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ISIS-By BDevine®

Welcome Everybody!

This is the first of many of the Gods/Goddess's that I am going to invite you to meet,if you haven't already.
Whilst I have always been interested in Egypt and its mythology, I did not like to venture into a sort of "worship" of these deities- I have always felt that we should not "worship" anything, just appreciate the knowledge we can receive from these beings,and thank them for assisting us on our journey.
So you will not find that I will ever ask you to "join" anything, or that I think I am better than anyone or more able to connect than you are. No No No...this is not good-I have seen too many "teachers" who tell there students, that they are "not ready" for further knowledge, and that their "energy" is all me this boils down to "give me your money and then I might help you" if anyone does this or you have been involved with these sort of people, run the other way as fast as you can ...bless them before you go, but seek knowledge that is freely given, and this has always been the way of it, and so it should be!You should never feel that you are any less of an able person to receive guidance, we are all equal!


So I am going to tell you about an experience I have just had with Isis-Egyptian Goddess of the moon.
As I am always researching information to share with everybody, so many people that I know are very much in tune with Isis, and her healing energy. I will not give her whole story here, this is easily researched on "Wikipedia" and such articles.

So to begin, I had just gone through an emotional roller coaster, and everything in my life, and even people in it were falling away from me. I felt that I was discovering more and more about my spirituality, yet still, things were going all wrong-or at least I felt that way.

I was ignoring the deep calling inside to sit and reflect on these happenings as blessings-as we know, very hard to sometimes believe that you are guided and supported when everything seems in chaos!
My weight had ballooned, even though I was exercising 5 days a week, my body became sensitive to things it hadn't been sensitive to before, my children were having dramas, and thus taking their anger out on me, and my husband also did not know how to assist any of us at all. This is just to name a few of the things that were happening.

So after a huge unfortunate argument with my son, who is usually very placid, I just retreated to my room, and could hardly see out of my eyes ..I felt that this was it- I'm dying here or something like it ...I held a blue crystal-which was a piece of colorless opal known as "Potch" ( I had acquired this beautiful stone whilst in Cooberpedy, South Australia, an Opal mining town .I also just found out that my friend there has suddenly died...)

So there I lay, in the darkened room, crying and wondering why this was happening to husband brought in some incense, a cup of tea, and my notebooks & special books I was reading.
As I could hardly open my eyes, (which happens when I have been most upset and crying) I did not open them for at least an hour.
When I did finally start, I thought "open the book at a random page for a special message"
So I was looking at the book " Archangels & Ascended Masters" by Doreen Virtue.
I opened directly to the page of ISIS.

There was an invocation of her, and her healing energy, and yet I did not feel as though I knew her very well or whether I should start to...this was just how I felt. So I believed that since I had opened to this page, it was meant for me, and instead of following the invocation, I decided to write to ISIS and ask her myself, what all this ISIS healing was about.

Since her colour is turquoise and funnily enough I was wearing this color eye shadow, and my stone was a deep turquoise, I just imagined first being in a cloud of this color...very quickly, my body started to relax, and at last I was given a message from the Goddess herself about her healing...So here it is here:


"The ancient healing powers of divine alchemy,will assist in the reconnection of tissues & bodily parts on an internal level.The prospect of divine healing, is a belief in the ability of your body to heal itself, if the MIND tells it too.
So in a sense, this is "mind over matter" & certain parts of the brain, will need to be realigned & ignited with pure light.
Anyone who asks for this divine healing, will indeed receive it,however it stimulates both sides of the brain,and thus you may feel or think differently,but your body will be able to re-energize itself much quicker,your cells will vibrate faster and you will become more in charge of your aging process, and ability to heal your own body,by instructing your cells to begin working again...
I will bestow my electric blue healing light on you now,& you will feel an amazing difference, dear Goddess of The Night"


I have to tell you, that I could see this beautiful being standing above my bed, and she just smiled at me!
She was slender with a white dress and gold collar and a beautiful head piece that was so feathery.
She did have the eye makeup that we normally picture, and the other curious thing was she seemed to know me so well, as though we were old friends, (Goddess Of The Night?) so I could not imagine why I had been worried about learning about her.

After this day, which was not too long ago, I began to feel a lot stronger in all areas of my life, and even lost weight dramatically after this event .I even have begun to look younger, and so I believe that we are capable of instructing our cells to regenerate and alter our biological clock! AMEN To THAT!!
Also, my son appeared in my room, just after this happened, while I was still in awe of this event, and hugged me & said "I love you mum, I'm sorry" So this was a double whammy!!
Also the fact that ISIS is known to the Egyptians as "The Divine Mother" so I'm sure she was instrumental in helping me, and know she works with me all the time, and I hope that you will call on her and feel the benefits!

So if you are in need of a deep healing, even in your lowest moments, please remember this, and know that with the Archangels protecting you, you can unlock abilities deep within you. Sometimes we have to hit the lowest point in life, so that in a sense,that part of us can "die" and we are re-born in a different and wonderful way,that can't be explained unless you have witnessed this & felt this yourself.

If you would like to work with this beautiful caring and healing Deity, here is a little prayer and invocation that you can use in order to feel this Divine healing and re-energizing of your body.

As this is a very deep healing on an inner level, you may feel as though you are in a little bit of a daze afterwards, because of this, please make sure that you don't have to drive or be anywhere in a hurry, and you won't be disturbed. Some of you may actually see her standing above you-and she does look almost exactly like the picture I have chosen for this article, so you may want to look at this picture, then begin the healing process.It is also helpful just before you go to bed, and you may dream of meeting her and awaken with a renewed sense of being...

As always, you need to have the protection of the Archangels beside you,whenever you are doing any sort of spiritual work-as you may know, I believe strongly in the power of the Angels who have been around since the beginning of time, and KNOW us each so very well, so I will always encourage you to have them beside you! Light a candle and some incense if you so wish, and then imagine a cloud of blue surrounding you & So we begin...

"Dear Isis,
I now ask for your healing energy to be present with me today.
Please infuse me with your ancient knowledge,and allow me to experience the ancient healing energy and love that you provide today .I ask for my mind to be clear as you pour your healing energy through my crown now ...I thank you for your help today and ask for your assistance in re-energizing my bodily cells which may have been dormant until now. I am awake and aware of your presence and I thank you for allowing me to see the divine within, and with your strength and love as my guide, I know I will now see things differently and through the eyes of compassion, throughout my life..
Thank you for being with me and now staying with me today and throughout the rest of my life"

I do hope that you have enjoyed this article, and that you will experience the healing and knowledge that you are seeking, for whatever part of your life you need it in. There is always so much to learn, and I have so many experiences, that I will continue to write about.So this is the first of many different Gods/Goddesses, that I will hopefully help you to connect with. You all have the power to tap into your God given abilities, and this is my aim - to enlighten you along your journey!
If this helps just one person, than I have done my job! :)

With brightest blessings to all!





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