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Dragon Energy~By BDevine®
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Welcome everyone!
I am glad to be bringing you some perhaps, new information, about Dragons, and how each of us can learn to work with them in our lives.
Once you begin to work with Dragon Energy, your life will never be the same again...this is powerful, and interestingly familiar to anyone who begins this journey.

There are Dragon Guardians, for every soul, and they each also have their own Guardians, and so on ..There are Dragons, in every part of the World, in all different color's, sizes and abilities..

As you begin to work with your Dragon, or get to know them again, you will begin to sense what the purpose of your Dragon is, and where it is from...You may also begin to understand, that this Dragon has worked with you many times over, as you have come back to Earth, in many different lifetimes, and places...BUT you may never ever get to know the Dragon's real name...This is something that they rarely give to humans, but they will ask that you name them, or that you call them by their rank. ( I shall explain some of this further shortly)


It is true, that Dragons have been given a bad name over the centuries, and indeed I myself was afraid to ask them for assistance in the beginning, because of the stories I have read, religion I was forced to accept in the early part of my life, and the fear of the unknown, in regards to them..

So often I have based my beliefs around what others have taught or instilled on me...

When I began my journey with Dragons, some 10 years ago, I did so, so that I could know first hand, what the real story was.
Remembering, that I am and you are, always protected by God, and the Angels, I saw no reason, why I could not begin to ask for their assistance.

I had found some information about the Dragons, in other words, information about "what" they are-but nothing really taught how to work with them, as Guides as well as co-magician's in your life...


The art of affirmations, use of herbs, candles and incense, can be called magic, but to me, it is a natural way if "amplifying" energy ...creating a "atmosphere" of peace, calm and intention.

Of course, you do not have to have an altar, and perform prayers and affirmations, but it will help you greatly, to concentrate, and feel the different energies of the Dragons..

The wonderful thing about working with Dragon energy, is that , if you imagine a ceremony taking place, it is as though it has..

For example, you generally would have an alter with special candles, one black, one white ..a chalice filled with water, some incense, some salt, and an athame, or special knife, that you used, just for your Dragon work ..however, In meditation, you can imagine the most wonderful set up, and see yourself lighting the candles, pouring the water and salt etc, and it is the same as having done this...In fact, it is actually better in some instances, to practice imagining things taking place, because this will build your inner vision all the more strong, and also build your relationship with your personal Dragon.

Indeed, this is a perfect practice for working with ALL of your Guardian Dragons, Angels, even God ..Every Church I have ever been into, has had an altar of some kind, candles lit, and a certain "ritual" to start proceedings of the is a way to center yourself, be calm, and bring in the new energies..

Does Everyone Have A Dragon?

The simple answer to this question, is YES.

Your personal guardian Dragon, has been with you before, perhaps hundreds of years ago.
The size of a Dragon does not matter, because the small ones or "juveniles" are actually 200 or so years old...
Everyone will have smaller Dragons, and then eventually you will be introduced to larger Dragons . You may even one day, meet Elder Dragons, who are thousands of years old -no one knows for sure...
When you are learning about Dragon energy, and you wish to broaden your knowledge, you can ask your Guardian Dragon, to take you to other places, in the Universe...and meet some interesting Dragons, and expand your knowledge, and spiritual abilities.

How To Connect With Your Personal Dragon Guardian

There are a whole lot of different ways to do this-I will not give all the ways here, but, this is the easiest way to connect with your personal Dragon..
You first must establish what it is that you want from your Dragon.

There is no point looking to do harm to anyone with Dragons, they will simply stop helping you.
They do not have to work with you, they choose too..they also hold certain codes, and will not ever break them.

There are elements of light and dark Dragons. This is to keep the balance.
An all white Dragon, or Dragon of the light, will only work with "good' for want of a better word.
If you are asking to keep negativity away from you, this would require a dark the two energies are always required and working together, inside your Guardian Dragon.

They have had centuries of training, from the Elders, in order to work with you..
Never underestimate a Dragon. It knows your heart, and your truth, and what you stand for..
Don't think that a Dragon will cause damage to someone for you...this will not interest them, neither will they do it, knowing the law of the Universe-what you give, you get..

In order to connect with your personal Dragon, or "Mon-Tey" (which means guardian)
You must understand, that you will never hear their real name. They will give you a name, to call them, if not, please use the title of "Mon-Tey"
It is a sign of respect, and each group or clan of Dragons, have their own title, and leader also..
When you are ready to begin, you ask that God, and the Angels are with you, whilst you make this connection.
The Dragons are 4th dimensional beings, and are well known by the Universal energies.
You may which to hold a pentagram, which is a Dragon sigil.
You can also use the colour's, Green, White and Black, as crystals, light some candles, and be very quiet for a moment.

Ask that the Dragon Guardian draws near...
Then say, out loud "MON-TEY" and stamp your foot, or your fist.
Say this 3 times, to call your Dragon Guardian.
This is all that is needed, but if you like,you might like to say something like this:

" Come Draconis!
I summon you (stamp 3 times)
By your might & strength I summon you!
(stamp 3 times)
By your wisdom, and ancient love, I summon you!
(stamp 3 times)
By your magic, deep and old, I summon you!
(stamp 3 times)
Come, Draconis, To My Call!!!"

