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Properties: Amazonite, is a very beautiful and calming stone,wonderful to bring in new prosperity to any business.
Considered a stone of luck,it is wise to have an Amazonite with you for gambling purposes placed in your left pocket!

Wonderful for new inspiration, business success and any financial ventures.
Amazonite is also wonderful at balancing emotions, and works specifically with the Heart Chakra, Throat Chakra and even the Solar plexus Chakra, and helps you to feel worthy and very calm.
It energizes the words you speak,so they radiate at a softer tone-but get the message across.

Aids in clearing you from electromagnetic negativity,so it is handy to have near your computers, microwaves and cell phones.

Amazonite brings strong healing to the nervous system,which effects more people then you may think.
It will begin also,to regulate the cells in the body-and even heal the tissues in the brain,and surrounding cells! This is amazing!

Amazonite jewelry is beautiful and is recommended as a necklace, or earrings for example.

This stone also will help give clear insight into the future! Part of the Egyptian book of the dead, was inscribed on Amazonite

Feng Shui: Amazonite is used in the Northeast area for self cultivation, in the Southwest area for partners and relationships and for dispersing negative energy in any room.

Amazonite Healing Properties

* Heals the brain and surrounding cells
* Spiritual awareness
* Psychic abilities
* Inner peace and healing
* Soothes throat issues and anger
Promotes great good luck in financial endeavors.

Amazonite Associations:

Chakra's - Heart ,Throat & Solar Plexus
Zodiac - Virgo
Planet – Venus
Element –Earth
Typical colours - dark green-torquoise blue with white streaky lines.


History: Amazonite (KAlSi308) is a form of pale green Microcline, a potash feldspar found in Brazil, U.S.S.R., and U.S. Like all other feldspars, Amazonite's energy works very well when combined with like stones such as topaz and aqua aura. Named for its place of discovery in the Amazon basin, this stone was believed to be jade for centuries. The parallel shadings caused by the presence of lead, give amazonite its intense color. The best crystals are found near Pike's Peak. It was used in jewelry in the India, Mesopotamia and the Sudan. In Egypt, amazonite was made into tablets in parts of the Book of the Dead and found in the tomb of King Tut.

Taken From Wikipedia

Amazonite (sometimes called "Amazon stone") is a green variety of microcline feldspar.

The name is taken from that of the Amazon River, from which certain green stones were formerly obtained, but it is doubtful whether green feldspar occurs in the Amazon area.

Amazonite is a mineral of limited occurrence. Formerly it was obtained almost exclusively from the area of Miass in the Ilmen mountains, 50 miles southwest of Chelyabinsk, Russia, where it occurs in granitic rocks. More recently, high-quality crystals have been obtained from Pike's Peak, Colorado, where it is found associated with smoky quartz, orthoclase, and albite in a coarse granite or pegmatite. Crystal Park, El Paso County, Colorado is a well-known locality for crystals of amazonite. Some other localities in the United States yield amazonite, and it is also found in pegmatite in Madagascar and in Brazil.

Because of its bright green colour when polished, amazonite is sometimes cut and used as a gemstone, although it is easily fractured.

For many years, the source of amazonite's color was a mystery. Naturally, many people assumed the color was due to copper because copper compounds often have blue and green colors. More recent studies suggest that the blue-green color results from small quantities of lead and water in the feldspar. (Hoffmeister and Rossman, 1985)







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