Doctor, Dentist, Specialist, Therapist, Counselor or nutritionists. Raphael urges people to eat healthy foods and preferably adopt a vegetarian type of diet. This does help you to better hear and feel the Angels and leaves your head less congested! However this is a personal choice, and yes I'm a vegetarian. He has quite a fast vibration and can be difficult to see but he is such a gorgeous looking Angel who radiates nothing but love.

  • You will now call on the mighty Archangel Raphael. Look at his picture and let your cares drift away.
  • Take a clear quartz crystal in your left hand (if you have one) and green or light blue candle. ( White is fine also)
  • Close your eyes, keep your palms up and feet to the floor if you can.
  • Envision yourself cocooned in a beautiful soft light green blanket that is absolutely the softest feeling you have ever had. Know that Raphael is healing you.
  • Give thanks to Raphael for this healing and imagine your life pain or worry free.That is the secret to the Angels,they will speed up the process of your wishes, as you imagine it already happening.!
  • As you have a healing or pass one on, you will perhaps have a little cough or sneezes-this is good you have been "re-wired" to receive the Angels message.