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Chris Devine- Guitar & Recording (Audio Engineering)



Hi Everyone!

I wanted to include some of my wonderful husband's video's here, as he has been a part of Devine Miracles, behind the scenes since it was born.

Chris has been playing the guitar now for some 25 years, and also became a Pro Tools expert, when ths first became popular , with bands and engineers.
Wanting to create and publish his own music, without having to go through a third party, he has become an expert with audio, and mixing, & has been the biggest encouragement, to my own music, as well as our children's music.
Without Chris, Devine Miracles would not exist today!

He is now Executive Production Manager, for PMI Records, which is based in the USA.

Things are going to get pretty exciting, with regards to music, in the Devine Household!

I hope that some of these videos help ! More to come soon!











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