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Properties: Aquamarine is actually a variety of beryl (Blue)

It is associated with the sea and is very protective stone.
Because of its energy of the sea, it is very relaxing and calm energy.
Associated with the throat chakra, it will help you to speak your truth,and connect you with deep spirituality.

Also beneficial in connection with your spirit guides,and excellent for use with meditations.

Aquamarine is also wonderful at healing, especially throat issues,jaw ,glands,and helps to cleanse the liver and stomach.

It is a stone of courage, and relieving stress.

It is also very protective during pregnancy.
Helps eyesight, allergies and hay fever, and boosts the immune system.

Feng Shui: Used in the Southwest (relationship, love) and in negative directions (courage, protection).

History: A beryl stone, (Be3Al2Si6O18) Found in the US, Mexico, USSR, Brazil, and India. Has a soothing influence. This stone is usually clear light blue, blue-green. The stone also occurs in a golden yellow color. It is a good stone for teachers, counselors, chiropractors, genetic engineers, lecturers, and massage, reiki and crystal therapy practitioners. Was given to sailors as protection against drowning and for courage in battle. Used to symbolize the moon due to its connection to the Earth's tides.





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