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August Guidance 2012


Greetings once again!

Here we go, already in the month of August, and it is getting very exciting all over the World.
This month, I decided that I would concentrate on guidance for everyone, since this is all that can ever really be given, or asked of anyone else.

In all my videos, I do not like to script anything, as I feel it takes away from the flow of the message- in this months video, I gave the message from Archangel Raphael, as well as some key points for the month ahead. These are the only things that have been written, the rest is just from source, and comes with love :)

I trust that you will enjoy the message, and please feel free to copy this to your own website or blog, as long as nothing is changed and credit is given :)

Here are the key points for the month of August, 2012


Key Points for August:
1: Remember that losses and changes are part of your healing process and growth.

2: Try to see all situations, from a higher perspective.

3: Don't rely on others all the time, to give you answers to things in life. It is vital that you each follow your own intuition.

4: Worldwide events will be visible- we will have more strange occurrences in the skies-UFO sightings will be more prominent-BUT we are encouraged not to become too involved that we are constantly looking at this sort of thing, or other peoples perspectives. Keep strong within, there is no need for fear!

5: Think Big! Keep on asking for light and information to flow to you.

6:There will be whistle blowers, from Government sectors. My feeling was that the US Secretary of Defense, Leon Panetta, will make some interesting statements, about the Government, from personal experience. More of this kind of confession type of exposure will happen.

7: There will be a lot more harmony on the Earth. We shall see evidence of this, more and more over this year, but really starting this month.

8: Good news is coming on a global scale, which will excite and inspire everyone!

9: Start of the flow of abundance, and prosperity, to great measures!

10: You may feel the sudden urge to move house, job and do quite the opposite of what you have thus far been doing!


Read Below the message from Archangel Raphael
~Channeled by BDevine ~

"Dear ones!

Greetings to all of you!

I am Archangel Raphael, and I am here with you all with great healing and energy excitement!

Of course, the energy I bring is that of many Angels, who are bringing you the enlightenment and healing strength, for this month, and always.

You have all had, a very confusing time this month, and indeed this whole year especially, and many of you have been feeling as though you want to 'take off' and really shake off all of this negativity once and for all!

We say to you that , what you have been experiencing is part of the healing that you have been asking for!

You all have unique lives and situations,and each of you are in your own level of Spirituality- so, indeed, what you experience, and how you adjust will be different for each of you-but we say to you, that as long as you are not afraid to break away from old thought patterns, and are willing to accept good in your lives, your entire perspective & situations, will change .

There is great change, here, now, all of you will start to SEE the shifts in yourself as you rise above the old. Don't be fearful-this is important!

It is VITAL that you are listening to your intuition, and follow this.Dont question yourself or limit yourself in any way.

The sooner that you accept your freedom of choice-the sooner it becomes your reality !


Blessings and healing love to all of you!

I am Archangel Raphael

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