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New Angels Of Life~With Archangel Raphaella
& BDevine


Greetings and many blessings everyone!

I hope that you will enjoy the message that came through, rather suddenly today, and it was so clear and powerful I thought that I would do a channeled message about this for you all.

If you are unfamiliar with "Raphaella" that is OK! She was an Angel who introduced herself to me, when I was asking about healing for everyone.
She is the female aspect of Archangel Raphael, but they work usually as one. (Click here for more about Raphaella and health)

Each Angel or Archangel has a female counterpart, so there is always a level of balance .
Although Angels are actually androgynous, meaning they are neither male or female, they can take on different energies, to suit the planet, and those upon it..

In this message today, Raphaella is talking about "New Angels Of Life" and how you can totally wipe clean your karmic ties to anything, including people and places, and have a fresh start to your life journey.

This will enable those who are ready, to get a clear understanding of their life path, and feel inspired to move forward, in leaps and bounds!!
Here, I will channel for you, what Raphaella has said, and her instructions on how to begin!!
I am so excited to bring you this message today!!

Here is her beautiful message to all of you.

"Dear ones,
It is Raphaella, the female aspect of Raphael ..I am here to offer you all a clean and fresh start!

Many of you dear souls, are longing for something to change in your life, for a big weight to be lifted, for negative ones to leave you alone, and for your life purpose to begin in full force- yet part of you are scared of "letting people down".

We Angels work as a enormous team..(hence the word WE)
Whenever you reach out for love and support, we bring with us thousands of Angelic guides and specialists to take care of the situation, and guide you forward- so with this team available to you, how could you ever let anyone down?

If it is the most benevolent thing for all involved, and part of your life plan, then it is valuable to your soul journey to release yourself from any unnecessary stress.

What we healing light Angels offer each of you now, is the chance to heal, and start fresh, with new guides and your own team of new
"Angels of life", to work with you-so not only will you be able to let go of negative people and situations, but you will benefit, and so will they, and your new personal journey can begin, full steam ahead!

Be prepared for this, because, when you are asking to fully activate your life path, and you are asking for the new angels & guides to come into your life, it will be so intense, and so empowering, that you may feel as though you have been knocked over!

In other words, as you re-align yourself, you will be healing, and even your posture,voice,and sleeping patterns will change-but then they will balance out...Your original angels and guides will always be with you, along with new bright white shining ones!

It is perfectly safe for anyone to begin this process, and when you do, initially you will go through the normal stages of change, where you may feel as though nothing has really taken place.

Soon after, you will waken, and your eyes will be larger, your heart will be full of love and you will be so inspired to begin a whole new journey, nothing will hold you back.

Past insecurities, and ego issues, will be gone. People who have weighed you down, because of karmic ties, will be released from you. Obstacles in your way, will be removed.

Your imagination, and connection to the spiritual realm will be magnified, as well as all your abilities, and memory of your true self, will come to the surface with great intensity.

You will be safe at all times.

Those who are no longer a part of your life for the future will leave. Be prepared for this. But you will see that everything will be in balance, and there will be peace, where there was none.

It is the greatest mission to all of you wonderful souls, to heal the Earth..As you heal yourself, you heal the Earth.When you are happy, you heal the Earth. When you are abundant, you heal the Earth. When you are away from negative issues, you heal yourself, and heal the Earth.

SO there are many Angels of Life, who are ready and waiting to step in and help you to become all that you can be!

There are also life guides, who are working with your current guides, but will have more of an up front and direct role in your healing.

Some of you will not be ready to fully integrate yourself into your soul's healing journey. This is fine! The new Angels and guides, are ready when you are.
For those of you who are ready right now, to cast off all the old karma, and get started on your true path, here are some simple exercises for you!

So we begin :

1: It is best to quietly center yourself,and take some deep breaths.
As you do this, ask for your guardian angels and Archangel Michael, to be with you very close to you.

2: Open your hands so your palms are facing up, and continue to breath deeply-you can close your eyes if this helps you.

3: Imagine yourself now surrounded by nothing but unconditional love and total acceptance of yourself.

4: Imagine that there is a beam of light coming from the highest point in the Universe, heading straight for you.

5: You may feel a beautiful peaceful sensation now, as you are connecting with the source of everything, all that is and ever was.

6: With your palms still open, ask now, that your new "Angels of Life" come very close. The Angels of life, are beautiful white beams of light, and they encircle you will love, and healing energy.You will feel a beautiful warmth throughout your body.

7: Ask your new Angels of life, to clear the path for you, and to bring you all the tools necessary, for your journey to begin, with clear inspiration, and a clear road ahead.

8: Ask them to gently realign, and attune you to the highest frequency possible, and to show you all that you can and will become!Dreams of such, will begin to happen!

9: Ask that you are cleared of all the past, and future obstacles, that may be delaying you from the life you deserve.

10: Believe, that as you are doing this, it is already taking place.

11: Thank your new Angels of Life, and know that they will never ever leave your side.

12: Ask now, that your new Guides of life, step forward, and support you.
Remember that your guides and original angels, will also be there always.

13: Talk to your new guides and Angels, and feel them embrace you with warm, and unconditional love, healing and understanding.

14: Thank them for helping you to remove and cleanse you of any karma, and any health issues that you have.

15: Believe that you are now undergoing a transformation, and because of this, you may experience some physical symptoms of letting go-all of this will be necessary for your new life to begin.

16: When you are ready, thank your guides and Angels, and open your eyes.

Each one of you, who have read these words, and have done the exercises with real intent, are now cleansed and ready for the wonderful future ahead of you!

If you are not truly ready to get onto your new life, things will be suspended until you do.

For those of you, who are on the new path, right now, we Angels congratulate you, for bringing peace to the planet, for living your dreams, and an abundant life, which heals not only yourself, but the Earth !

I am Raphaella, and any of you can call on me to assist you, with connecting to your new Life Angels.

I will also help you on a cellular level, inside your body, and bring you new inspiration and ideas, to help you on your path.

Remember, that you life purpose is never just one specific issue or task.
Remember that you have multiple talents, and these are going to come into your life, with full force!

You will begin to see, and hear your new Angels and guides, because you have awakened everything inside of you, that was previously locked away!

Direct your Angels and guides as to what is best for you. Tell them to go fast or slow, or repeat information as often as needed.

As you believe in yourself, you will change your whole life, and many of you, will immediately "see" and "feel" your new Life Angels and guides, straight away!

Trust the process. The time has never been better to align with the new energies, that are already on the Earth and beyond.

It is with great love, and service to you, that this message comes today.

All who are reading, and ready to begin, have already begun!

Your new abundant life starts NOW!

Embrace it, and enjoy!

With blessings and healing love!

I am Raphaella"





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