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St Germain
By BDevine®

Greetings & Welcome everyone!

For some time now, I have been discovering, just how many guides that I have and some that I have also requested to work with me, which in turn makes them a guide also! So , I have already introduced you all to Isis..but now I would like to invite you all to get to know a very dear friend and wonderful teacher; St Germain..

He has been known throughout history with many different titles, such as Merlin, Samuel the prophet (the Bible) Christopher Columbus, Roman Soldier, Joseph Earthly father of Jesus, & even a wise High Priest of the Ancient Atlantis!

He is an actual Count, and his title is "Come de Saint Germain" or The Count of Saint Germain..
Throughout Europe, in the 16-1700's he was born (he tells me he was born as St Germain in 1648) in any case, he was a multi talented and highly sought after teacher, linguist, psychic, astrologer, among other things,and is also know as a master Alchemist. It is believed that he used a lot of divine magic,and was able to turn lead into gold.
He also tells me that he was able to "thought travel" and was seen in many places on Earth at the same time!

More recently, in New Age movements, he is part of "The Brotherhood Of Light" along with many others (who I will describe in other articles) and is "Lord of the Seventh Ray" which is a very high frequency violet colour, which is a creation vibration,in the hierarchy of colour vibrations. He will also assist in helping you to find and sing the "tone" that is your vibration alone!
You may hear a sound that is a certain chord or harmonic, and this is what you will sing-when you do this, a whole new world will open for you & you will feel grounded as well as totally aware! I hope you will try it!
Ask to hear a sound, a tone, that is unique for you! What makes it unique is you singing the sound that you hear.

He is someone who is working with me, in teaching you all the ways in which you can see and make your own future a reality now.He will also help to transmute negative thoughts into positive ones! He clears you of past life strings and attachments, much like Archangel Metatron does.

He is very important in helping us all the ascend spiritually, allowing us to easily move through the earth changes that are now occurring, as we ascend higher, our vibration is also higher, and thus we are better able to communicate with and receive help from these higher evolved energies.

So it is wonderful to be able to bring a message and an introduction of how to get to know St Germain yourself, and begin to work with him...
Every single one of you, will FEEL and KNOW who he is when you begin to work with him.The picture above is exactly as I feel he looks-he has shown himself to me very clearly, and he will also show himself to you!!

In these times, you will find that many of your Guides & Angels, are "De-Shielding" themselves, which is almost the same as taking a mask off and finally seeing clearly what is underneath! This is happening everywhere!!So open your heart and mind to this happening for you!

Here is a message from Saint Germain for all of you who are reading this today!


"Dear friends!

Welcome to life! Welcome to the new you! I am known by many names and indeed many of you are drawn to me & you feel like you have known me, and perhaps even been me! This could very well be true , since I can be anywhere at any time-even in life as a master Alchemist, and thought traveler-(you may call it time traveling)I was able to physically be in many places at once.

We have a closeness of soul, and this means that I have been your guide before, as well as you guiding me at times-since consciously, we are ALL connected-this is important!

What you are feeling is real...what you are living and experiencing is real & all of you have done this so many times before.

Because of this, I as a teacher and mentor and friend, will help you to release yourself from entanglements of the past that weigh you down -in the same way, I can help you in your life now,to cut away the pain & memories of the past. It is everyone's right to feel stress free!! Guilt free!! healthy , fit and strong!

So close your eyes and imagine me there (use the picture as a reference, until you can picture me in your minds eye) then, imagine that your breathing deeper than before...stay breathing calmly and imagine a tunnel of purple fluorescent are inside this tunnel of purple..and you are looking at your hands & they are glowing start to smile & feel really happy about this!

I , Saint Germain, will then walk up to you,inside this tunnel , and I will take your hands ...I shall place a beautiful glowing stone in your hand (the right one for you) and I will then place it on your forehead for you...this will flash when you need to release!! You will know its flashing,anytime that you start to feel stressed,anxious angry and hurt ...I shall then wait for your instruction, and together we shall wash you clean the ebb and flow of a are refreshed and ready to begin again!

Listen to your body dear friends! Feel intuitively what you need to be doing to improve your life...

Remember that love and guidance is available to everyone who asks and who accepts the urges and knowing's in their mind and move forward...

Dear friends you have been through such hard times, but now it will be easier and easier to see and feel guides, Angels and loved ones...

Beings from other galaxies, and although unknown to you, are benevolent nonetheless, and wait for you to ask for a huge change and support & for love...

Keep having your violet release,as well as soul you can fully embrace who you are!! THEN you shall know what steps to take,and shall take them with strength!

You may see the colour purple strongly when you close your eyes...this is an indication of your beacon working!!

Keep asking dear friends! You are ALL Making Progress!!

Always happy to assist!!

I do hope that you enjoyed this message, and that you will begin to ask for help to remove obstacles and blockages in your life.

Saint Germain, is wonderful in helping you to see the truth in every situation, he will also show you ingenious ways in which you can help yourself and others, and how to believe in what you are doing wholeheartedly.

As an Ascended Master now, he is able to assist anyone and everyone, and you may find, that for a long time now, he has already been working with, and encouraging you, in your spiritual endeavors!

I do hope that all of you will try to connect, and feel the relief that he can bring into your sure that you are always asking for Angelic protection, in all of your spiritual work..if you are ever unsure, test them! Ask them to tell you if they are working with the light and love of Universal energy...if they are not, they will simply turn away..

With blessings and abundance to all of you!!


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