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Psychics-By BDevine

What Is A Psychic And What Can They Tell Me?

Over Many Years People Seem To Have Developed A Bit Of A Negative View Of Psychics . Partly Because Of Their Own Beliefs & Partly Because They Have Been Let Down Before By A Psychic Or Follow Media Coverage Of Psychics Getting It Wrong.

Psychics Are Just Normal People Living Normal Lives And Some Of Them Actually Have No Clue How To Express Their Talents Or Use Them Properly.This Causes All Kinds Of Problems For Genuine Psychics. Often, People Will Try To Test A Psychic's Skill By Asking Ridiculous Questions But Expecting A Sensible Answer! I Prefer To Be Known As A Spiritual Advisor As This Is Helpful Too Everyone With Added Surprises Of Foresight.You Must Always Teach Others What You Have Learnt As Your Gift To Others.

Everyone Was Born A Psychic-In Other Words,We Have An Instinctive Nature .However ,This Gets Lost Somewhere In Growing Up! A lot Of Us Fear Being Rejected By Our Loved Ones If We Told Them We Where Psychic!Or Simply Don't Understand How To Use The Advice Or Know Where Exactly Its Coming From .Other People Are Terrified That Something May Be Wrong With Them.

But If You Really Want To Learn Or Re-Learn Your God Given Abilities,All You Need To Do Is Accept Your Feelings And Follow Your Instincts!Its Actually The Hardest Part Of It.
How? Well First ,Start Small. All You Need To Do Is Say Everyday,”I Am A Psychic” And Also A “Thank you” Helps.
Meditation Is The Perfect Time To Deepen Your Abilities & We Should Do This Daily.
You Should Always Have a Clear Quartz Crystal Handy As This Raises Your Vibrations Naturally,To Better Receive The Information,From Your Higher Self,Angels & Divinities.
Next Test Yourself-When The Phone Rings
Say I Bet That’s____
Most Of You Already Do This! Being Psychic Is All About Feelings- Once You Start To Recognize Them You Will Become Stronger. When You Can Tap Into Your Higher Self & Your Angels & Guides You Will Feel Peaceful Not Afraid.
If Ever You Do Feel Afraid,You May Have Tapped Into An Earthbound Spirit,In Which Case Call Archangel Michael In To Clear You Of Any Lower Energies That Need Light Treatment.


Whenever You Have A Reading With A Psychic,They Should Offer You Ways In Which To Grow Spiritually,To Connect To Angels,Get Yourself On The Right Track-All Positive Ways To Change Your Own Future .Nothing Is Set In Stone And A Psychic Should Give You Ways To Make Things Run Smoother For You. There Are Some Questions Which A Psychic Should Never Morally Try To Answer. Sadly Many Psychics Do This & I Don't Know How They Sleep At Night.!The Question Is "When Will I Die?" I Personally Do Not Care If People Call Me A Fake Because I Won't Answer This But It Is Not My Place Or Anyone Else's To Know When Someone Will Die! If You Knew Exactly When ,Would You Do Anything Differently?Would You Become Increasingly Terrified As The Day Arrives?How Does This help You Grow Spiritually,Its Totally Wrong & I Don't Feel Anybody Has The Right To Make Someone Feel Like That-Not Too Mention,If The Psychic Was Wrong! What A Waste Of Your Life!

A Good Psychic Should Be Able To Get A lot Of Information Right .Sometimes Information May Make No Sense To You At The Time, Until You Go Home And Think About It.This Has Happened Alot Too Me But Generally There Should Be Some Sort Of Validation To You That The Psychic Is Genuine.Also Its Important To Note,That When You Open Your Clairvoyance,Or Psychic "Vision" You May Find That You Are Unable To Be In Tune With Yourself & Your Own Future. So You Will Still Need A Trusted Psychic To Help You With This.

When Choosing A Psychic Make Sure They Are Willing To Teach You How To Develop Your Awareness Yourself So That You May Also Help Others &Follow Instincts.
Remember, You Are Psychic! Don't Doubt It For A Second!

Try The Affirmations On The Right To Increase Your Clairvoyant Vision.

Bright Blessings,





Get In Touch With Your Own "Psychic"Self.

Remember Daily Practice-Even 5 Minutes Is More Beneficial Than Doing Nothing.

Again,Its A Good Idea To Have A Crystal & A Candle Whilst Doing Your Affirmations But It Will Still Work Without It.

Post These All Over The House To Remind You Of Your Abilities.

"I Am Psychic,I Use My Abilities For The Good Of All "

"My Third Eye Is Open Now & I'm Able To See Clearly"

"I Release All Karmic Ties from The Past Which May Stop My Psychic Vision"

"I Follow My Instincts Without Question ,As This is How I See"

"All The Energy Centers In My Body Are Spinning Freely Now"

"I'm A Profound Clairvoyant"

" All Of My Senses Are Enhanced Now"

"I Can Easily Contact My Angels & Guides When I Need Them"

"I'm Eternally Grateful For My Psychic Gifts"

"I Shall Share My knowledge With All Who Seek It"

"I'm Growing Stronger Every Day"

"I'm Safe & Protected At All Times"

"I Trust My Feelings & Act On Them Without Delay"

These Will Help Get you Started. Remember It May Not Happen Straight Away But It Will Happen. You Just Need To Have A Belief That You Are Heard & Everything Is Happening In Devine Timing!

You Will Start To Work Out Which Kind Of Ability Is Best For You-This Should Be Your Main Focus.

Please Be Gentle With Yourself Through The Process & Keep Practicing!I Have Complete Faith In You All


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