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October Angel Message:

Archangel Raphael With "Michael" My Guide


Greetings & Welcome everyone!

Here is another channeled message , for all of you for the month of October..

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"Greetings everyone!

This is a month of caution...

Many of you are expecting something "big" to happen -a worldwide event, that would point to bad news...
But does this help, or hinder the process of healing the Earth?

Everyone is searching in their own way,for a better life...people are believing in all kinds of things, reaching out too all kinds of people,but is there still a hint of fear?

All everyone, is required to do, is imagine a perfect peaceful existence joy , abundance & family harmony ...

See and feel peace in your daily lives, without expecting good NOT too happen..

When you are truly in tune with the rhythm of Earth and the Universe, you will see an ebb & flow of events throughout the world, in turn in your life...So when things start too change, and life becomes more clouded, see this as the tide pulling back, accumulating power, too rush forth with blessings and abundance, in your life...

As long as you are recognizing these "tides" you can adjust your lives and thoughts around it...

You will know how to deal with anything, and unfortunate things will become a thing of the past, because you are attracted more and more too good, because you are expecting it!! You are aware! & you know everything will be OK!

This month, you may be tired, and you may feel & sense things more intuitively- you also may be hearing more doom & gloom scenarios,around the world..

It will be so important that you rely on the power inside you, to change how you feel!

Do your best to be strong within, and believe that you alone can change everything! Heal your bodies-listen more too what your body wants to eat, and drink!This will keep your body balanced & functioning smoothly...

If you have illness in any part of your body, imagine this healed...feel it and command those lazy cells to renew and replenish!!

You all really do have the most amazing gifts of thought...use it in every situation in your life..

Become an instrument of peace ...teach others by example...keep your mind focused by listening to your body,letting go and forgetting old thoughts...

Make a step towards freedom, because even the slightest move you make towards it, is all you need for the healing to begin..

You are all beloved, all wonderful & your world is already in a healed reality-so go now! and catch up to it!!!


With blessings and love,

Archangel Raphael, and Guide "Michael"


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