April 2013~ Archangel Asmodel


" Miracles happen, when you believe they will and do happen to you" BDevine


Greetings to all of you!

Welcome to this month's guidance!

I am so happy, and very honored to bring you the information, that comes to me from Source, my Higher Self , Guides and the Angelic realm of course..

Here we are in the month of April already, and what a year many of us have had so far! There is a whole lot of release, that is taking place for many of you, in fact all of you are releasing in one way or another,so it is really time for all of us, to allow this to happen, and not fight the feelings any more.


We shall look at the different elements, and a message for each :

Earth, Air ,Fire & Water.

There is also an "overseeing" Angel, for each element, and they also give a short message for the month.

Earth's overseeing Angel is "Uriel"

Air's Overseeing Angel is "Raphael"

Water's Overseeing Angel is "Gabriel"

Fire's Overseeing Angel is "Michael"

On with the key points for this month!


Key Points for APRIL:

1: We are awakening-we just have to accept, that with what we have been asking for, in regards to our spirituality,is going to open for us.


2: Begin to really embrace your life-there is only one of you! Time to let yourself be, accept yourself for all that you are, and don't make any apologies for being real.


3: Stop thinking so much, and dwelling on issues-take back your own control when this happens, and focus on something that is beneficial to you, as you move away from the old life.


4: Everything and everyone that is in your life right now, is a mirror to you-they are holding up to you, your own beauty, or issues that you have deep down. As you change, so to, do the mirrors change.


5: Forget about the word "money" and instead focus on the word "abundance" This is very important !


6: Music will manifest your desires, as you play and focus on music, you must see yourself in the life you want-imagining your greatest wish is true right now. How does it feel? What do you do? Who do you tell?

See all of this playing out-this is how is quickly becomes your reality! Be careful what you wish for, it just may happen.


Message for the Elements:


FIRE SIGNS: Leo, Aries & Sagittarius

Overseen by Archangel Michael

Colour Of Healing: Blue

Archangel Michael's Message: "Fear Not! I am with you "

Lucky Number: 6


This is a month, to really come out of hiding. There is nothing to fear, but fear itself. It is time to get over all the little things and get on with the what you truly want to do. People will be negative, and if so, are not worth your worry. Be careful that you are not the one who is being angry or negative. You are also asked to free yourself of feeling trapped. Open yourself to the possibilities, and potentials within you,instead of only seeing what could go wrong.Your inner power needs to shine! Let yourself come out, and be who you really truly are.


WATER SIGNS : Cancer,Scorpio,Pisces

Overseen by Archangel Gabriel:

Colour of healing: Orange

Archangel Gabriel's Message: "Rise up.Rise up "

Lucky Number: 4


Perhaps you feel like you have made too many mistakes or that all of your life, or you have had trouble in one way or another. Now , you are becoming more sensitive and your moods and experiences have been vastly different then anything you have experienced before. You may be feeling guilty as a result of your actions, but it is time to rise up and away, and let all of this go once and for all. Your mind may be too active, so do things physically, which will help you. Meditating,listening to inspirational talks, and playing music, are all things that are going to help you to break out of the cycles that hold you back. You need to know, you can do this!


AIR SIGNS : Libra,Aquarius,Gemini

Overseen by Archangel Raphael:

Colour of healing:Green

Archangel Raphael's Message: " Everyone Is Free "

Lucky number: 6


You are a giver! You always give a lot-but you are taking on a lot more then you need to as well. Your body is stressing ,so accept the healing, that is coming your way.Open up to the healing abilities of the Universe,which flow through you.

You are going to come into decision time, so don't cram your mind with thoughts of this or that-just allow peace to be your guide. When you feel at peace with something in your life, it is obviously meant to be. When you are feeling anxious,wait until you feel the peace, to make a decision. You always know what to do, you must know this!


EARTH SIGNS: Virgo, Capricorn,Taurus

Overseen by Archangel Uriel

Colour of healing:Yellow

Archangel Uriel's message: "Time to move on "

Lucky Number: 9


There are too many things going on at once in your life!

This is making you hold back from what you really want to do, because you feel the pressures of everyone else. All of this needs to stop, and you have to control this. It is not cruel to speak up about what you need and want. Ask for the right direction in this regard.

Pay more attention to those you love, and less on those who have hurt you.

Consider healing emotions in nature. It is vital that you connect with Earth everyday, to empower you, cleanse you, awaken you and inspire you. It also clears your aura of stagnant attachments.



Message from Archangel Asmodel :


"Greetings dear ones of light!

I am Asmodel, and I am working with each of you, right now, if you so wish, to bring you into healing, light,awakening and worthiness.


So many of you are feeling rather uncertain of the future, and unbalanced in your lives! We Angels are aware of this uneasiness that has been upon you all.

Please understand that you are not punished for anything you may have done! You are just going through the expansion process-so those things that need to be removed from your life, are going to really challenge you to move away from it,in order to have the life that you want.


You beautiful souls need to start to see your own worth, instead of comparing with others.


Right now,there are so many things taking place behind the scenes, that will change the way the world operates. Try not to buy into promises of wealth,since in reality,money in itself is powerless.


Focus instead on truth,peace,abundance and healing for all! If all of you have this focus, then it covers everything that you are searching for anyway! Don't rely on others to fix everything-instead live in the peace of your heart center,letting all that is not peaceful move away from you. Feel within yourself the worthiness of having all that you require and more.


All that each of you need to do,is live your own truth,express yourself,awaken to all you can be, and forget about what everyone else is doing!


Focus on yourself and what you want to do and this will bring the confidence and changes you seek.


You are important, and you are worthy of the greatest life in all ways!

Expand your thinking! Do what resonates as right for you! Trust that anything that is negative in nature will be exposed! You do not need to worry about it.


Grasp your future with heart,soul and mind! Do your best and forget all the rest! You are loved unconditionally, and always will be.

With grace love and understanding,

I am Asmodel"