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Top 100 Psychics &
Mediums Sites



    BDevine's Meditations
Top 100 Psychics   Sleep Meditation
    Guided Meditations
Moon Rust Top 100   Binaural Meditations
Tarot Top 100   Isochiral Music Meditations
Tarotmeister 100   Chakra Meditation
Baba Yoga's Top 100   How To Meditate
Top 100 Psychic Mediums   Removing Blockages
The Ritual Chest Top 100   11 Guided Meditations
Tilly Tarot Top 100  

Online Stores

Divination Top 100   Fairy Sensations
    Devine Miracles Crystal Store
    Magical Gemstone Jewellery
    Quantum Jewellery
Tarot Kitty    


    Laptop Repairs DIY

Online Training

  Computer Repair Home Study Course
Quickbooks University    
Learn Basic Electronics    
Paramedic Study Guide    
Speed Read Training    
Spelling Bee Toolbox    



Green Energy

Dagomatic   Nikola Tesla Secret!
Special Effects Photography   D.I.Y Solar,Wind Energy
Weddings & More   Build An Electric Car
Red Bubble Photography   DIY Solar Water Heater
Trick Photography & Special Effects   Solar POOL Heater DIY
Digicamcash-Submit Photos Make $$$   Home Energy Savings
IMagic Photo Software   Save 50% on Gas For Your Car!
    Build Your Own Wind Generator
    D.I.Y Electric Bike

Health & Beauty

LeReve By BDevine-Aromatherapy and more!    
Sabrinas Sunless Tans!  
RENEW-ME Natural Skin care! Start NOW    
Fat Loss Factor!    
Customized Fat Loss    
Kick Butt Cellulite Removal    
Muscle Maximiser  

Mobile Phones

Vertical Jump Training   APP Shortcuts DIY App's
Usui Reiki Master Training   Buying & Selling phones
Miami Ink Tattoo Designs   Make Money With Your Phone
Plexus Worldwide   Become An Android Expert
Vision Without Glasses   IPhone Photo Tricks
Hair Re growth Now   DIY Phone Repairs
Human Anatomy Course    
Free Trees Singapore    

Crystals and Minerals



Orgonite Pyramids, Pendants ..   Game copy Software
Devine Miracles Crystal Store   Ps3 Lights Repair
    Xbox 360 Repair Guide
    Game Testing
    Wii Repair Guide
    Warcraft Conquest


  Registry Cleaner-Optimum Computer Health
Angels wear Lingerie   Password reset -Windows
    Next Generation Software
    IPad Video Lessons
    3D Ebook Cover Software



Software and web design

    You Dream We develop
    SEO Services & Optimization
    SEO Tools, Software and Articles
    Webdesign DIY
    Greeting Card Software

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You Tube

Devine Miracles    
LeReve By Becky Devine    
Devine Miracles Crystal Shop    
Magical Gemstone Jewelry    
Soul Leaf Spiritual Art    
LeReve By Becky Devine    
  Devine Miracles
  Devine Healing




  Justine's Stream
BDevine   Create Fate Enterprises
Psychic Babbs    
Katherine   Angels,Spirits & Light
Cosmic Kitty-Intuitive Drawings   Spiritual Community
Numerology Readings   Spiritual Poetry
123 Astrology   Diana Meyer
Daily Tarot Girl   Biyatuu
123 Predictions   Spirentia
Power Numerology   Spiritual Journey
Vedic Astrology   The Forgotten Laws
Unique Astrology Charts   True Chakra
Angel Light   Before It's News!
Animal Communication!   Body,Mind & Spirit Directory
Time For Talking-Psychic Services   Spirit Consciousness
Angelic Heart   Fairy Art & Beautiful Cards-Linda
Free Readings With Ursula   Horoscope and Astrology
Annaliese Faas-readings   Horoscopes, Astrology Numerology
Dragon's Breaths Blog   Angel Heart Light
Angelic April   The Truth Is Everywhere
    Messages From The Light
    Nicola Mahon
    The People Solution
    Believe Book
    PA Dance Network

Make Money Online


Animal Services

Get $30 Straight away-win thousands!   Mable Elliott-Lifestyle Coaching with Horsemanship.
Free Commissions For Life
The Science Of Getting Rich    
Stock Market Secrets    
Foreclosure Lists Canada    
Get $30 Straight away-win thousands!    



Life Coaching

    Tiffany Lowery
Josh (Devine Miracles Soundtracks)   Awaken To Life
Jamie Mitges   Just Imagine
Solfeggio Frequencies   Spiritual Life Coaching
Learn Guitar!   Oneistic
Music Producer Software   New Opportunities Through Writing
Learn Piano   Valerie Lumbley Trained Psychologist
Learn To Sing    
Rocket Piano-Learning Piano Fast    
Dr Drum Beatmaker    
Guitar Scale Mastery    
Learn Ukelele    
The Secret To Guitar-Instant Downloads    
Fast & Easy Drum Charts How To    

Psychic Training



    Distance Healing With BDevine
Unleash Your Psychic Abilities   Devine Healing
    Isis Energy Healing-Pauline
    Psychic Babbs
Lucid Dreaming Secrets   Usui Reiki Master Training
Numerology   Ultimate Reiki Package
Power of Conversation Hypnosis   Reiki Master Training-The 3rd way
Miracles Mind Method   End panic & Anxiety Attacks
Inner Psychic Unleashed   Healing Success
Empath Toolkit   Life Purpose Revealed
Pineal Gland Activation   Spirit Messages Of Love
How to Develop your Abilities   Snow Flower Healing
Mastering Miracles   Healing Hera
Psychic Energy-hypnosis,telepathy   Healing Youth Secrets!!
7 Day Esp Training   Free Food & Medicine (DVD)
The Aladdin Secret   Heal Yourself 101
Read Akashic Records   Vince Delmonte Fitness
Astral Travel Now   Reiki For Horses!
Astral Projection-audio course   The Soulful Vegan
Truth About Hypnosis   Energy Remedy
Auras Guide   Expressive Painting
Audio Bible Download   Rieki Healing & Animal Reiki!!
Psychic Power Training Course   Natures Of Light
Manifesting Dynamics   Yoga 4 Autism
Palm Read Easy   Give Up Alcohol
    Divine Intention Reiki
    Relax Kids UK
    Angel Crystal Healing




BDevine-Angelic Guidance available NOW   Salt Magazine -Louise Thomas
Free Angel readings & Attunements Ebook   PA Dance Network
Free Distance Healing EBook   Paradigm Shift London
Turn On,Tune in,Tone Up   The-Ahr-Tus-Tik-Mind
2012 Guide to Planetary Changes   Acting Career Quick Start
2012 Enlightened    
Quick Tarot Guide    
Houstory! Create Your Own Family History Journal & more!    

Love & Relationships


Art & Design

Magic Of Making up   Psaki's Art
Magnetic Messaging   Get Your Own Personalised Cartoon
Become more loveable   Kristos Fine Art
    Draw Realistic Portraits!