What you will feel, when the Dragons are close, is heat, tingles between your shoulders, you may actually "sense" their presence near you, you may "see" them approaching, and see flashes of colour.
It is real. It is very real, and it is also very strong!

Recently, after reading " Dancing with Dragons" by DJ Conway, I tried a meditation, just quietly, and imagined a ceremony taking place.
I asked for my Guardian Dragon, and called out "Mon-Tey" as above.
I instantly felt amazing heat, and a different energy entirely in the room ..smiling to myself, and thanking "Mon-Tey" I rolled over to get some sleep.
Just before I drifted to sleep, I felt a unmistakable "blow" in my hair!! My Dragon actually blew hot air at my head!! It was real, it was unmistakable, and more energy than I had felt in the past with Angels!
Working with Angels is very subtle. Working with Dragons, is very powerful,strong and energy changing..

Do not complicate anything with Dragons. The more you accept them, the easier it will be for you.
You will never know the Dragons real name, as they believe, if everyone knows their name, the power is lost..
They WANT you to name them, if you are having trouble hearing a name.
Most people work out their name pretty quickly-as I said, the energy is powerful.

You may also want to give yourself a special name to use, when you are working with the Dragons.
Again, do not tell anyone your special name, unless you have permission.

When you have connected with your personal Dragon, please thank them for working with you, and remember, you are an apprentice. You are very new, and the Dragon will not allow you to get in over your head! Take your time, and build a strong alliance with your Dragon.
There is no order among the sexes either. Male and Female are just as powerful as each other.

Some Dragon Respect Names

There are Dragons of every element & Every Direction.
In fact, there is a Dragon that Governs every city, town and Country, as well as planets,solar systems and beyond..

Here we will look at some of the important names of the Dragons, and some of the Colour's you might see.

CHASAH: This is the name for any leader of a clan.It is a respect name, and mostly females will lead clans.

MON-TEY: Your teacher/Guide?Co-Magician .Always use this name, unless you are given permission to use another name.

MOON GUTASH: Star-moon clan, members, excluding the young.

MOOSHA: This is the name for "Gate" guardians. (between realms) and also for members of the "Savage Heart Clan" this name means "warrior"

MOT-TAH: Other guardians, and co magicians.(not yours)

STAR-GUTASH: Star -born clan members, not including their young.

TAD-EKAM: Name for any "chaos" Dragon.

TAH-SOOR: This is the name out of respect, for any older Dragons you meet.

TAH-SOOR-IZORIS: This is the name of respect for any Elder Dragons or important Dragons you meet.

TIKA: A child name, for small and any guardian Dragons of any clan.


Signs of the Zodiac,Planets & Related Dragons
Planet: Sun Planet:Moon
Dragons: Salaquet,Fafnir Dragons: Memezah, Naelyon, Sairys
Metal: Gold Metal: Silver

Colours: Gold, deep yellow,orange

Colours: White,Silver
Day: Sunday Day: Monday
Element: Fire Element: Water, Air
Zodiac: Leo Zodiac: Cancer
Planet: Mercury Planet:Venus
Dragons: Talm, Sairys Dragons: Shamaleth, Naelyon
Metal: Mercury, Niobium Metal: Copper
Colours: Orange, Rainbow, Green Colours: Light Pink,Blue,Green
Day: Wednesday Day: Friday
Element: Air Element: Water
Zodiac: Virgo, Gemini Zodiac: Taurus, Libra
Planet:Mars Planet:Jupiter
Dragons:Durankayta, Fafnir Dragons:Yanizae, Sairys
Metal: Iron,Steel Metal: Tin
Colours: All shades of red Colours: Royal Blue, Purple
Day: Tuesday Day:Thursday
Element: Fire Element: Air
Zodiac: Aries, Scorpio Zodiac:Sagittarius, Pisces
Planet:Saturn Planet:Uranus
Dragons:Bullakasz,Grael Dragons:Keetan,Sairys
Metal:Lead Metal:Platinum,Uranium
Colours: Black,very Dark Blues Colours: Blue,Ice blue
Day: Saturday Hours of: Mercury
Element: Earth,Storm Element: Air
Zodiac:Capricorn, Aquarius Zodiac: Aquarius
Planet: Neptune Planet:Pluto
Dragons:Vunoket,Naelyon Dragons:Grael,Zeirahnak,Charoseia
Metal:Titanium Metal:Plutonium
Colours: Blue-green, Sea-Green Colours: Deep Reds,Maroon
Day: Venus Hours Of: Mars
Element:Water Element: Earth, Storm
Zodiac:Pisces Zodiac: Scorpio
The Dragon Code

1: Little seen, gets more done.

2: Look for truth in the heart of hearts.

3: A lie burns both the liar, and the silent listener.

4: Be true to the responsibility of the balance.

5:Silence and Magick-both are needed.

