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The Fairy Realm-By BDevine®


I wanted to share with you all,my view of the Fairy Realm .I have some stories to share of my own Fairy,and also an encounter with what some call a "Dark Elf".
It must be said,again,that with everything I write about on Devine Miracles, it is with my own beliefs that I share with you,after collating endless amounts of information,and my own experiences in these matters. I don't claim to know everything,but rather, I claim to want to have as much knowledge as possible available,thereby offering you all the chance to make your own spiritual and life decisions.

By now we realize,that fairy's are everywhere, although,because of housing and mass destruction of eco-systems and nature around the world,I do believe this is effecting the amount of fairy Folk,and the trust they are placing in humans.
They are most concerned with the environment,and it is their job to take care of the earth,not to take care of humans!
I don't believe it is appropriate too ask for them too grant wishes,however they have been known to do this- usually by surprise!

There are many legends of Fairy Lore, and all sorts of do's and don'ts,on the subject,some of this is rubbish but some of it is true.
My friend whose name is "PIP" is a flower fairy.The traditional looking fairy that we think of-kind of like an Autumn version of "Tinker bell"
"PIP" & I met when I moved into my now husbands home 2 years ago. It was not a visual thing at all,but somehow I sensed that this Fairy was talking to me whilst I would work in the garden. He would give me jobs to do & give instructions for my husband Chris,on what to do next in the garden! ( Much to his surprise!) Basically, Chris was not allowed to do any cutting of the grass-or trees-unless he asked first! Also he had too keep an 'overgrown' area up the back of our yard,for the Fairy's too play in! Any shrubs or smaller trees,where to be left alone,unless he absolutely had to remove them.So our yard is full of flowers & shrubs of all kinds!
They told me too keep crystals in the pets' water dish, & avoid harsh chemicals and even bad language whilst in the garden!! ( I really didn't realize I used bad language all that often!!) "PIP" is kind of straightforward in his views and thinking,but since trying hard to remember to be respectful of these wishes,I feel that more Fairy families,are moving in!

My Dark Elf Encounters:

I also believe there are a couple of mischief makers in our home! (and possibly in yours!) For example, I often lose my keys,and look everywhere for them,sometimes two or three times in the same spot-then I say out loud "C' mon,put them back please!" & I go back to where I had previously looked,and there they are! Also I believe socks and loose change are hidden by the house Fairy's,as they think its hilarious to watch us flutter around looking for them!
There are other types of house fairy's called "Dark Elf's" These are what typically scare children in the night, or when you go to your room and its dark,& you are searching around for the light-which never seems to be even on the right spot on the wall,you might get a little racing of the heart-this is the "Dark Elf" & they can be very mischievous!!

So here are 2 stories about the 'Dark Elf' that lives in my house.
One night,I was having trouble sleeping,and I kept tossing and turning just plain restless. My husband wasn't having trouble at all,(of course), so I just laid there and looked at the ceiling and started meditating a little and tried too relax myself.
I had just about managed too fall asleep,when I heard,as clear as a bell, "HEEEELLLOOO" really drawn out and kind of creepy sounding! With that I froze to the spot,and couldn't move at all! The kind of thing that happens when you have a bad dream...Then I felt as though a spider web had crossed my face! Immediately I asked for Archangel Michael too clear away any negativity that was near me,and he told me that it was just a House Elf,and that he was now rolling around with laughter at me ..I wasn't at all amused,but was thankful for the encounter-but asked not too scare me next time! This is typical,and they like to scare kids during the night,but they think its funny,and I don't believe they are evil-or Archangel Michael would have chased him away.

