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About Unicorns

The Unicorns are wonderful loving creatures of the higher realms,where the Angels reside..

They are,indeed Ascended horses, and are shown always as beautiful and white..

Their horn, is said to have magical properties,that works to help you open your 3rd eye! So many ask for this too open, but try too hard for it to come about..

When you strain,or say "I can't" then how do you expect to do it?

Your own personal family of Unicorns, are waiting to connect with you..

The are especially wonderful at connecting with you outside,and in your garden..

They are helpful to those who like to grow their own vegetables, and flowers, and will help to inspire you,comfort you, and enliven your senses..

Everyone, has their own personal Unicorn, and you just need to ask them to come close, and work with you..

You may sense their presence, or have a dream about them, or you may start seeing books and pictures of Unicorns everywhere..

My own Unicorn, is named "Spirit" perhaps that is the name I gave him, or he really was telling me that was his name!

I had forgotten he was there, for the longest time, but now, since the changes on the Earth, they are more and more wishing to help you..

Connect in a similar fashion to your Angels..

Sit quietly, and still,and ask them too come close, then when you are ready,accept a name that they give you, or else name them yourself..

The very act of naming them, I believe, is the Unicorn actually telling you themselves anyway!!

Be receptive,to new ideas, ask for your 3rd eye to awaken, and don't internalize your 3rd eye! If you imagine a beautiful purple ball behind the bridge of your nose then imagine a ball in front of your eyes...this becomes an eye...see it open and close,when you ask it too! This is a fabulous way of really controlling your 3rd eye area, and exercising it safely...

Take time with yourself, and believe that you have a family of Unicorns waiting to work with you! They are most interested in your soul and its journey, and will help you too see where you need to be, and what action that you need to take..

You can also ask,that your personal Unicorn, will touch your 3rd eye, with their magical horn! This will also help you greatly!

Expect good things! The Unicorns will help you, to bring in the new!

More coming soon!

Blessings and love!

BDevine® :)

© 2012 onward