6: Honor your elders-for they carry important, ancient knowledge.

7: Evil gives no forewarning, and no pause for relief.

8: Dignity speaks well of a messenger.

9: You colour your own light

10. What happens to one stone, reflects on all.

There is a deep meaning to each of these principals, and it is up to each of you to decide what they each mean.

Common Questions

1: How will I know that I have a Dragon Guardian?

Your Dragon Guardian, is waiting to work with you. He/She knows you, and your heart.
You will be given signs, that your Guardian is with you.

2: Can I do spells with the Dragons?

Yes. In fact, they are your co-magician. I must stress again, Spells are only meant to do good-with harm to none. In other words, they are basically just good wishes, and affirmations in your life.
Do not seek to harm anyone, anything, or send any bad energy to someone.
Your co-Dragon will simply leave, & you will have returned to you, 3 fold, what you sent out.

3: I can never hear or see anything-will this be any different?

Yes, it most definitely will. You will be able to see them, if you are doing the work and doing meditations on opening your imagination.

You will most likely hear the Dragons when you are about to fall asleep.It will be generally a deep voice-but not always. Once you are open to Dragon Energy, your whole perspective changes.

4: Can someone say you (BDevine) tell me who my Dragon is?

In some instances I can or someone who is used to Dragon energy can help you with this. However, this is actually not my place.The entire Dragon experience is yours alone.
If you want to have a close connection, you need to do the work. Dragons will help you to learn, but you need to put an effort into it. You may also name your Dragon, this you will find, is actually their name anyway-or what they wish you to call them.

5: Will they protect me from harm?

Yes-harm that is not for your highest good. There are some negative things that are your own life lessons, this will not be stopped, but, Dragons can stop others who are directing negative energy towards you. They can help offer a shield of protection, but remind you, that you have a Dragon by your side...what is there to really fear, but fear itself?

6: How will I change, with Dragon Energy?

In the beginning, you may not see change straight away, and if you do then you were ready for this. The most change, is in your level of confidence, your vision, your hearing, your sense of justice is heightened, you can tell when someone is offering you help or a hindrance,your ability to judge things is clearer-you can spot a liar, and if you have been known to lie, or stretch the truth, you will just stop.
Addictions are also easier to demolish, because you are shown what this really does to you-not just as a person, but what this does to the whole Universe.
Your psychic senses will undergo fine tuning, and you will start to take up old talents..
These are just some of the wonderful things Dragons can bring to your life.

7: Can I ask for any Dragon to assist in healing the world?

Yes. It is better to send your Guardian on this mission. He/She will work within its clan, and seek help from the Elders. Over time, when you are trusted, you will be able to speak to the Elders yourself. You can ask for all the Universal Dragons to get to work, but this would be amplified so much, if everyone just connected with their own Dragon.
Remember, each of you, have done this before. The energy will be familiar, and you will want to get started straight away!

8: Can my Dragon help me to heal?

Yes. Indeed they can, However, you must first decide you want healing, and why you want it. You must listen to your inner self, and look for natural therapies.
The Dragons do offer deep healing of the body,before sleep at night-BUT remember, this changes you greatly-if you are a big smoker,for example,be prepared not to feel like it as much-and you will go through the withdrawals,of this..
Your Dragon Guardian, is interested in what benefits you, as well as the whole Universe. Old habits will eventually be phased out-again, they will help you with the whole process, but you must then take care of yourself also.

9: I have connected with my Dragon, now what?

Talk,laugh sing and learn! Your Dragon guardian, wants you to be all you can be.
You will find books on the subjects you are wanting to know more about, and you will feel so different inside of yourself! You will also see Dragons, as in paintings, statues , tattoos, and pictures everywhere-in fact, you will be drawn to this more and more.
If you happen to see a dragon statue, in a shop or at the market, and it is calling to you, make sure you take it home!!
If you don't work with the Dragons, they will begin to fade away from you. They do not have to stay by your side, but they do want too! Make sure you chat!

10: Do Dragons like music?

They LOVE music!!! There are Dragons for every type of music, from Heavy Metal, to classical, and you may even hear them dancing, once you get used to their energies. One friend of mine, says, his Dragon "Tap Dances" for him ! They love the energy of music, and will work with you all to enhance your music ability, and hand music to you, from way out in the cosmos.
A lot of you will find a new appreciation for music, and awaken hidden talents inside of yourself.

A Few Words In Closing

There is so much to learn about the Dragons.
For the moment, this is all I can share with you, but it is enough to get you started!
As with anything, the more you want to learn, the more you will, and the necessary teachers, books and information, will become available to you.
I certainly am glad, that I began to learn about Dragon's and how much they are willing to help us all!
Please follow your own beliefs. If you are not interested, that is fine also. Your Guardian Dragon will still be there.
I hope this article inspires some of you to awaken to who you really are! With the Dragons, you will find a confidence that is hard to describe, and the drive and inspiration, you may have been looking for..
Enjoy your journey,and your new friends the Dragons!


Blessings and love,


© 2012  onward