The second encounter,was an actual sighting!
My husband and I often sleep in the lounge room,when its very hot,since its the only room with air conditioning at the moment. So again, it had been a long day,and I was last to go off to sleep. Just before I fell asleep,I heard a noise right next to me. It was kind of like someone had put a cup on the table-I had a little table next to me,so I just thought the dog had slightly knocked this-but when I turned over,I realized the dog was asleep,right next to my husband-and couldn't have made that noise.
So as I looked around the room, I saw a human-like being crouched next to me-I could see its outline from the doorway-at first I thought it was my son,so I said "what are you doing?" but there was no answer. Then it reached out to me-but stopped halfway. I just kept on looking at it-but it was funny,I wasn't afraid-just curious.
I stared at him,and he stared at me, for about 5 minutes-and then in a flash,the curtain in the doorway flicked across,and he was gone. I could not believe my eyes. He was about 4 feet tall-although he was crouched down sitting on his heels, I knew it could not of been my son,because he is almost 5'11" Also there was no noise when he left,and we have floor boards,you can hear everything! He just vanished!
Of course,I asked my husband in the morning if he had seen anything & told him my story,and he just said,"They are laughing at you again,are they!"

So yes, I've actually seen a House Elf-& I hope next time that he talks to me!

Common Names For Fairy's/ Elves:

Elf's, Light Elf's (Ljsalfar), Darkness Elf's ( Dopkalfar) Gloom Elf's, Goblins,Hobgoblins,Bedroom Goblins,Trolls,Bogeys,Pixies,Dwarf's,Brownies,Imp,Sprite,Orc,Bogart,leprechaun,Pooka,Devas
To name a few...


How to Connect:

Unless you have actually demanded that no Fairy's are too live in or around your house,then you would most certainly have quite a few living with you.
Too connect with Fairy's its always best to have an open mind,and belief in their existence if you will never actually see one with your own eyes. This is the problem with learning and growing Spiritually. We 'think' that in order to connect,with Angels,Guides or Fairy's, that this would mean one would materialize in front of your eyes and harps would play and suddenly you are in a fairytale land! No this is not going to happen! Its a very fine subtle energy,its just the willingness to want a connection,that makes it happen.
As you sit outside or take a walk, you will feel slight breezes,be filled with ideas, focus on dreams,think about your physical health,and perhaps look at something and have a memory of a childhood experience. THIS thought process & feeling,is from the Fairy's that surround you. So obviously you will now realize,that you have had countless interactions with Fairy's.
But once you make the connection,you will start to think on it more. You may go outside and close your eyes and actually ask for inspiration,and then it will come.It's such a simple process,yet we strain so hard to work it all out. All we really need to do is believe.....


A Message To Everyone From "PIP" The Fairy:


" Hello & Welcome Everyone,

The way of the world is changing very fast .I can remember when it was normal for humans to interact with us Fairy Folk, but now,it seems that this is happening less often. Children & animals can sense us very strongly, & the more belief that humans put in us,the more belief we place in humans. We do not tend to show ourselves directly,but rather prefer to use inspiration as a way of showing ourselves to you. You can hear us if you care to listen,although your doubts of this ever occurring will stop you. We exist in your imagination,and when you stop screening this, you will see and feel us in your minds eye.
All we ask from you is too please,be mindful of how you treat the Earth.So much damage has been done,but we can save it bit by bit,if you all help by being mindful of your own environment & soon this will carry over to your workplace or anywhere you happen to be.
If you see litter on the ground-why do you walk by? Every little bit helps,much more than you may think. So please just be mindful of the little things,and we will help you too manifest changes in your life, that some may call wishes coming true,but too us,they are just changes,as a thank you for helping us. We are all around you even if you don't see us,we just work for the good of all,and will inspire that in you,if you let us do this..
We can feel your thoughts and can clear your Aura's -this is why you may feel better after getting some fresh air! All you ever need too do is ask for help and we will inspire you with the answers, we are never far, all you need to do is open your heart and mind!!"

I have to say,it is extremely hard for me to relay this message to you from PIP. Much harder for some reason than Angels-maybe I'm not used to it yet! I don't believe that there are Evil Fairy's or Goblins etc. But I believe that people can make things be however they like,and there is certain kinds of magic,that involves the conjuring of creatures & this is something I prefer not too dwell in or think about.
But this is your choice. The main rule is that whatever your intention in the world,it will return to you good,or bad, 3 fold. Maybe this is something we all need too remember!
If you would like to leave a gift for the fairy's, just take a small basket and place in it some small crystal pieces...they love this!

Many Blessings!

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