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Automatic Writing -By BDevine

Welcome to all of you!

One of the easiest ways to have regular communication with your Angels & Guides, is with the art of Automatic Writing. As the name suggests, I used to think that this meant, an invisible hand would take over mine, & do all the writing for me! Wishful thinking!

Over the years, in fact at the beginning of my learning, I was always writing everything down.
Every time I would read a book ( & I still do this today) I would have my notepad and pen and start to write the things that stood out as a way of keeping my own notes on everything before I would have to return the book. Now with the internet, I still take notes in this way, and then compile everything in an easy way ( I hope) for all of you to understand.

With this constant writing, I actually have taught myself the ins and outs of hundreds of topics,but one thing was for sure, I didn't understand the whole process of "Automatic Writing" because of the reasons I explained.(scary hand thing) LOL

So now I would like to explain to you the best way (I have found) to do this.
Most of the messages I receive, in answers to my own questions (yes, I still ask for answers too!) have come from channeling the information into words. So yes,this is a form of channeling, and if you can let go and trust it, you will have no need for people like me to help you :(
Ok, you may still want to be sure of things, but this process will help you immensely and is also fantastic therapy for you-if you can just relax enough to trust the responses you get.
So without further dilly-dally we will start!


  1. Before you begin, be sure that you have about 10-15 minutes quiet time,so switch off phones T. V etc. You will have better results when you are not worried about being interrupted at all!

  2. You can use your computer or a notepad, and I have found a pencil is the best instrument for this,but this is your choice so just be sure you are comfortable.

  3. Light a candle and ask for the Angels & Archangels to surround you now. Also if you want, you can ask for your guides to be present also. I always ask for Archangel Michael & Archangel Gabriel especially, since Gabriel is the Archangel of communication.

  4. Set the intention. Your Angels will know that you are planning to do this, so sit with your eyes closed and ask them all to keep you protected and also a clear channel for divine guidance. At no time should anything nasty or ego centered ever come from a pure intention-or the Angels!

  5. After you have centered yourself for a couple of minutes, you are ready to proceed.

  6. Start by writing a question to the Angels. A good way to start is by writing
    "Dear Archangel Michael (or whoever you chose) I thank you for being with me today and helping me to clearly hear and write your messages. What message do you have for me today?

  7. Now, you may actually just close your eyes and have your pen ready to write .Generally Archangels will always start with addressing you as "Dear One" or "Heavenly child" so this is a good way to know if you are hearing correctly. Yes, generally this will just be an inner knowing,you may even feel its your own voice,and this is ok! Your Angels are directing the whole thing, so don't worry that you are getting it wrong!

Now, just let this may take some time to get used to, but soon enough,it will start pouring out. In the beginning,when I first started to do this, I thought that it was just me so I didn't pay too much attention ..after about 10 minutes of constant writing, I actually looked at what I had written and found that there where things in it that could not have come from me. Once I was trusting myself,the process became easier and easier, until I could tell the subtle differences in who was giving me the information. This will come in time, and of course practice.

So do this in short spells at the beginning, and don't worry if nothing seems to come. It will come with time & practice,but generally, you should get something straight away.
The Angels will always come from a gentle and loving perspective, and you may,as you write,feel as though you are gripping the pencil in a tighter grasp-at least that is my experience. When I'm typing and asking questions, I can type at the speed of light almost!! So don't worry about spelling or anything like this,just try to let the whole thing be as it should be-a healing experience for you! You may also ask about past lives in this way!

Now here is a message from Archangel Michael about this for you:

"Dear Heavenly Children,

It is with great pleasure that I'm here with you today to help you to discover your own unique ability in the form of writing.Many of you are nervous or unsure about this, but with gentle and loving intention,you will find that you will relax and enjoy the process. Many of the books you have already read,including the Holy Bible,have indeed been channeled messages.
We encourage all of you to escape your daily tasks and sit quietly in communication with us. We will help you to discover the answers to all of life's questions this way,and we would never make you feel as though there is something wrong with you. There are no two channeling's that are ever the same,and you will find that there are similarities in other's writings, but never exactly the same.Use the gifts that you have all been born with and allow yourself to have relief from whatever is concerning you,in this way. We Angels will always protect you and keep you safe and loved during the process, so please ask. If you do not understand anything that has been said to you, then simply ask for this to be clarified,and indeed we will help make this clearer for you. It is only natural for humans to be unsure of which direction to take and what things may mean as they turn up in your life,and this form of communication between us is always helpful to you. You are all powerful and benevolent beings, and we want you to have all the guidance that you need throughout your life. So if you are having trouble "hearing"our words, then this form of communication will be the answer for you.
Remember that you are much loved by us Angels, and we want you all to see the divine light & inner power you possess. We look forward to helping you and guiding you forward & we ask that you only do what is comfortable for you.
We love you and we extend bright blessings to all!!



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