Angel of August- "Hamaliel"
Element: Earth
Overseeing: Virgo



Hi everyone! Thank you for taking the time to read this month's guidance messages.


This month, we are working with the beautiful energy of 'Hamaliel'.


Hamaliel, is known as the "Perfectionist" and brings order, clearing,energy & focus on your tasks.


As you connect with Hamaliel, you will begin to have breakthrough's in many areas of your life,and Hamaliel can bring you the courage, to keep moving on your chosen path, with pride and dedication.

Hamaliel can help you with energy healing and growth through deep changes within yourself, and your entire life! Spiritual awareness, and finding a way to express yourself spiritually will become more and more important to you.


"The Lion's Gate":


From July 26th reaching a peak on the 8.8 the "Lion's Gate" is open, bringing in extra energies, and new information for us all.

This portal of light, is an activation from the planet "Sirius" which has beings who are known as the "Lion people" or the "Feline" race of beings.
They work to help the planet with unconditional love, and bless us with ancient knowledge and also a connection to our read star family.
The Lion's gate, will bring us into the new, and allow us to release old emotion and stagnant energy from our heart and souls.

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Crystals include: Carnelian, Rhodochrosite, Agate, Ruby, Jade, Emerald,Peridot & the Quartz family.


Essential Oils include:Frankincense,Rose,Lime,basil & Juniper.


Incense: Cedar wood, Rose, Lavender,Vanilla.



He/She also brings the "Earth" energy of the elements, and you can read more about it here :


For each month of the year, there is an 'overseeing' Angel or a group of them.


There is also an "overseeing" Angel, for each element.


Earth's overseeing Angel is "Uriel"

Air's Overseeing Angel is "Raphael"

Water's Overseeing Angel is "Gabriel"

Fire's Overseeing Angel is "Michael"

On with the key points for this month!



Key Points for July 2015:


1: Breakthrough's:


2: Spiritual Awareness:


3: Losses for some:


4: Release of fears:


5: Release of blockages:


6: Staying Motivated:


7: Love:


8: Abundance:


9: Healing:




Messages for the elements:


Fire signs- Archangel Michael. Your Atlantis card was: "Relaxation"
The message reads: The cells in your body hold the blueprint for your perfect health, happiness and spiritual destiny. They also hold the full potential of your spiritual and psychic gifts.

However, they must be deeply relaxed to enable your true self to emerge. In Golden Atlantis, everyone maintained a state of comfortable relaxation, which kept them attuned to the flow of life.

Consequently, they were always healthy, contented, radiant and wise. They also had astonishing powers and abilities.
The guidance is to let go and relax, for busy-ness and stress block your divine essence. Breathe deeply, so that the cells of your body can release your full divine potentials.



Water Signs-Archangel Gabriel. Your Atlantis card is:"Healing"

The message reads: In Golden Atlantis, people were natural healers but those who were specially gifted were trained to become clear channels for divine energy.

They worked in Healing Temples. In the early days, healer-priests only needed to balance the Chakra's but later, as karma started to accrue, people needed more help to stay healthy. Sound,Colour,geometric shapes, herbs and crystals, were used to facilitate healing.
Laser light passed through Crystals was used for psychic surgery.

Be a healer! This card reminds you that there are people who need your help, so it is time to hone or practice your healing abilities. It also suggests that you may need a boost of Spiritual Reiki or emotional healing to raise your light levels.


Earth Signs- Archangel Uriel. Your Atlantis card was: "The Silence"

The message reads: It is only in silence that we can truly connect with the awesomeness of All that is. The people of Golden Atlantis, who were all enlightened beings,knew this, They led quiet, relaxed, and contemplative lives, constantly attuned to the highest. They spoke little as they communicated telepathically. In those days, there were none of the noisy vibrating cars, planes or machinery that we experience now, so the earth was very still and silent, and nature supported their divine communication.

Quiet contemplation: This card indicates that you are called on to spend time in contemplation and meditation. If possible, go somewhere still and peaceful.

Remember that you can more readily access your inner wisdom where it is silent.


Air Signs-Archangel Raphael. Your Atlantis card was: "Positivity"

The message reads: In Golden Atlantis, negative words simply did not exist. Nor were there words of resistance like 'but' 'never' or 'can not', so nothing impeded the flow of people's lives. Their vocabulary contained only positive words and concepts and the people were immersed in wholesome ideas and thoughts. They constantly affirmed the happiness and contentment of the moment. Because of this, under spiritual law, they could only attract good things into their lives, which inevitably moved forward smoothly.

Watch your thoughts: Watch your thoughts, words and beliefs today. Eliminate everything negative, including words of gossip, doubt or fear. Decide on your personal goal and your vision for your community, and the world. Then focus wholeheartedly on it. Your life must inevitably accelerate, so expect to move forward now. Success awaits you!


All messages from the cards: ATLANTIS by Diana Cooper.




Message from 'Hamaliel':


"Dear ones,

With great love we the Angels embrace you!

Upi are a shining star and full of possibilities & now you are coming into a stage of intense light, love, change and opportunity.

We know what you desire-we see your struggles to remain positive and calm and we applaud you for all the work you have already done on Earth and in your own personal lives.

The more you let go of fears, the more confident you become the easer that your life is. Keep on giving us all your concerns on your mind and try your best to let go of thinking about it. The more you hand over and see it taken care of, the quicker you move into more of a life that you desire-one of ease and abundance.

Don't forget who you are! You are more powerful than you imagine! Your words and thoughts also create powerful energy, more than your realize. So , be aware of how you speak and how you think.

Great change and breakthroughs are coming now, and one of the quickest times of the year! Don't limit yourself on what you can achieve, and believe in yourself, and your ability to make a difference.

All of you are amazing, in your own right & eternally loved!




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