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Discovering ME-By BDevine®

Greetings everyone!
This is just a short explanation of some things that have really helped me in many areas of my life-my aim is that it will truly help you too..

Over the past few weeks, it has been difficult for many to feel as though they are moving forward in their lives..

There are many who have been feeling a wave of strong negativity wash over them, sometimes lasting for longer than is liked..

Many others are trying desperately to find happiness and peace in their lives, yet can not get over a feeling of anger or fear ..perhaps more so now then before..

Believe me when I say, once again, that I am right there in the middle of all of these feelings with you..(or at least I have been of late)

As a Spiritual Teacher, and someone that is known as a Psychic/Medium, I feel as though there is a great responsibility on my shoulders to be a way-shower, to all of you..(these are my feelings)

I feel as though I must not make any mistakes, or say or do the wrong things,in case it upsets or misleads someone..

This is not something that anyone has said, but it is how I do things..

I also love to help others to help themselves so much, that I push my own self aside..In fact, I have forgotten who I really am actually!! 

I also found, as you may be as well, that I have always had one responsibility or another to deal with -over and again..

In fact, when one responsibility is "over" I start another one,and just recently, I have realized that I have been neglecting who I really am. 

In fact, I have come to realize, that I may not even know who I really am and what I really want at all..

This realization spun me into a quest to get to the bottom of this!

Let me explain ...

I know that we are always trying to align,hear our angels and guides, be happy, help where we can, think about our family,try to have some fun,open our hearts,heal and resolve issues..

We are always working towards something, aligning ourselves with light and love, and reaching out to help others to let go and move one..

However, by doing this, we are also missing our on finding joy with who we are-and accepting that we are also very important..

Often, we say to ourselves that we are releasing the old,and bringing in the new..

However, we may not even know what the "old" is- because, we have spent so long trying to change ourselves, for who? For what end?

Are we really changing ourselves for us? Or to fit into what someone else wants us to be like?

What is really wrong with who we are anyway?

Do we have to always conform to another's view, even spiritual ones?

So what I am trying to say here, is that, we take ourselves everywhere we go.

We condition ourselves to our environment, like Chameleon's, we change to suit where we are..

But, this in turn, takes away bit by bit at our real soul,the real essence of who we are.

We are a soul, here to experience in the University of Earth..

There is no other real life purpose than to experience joy,and love for who WE are..

If we do not acknowledge that we are important, and every little thing we think and feel is as important as anyone else's feelings and thoughts, we are just walking around in circles-beating around the bush..

The real you is there-behind all the fear and drama, is the soul essence of you..

Other people may already be aware of who you show them that you are, but few will stick around if you told them how you really really feel, deep inside-maybe even how you really feel about them!

Just lately, I have been telling people how I feel,without wondering if they would care, react or still love me, but I just gave it to them ,exactly how I felt it.

This was the first time in my life I allowed myself to freely speak,feel and think for myself,instead of thinking of a thousand reasons to keep my mouth shut .

I found that it came to me quite naturally, because I had been actually trying to accept myself for who I really am..

That meant that I also had to accept that sometimes I am not perfect, but in fact imperfect-but, that is OK because that is me..

THIS discovery,allowed me to rise above all the drama, have the confidence that I have been praying for my whole life, and also release long held anger towards myself, and others who have deeply hurt me..

In examining these deeper feeling that have lay dormant, I there found,inside of myself, my soul emerging..

The physical seemed to fade away, and I allowed myself to just live through my soul,and what it wants to experience..

You are more powerful than you ever realized..

The more people that are caring for themselves, and lifting themselves out of their depression,and realizing that they do not have to be perfect, or fit in to anyone's life, they only need to fit into their own skin, the more peaceful this world will become..

As we clear the chakra's in our body, we clear the chakra's in the Earth..

We are not asking for a quick fix-a band-aid on our lives!

If you really want change to occur, be it..

Experience who you are, and it is not going to come from someone telling you your future, or telling you what needs to be healed, or helping you to adjust to your feelings-it has to come wholeheartedly from you..

Once you accept your true self (warts and all) the Joy and freedom that you are praying for,in fact begging for is yours!

You know, when you do this, really dig deep,admit your feelings and your failures, your triumphs and what you really like, a whole new life experience really really does..

If you still say to yourself,

"well I can't because my family/friends/whoever won't like it,and it's hard because I have to be careful what I say/do"

Then you have a lot of fear still to release...

Ask yourself if you were the last person in the world, would it matter who you were?

Could you do what you wanted? Could you feel what you wanted? The answer of course is YES.

So YOU ARE THE ONLY PERSON THAT MATTERS IN THIS WORLD. If you don't take care of you, how can you fully help and appreciate life,and everyone in it?

This year, 2012, brings with it great help and healing from the "other side"

This year more than ever, you are being asked to be comfortable in your own skin, and embracing yourself with acceptance..

It is not a job you HAVE to is not found anywhere but inside of you..

Angels and Guides are with you all the way, but they will not interfere in this-this is something that you wanted for your life- you wanted to be a true warrior of light, and remember that you do not need to be anything other than yourself..

In fact, some say the secret to life lies within..

Now I truly understand what that means..

Don't ask "HOW" this is all is not an answer that someone can give to you, or you are adapting to their thoughts on the matter, it is an inner journey or discovery, and realization of your own truths..

Relax, and enjoy the ride!!

Wishing YOU success, and Joy

YOU deserve it! Don't you think?






© 2012 onward