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Music-Bass Covers By BDevine



Hi everyone!

I am a self taught Bass player.
My husband and son play guitar, and my oldest son plays the drums.

When I wanted to join in, I was always singing, but wanted to learn an instrument!

My son, Josh, said, "Here, mum, why don't you play Bass guitar?" ( and he was joking about it)

I wanted to play the drums! hahahaa..But I thought , "why not! I will show you guys!!!"

So, with only Guitar Pro, and limited tabs, I started to practice, and the determination set in! Especially when it seemed apparent, that the kids , did not expect me to actually do it, or be any good at it.

Well it has been a couple of years, but I have not practiced as I should,but I do feel I am getting pretty good! Anyway, one day, my husband said that I should just record my practice sessions, and so, that is what you are seeing here.

As I get better and better I will upload my progress!

Hope you enjoy, and remember, as long as there is a will, there is always a way!

Determination always pays off!

P.S Josh now ASKS me to play his music now, and I work out the Bass lines for it! What a change!









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