Angel of April- "Archangel Asmodel "
Known as " What is of worth "





Hi everyone! Thank you for taking the time to read this month's guidance messages.


This month, we are working with the beautiful energy of 'Asmodel' the Angel who is known as "What is of worth "


Asmodel works with you on the energies of love, creation, harmony and seeing the beauty within yourself.

It is so important that we are not ignoring ourselves, and the healing that we all need, so that we can move forward in a totally new direction-and within a healed reality.


Virtually everyone, has something that they wish was different about themselves, and this resistance to self-love, even if minute, can damage the body, mind and spirit, so it will be harder to reach your true path and full potentials.

The secret to manifesting your dreams, goals, visions and true love, is actually loving the self.
Not in an egotistical, show off kind of way, but rather being able to look at yourself and see that you are a being of light, rather than a being of problems.

The resistance to seeing yourself in a higher light, is what will eventually cause you to have problems throughout.

Why do we hold such resistance to our own inner beauty and light? Why is it so much easier to believe the negative things that have been said about us? Why is it hard for us to trust? Why do we have such a warped view of who we really are?


All of these questions, can be answered with the belief system you have created for yourself, because of the views and opinions of others, which ultimately, you have 'chosen' to believe.

You believe it, because you see this treatment continued by others in your life, and circumstances you face. You see it with the life experiences, and negativity that you face.


So you have not had all of these things as a punishment, or because you are less than good enough..for the most part, things have been experienced, because part of you expects things to go wrong-certainly this has something to do with how you see yourself, your self worth, and the value you place on your own feelings.


When you accept yourself, as a being of light, without having to be perfect, or have perfect experiences, and without worrying about the opinions of others, and releasing that which is anything less than love,you will heal, you will grow, you will change, and so too will your experiences.


You will create a new reality, based on love and joy, which will in turn, create manifestations on all levels.

As you work with Asmodel on deeper healing, you will begin to transform like never before, because you are willing to love who you are in every way-even if this is difficult-the willingness to try will see you through.


Things are changing rapidly now. You are seeing this all the time. So too, will changes happen with you when you embrace yourself completely, thus directing the truth of this love to be mirrored by the perfect partner.


If you truly wish your life to be different, it always has to begin with you, and the way in which you see yourself. As you heal and pull apart your life, your physical body will also go through tremendous changes. Anything at all can be healed, with your belief in the power of the universe and yourself to co-create miracles.


The Angel Asmodel can outline the parts of yourself that you are in battle with, and can give you clear direction and guidance towards those who can help you, and uplift you in your process.


Don't allow yourself to become desperate, before you ask for help. Just be open and honest with yourself and hand the details over to the Universe and the Angels to help you. Then you will be led to where you need to be, and who you can talk to, to support your vision and lead you into success.


This month, is all about creating new direction, and miracles in healing. Be open and honest with yourself, and begin to change how you see yourself, and you will see what starts to happen, is truly what you have been looking for all along.


Believe in yourself, you are worth it.


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Crystals include: Sapphire,Azurite,Emerald,Rose quartz & Clear quartz.


Essential Oils include:Eucalyptus,Camomile,Neroli,Jasmine & Cypress.


Incense: Lavender



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On with the key points for this month!



Key Points for April 2019:


1: Beauty in all it's forms:


2: Self belief:


3:New Directions:




5: New Relationships:


6:Artistic Creation:


7:Fast Action:


8:Soul Alignment:


9: Harmony:


10: Life review/contemplation:




Message from 'Asmodel':


"Dear Ones,


We angels love and support you on every level. We see your determination and we also see where you struggle, yet you are still here, and we love you deeply!

The deepest love and change needs to come from the recognition of the self. As you see yourself in your highest infinite light, you begin to change, because there truly is no other option, then to heal and grow.


When you see yourself as small and insignificant, a resentment builds inside of you, which may not even be on the surface consciously, but lies in wait subconsciously, and expresses itself as anger in all of it's forms.


The Anger is what causes the body to go into shock and dis-ease, and leads you into a path of accelerated aging, and accelerated negativity.

There is a choice that you make to change your life, and it takes work on many levels, but it is work that is always rewarded.


It is time for a complete change and with love this is going to be the greatest thing that you do for yourself, and those who truly love you.

Those who were only in your circle for personal gain, will be exposed, and deleted out of the way.
This kind of behaviours will not exist in a loving environment that you are creating for yourself.


We bless you with courage and strength, and assist you as you walk a new direction, and open the doors for deeper healing. Trust that you will always be led to who and what you need for your growth, and you will also find that those who are not on the same path, will wander off of it. You won't even need to say anything...


Trust yourself and give yourself credit for what you have been able to achieve so far, and feel excitement in the soul, for what you are about to achieve!


With unconditional love,

I am Asmodel"


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