Angel of February 2014- 'Barakiel'

with information about "Atargatis" Syrian Mermaid


Blessings to all, and welcome to the guidance for February 2014.


The energy of the month, is very much focused on love, and innovation. You may be very creative this month, and have a lot of good luck!


We are working with the energy of the Archangel Barakiel. He is known to help us with unexpected opportunities, which lead us into a new, more abundant direction.


Some of the crystals, that help us to connect with this energy are: Bloodstone, Jade, Peridot, Blue Lace Agate.


The energy of water is also with us, and Mermaids, and Mermen, are also working with us closely. Since ancient times, there has been legends of them at sea, surrounding the globe. One particular Mermaid was quite famous and revered in Syria. Her name was "Atargatis" and was also known as "Decreto" in Rome.

She was a great favorite of Roman Emperor "Nero" and statues have been made throughout Israel, Jordan,Europe, Spain,Northumberland and Yorkshire.


The story goes, that fish, swimming in the Euphrates river, discovered and unusual egg, and nudged it to shore with their noses. Once on dry land, the egg hatched and Atargatis emerged, in Mermaid form.


She was very proud of this, and even though she had a daughter, "Semiranimis" who was in human form, she did leave her in the wilderness, for the doves, who attended and fed the baby.She chose to return to the sea, and prefers to communicate with humans through fish.


She does bring abundance, health, protection, fertility, safety and virtually anything that you desire. It is customary to leave 'offerings' to her, and avoid eating any fish, shellfish or even doves. She is known to wear a dolphin crown, and is very beautiful.


Contributing to the safety of marine life, feeding birds, and having a fish tank or pond, will keep you connection to her energy. She is one, who was true to herself, no matter what the outside influence. A lesson for all of us!


So it is important, to have this watery element in our lives, no matter what our star sign is. Water is the emotion, and the subconscious is also represented with water.




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As always, we shall also look at the different elements, and a message for each:

Earth, Air ,Fire & Water.


There is also an "overseeing" Angel, for each element, and they also give a short message for the month.


Earth's overseeing Angel is "Uriel"

Air's Overseeing Angel is "Raphael"

Water's Overseeing Angel is "Gabriel"

Fire's Overseeing Angel is "Michael"

On with the key points for this month!


Key Points for February:


1: Love-keep your heart open, as well as heal your own heart from past disappointments, in any relationship, including family.


2: Deep growth will be occurring, because we have been working on this and we are ready.


3: Unexpected opportunities- you need to be open to this.


4: You will have clearer vision, in all ways-your abilities will reach new heights, if this is what you want.


5: Good luck abounds, and a sense of worthiness for good things, needs to be of most importance.

6: Animals may also be a focus for many of you. Know that they and you are telepathic. You can also heal your animals, as they are very receptive to this. Trust your feelings always.

7: Keep visualizing healing,for yourself and others.



Message for the Elements:


FIRE SIGNS: Leo, Aries & Sagittarius

Overseen by Archangel Michael

Colour Of Healing: Blue

Archangel Michael's Message: "What do you truly desire "

Lucky Number: 10


You are on a roll this month-what you have put into motion is going to pay off for you! Still, there are other ideas that are flowing through you now, which create other areas of income and success. Pay attention to your ideas, and what you truly desire. You will find what you are looking for with the confidence to achieve it.


WATER SIGNS : Cancer,Scorpio,Pisces

Overseen by Archangel Gabriel:

Colour of healing: Pink

Archangel Gabriel's Message: "Open your heart "

Lucky Number: 6


You may feel as though circumstances are trapping you, and you can't see a real way forward-but fear is an illusion, and you need to see things from a higher perspective, which shows you a way through. Trust the power of creativity, as a tool for opening your heart, mind, and soul, to keep you more on an abundant path. Follow your dreams and seize opportunities.


AIR SIGNS : Libra,Aquarius,Gemini

Overseen by Archangel Raphael:

Colour of healing: Red

Archangel Raphael's Message: "It's a matter of trust "

Lucky number: 5


"You can't go the distance, with too much resistance. I know you have doubts, but for God sakes don't shut me out" ~Billy Joel.
Often you are your own worst enemy and far too critical of yourself, but now you need to focus on yourself! There is a new situation coming your way, that changes everything! Don't shut it out, or resist. You deserve more, so own it!



EARTH SIGNS: Virgo, Capricorn,Taurus

Overseen by Archangel Uriel

Colour of healing: Green

Archangel Uriel's message: "Positive outlook "

Lucky Number: 5


It really is a positive time for Earth signs. You are beginning to see results of your lighter attitude and your efforts to remain positive. Don't let your energy stray to others and their needs-keep focused on your goals-this month sees you very happy & fulfilled if you do so. Surprises are in store!



Message from Archangel Barakiel:


" Dear ones,


Blessings to you all! Welcome to your new lives!!

You have each changed so incredibly, to get to the point in time that you are now. There is no need to rush forward into the future-but rather take one day at a time, doing what you can and staying as positive and optimistic as possible.

The time is right for new ventures, love and moves of all kinds.


I and the entire Angelic & spiritual realm are with you all as you move forward fearlessly and embrace opportunity and changes as they come. You do not need to feel as though you need to be perfect-you are unique and wonderful just how you are! We applaud you all for how far you have come and life becomes easier for you, when you apply the wisdom you already learnt, into your life!


Treat yourself with kindness, and your health will improve! Look forward to new and exciting times and release fears of the worst. As you do this, you become a lighter being of light which is your true essence. Remember who you are and embrace this.


Anything is possible for you, as long as your belief system is in place. You are each loved and worthy of all things!

We ask that you see this truth within and always come back to this, when in doubt.


Much love we send to all!

Archangel Barakiel"