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Your Higher Self-Gaining Self Control



Greetings everyone!!

I wanted to write to you all about your Higher self, and some of the messages & emotions,that you may be experiencing at this time, especially now, at the beginning of 2012.

Your Higher Self, is that part of you, that is always in spirit, and holds all your memories,and knowledge,of your soul, and interacts freely with all those on the other side of the veil..

There are countless things that your Higher Self can do for you, and with you throughout your life ..I shall include here, a short visualization for you, to connect with your Higher Self..

Right now, emotions are running high, and confusion,tiredness,emotion and anger may be coming to the surface,whether you like it or not..

You may be waking in the morning, wanting to return to sleep immediately, or feel as though you have been running a marathon in your sleep!!
You may have memories of things from a long time ago in your life-or moments that you had forgotten existed..

What your Higher Self is saying to you, is that you are in control!

You are now moving into a higher frequency of have been preparing for this a long time..

BUT the idea is, that you learn to stop yourself from reacting in the same way you always have!

When you can see yourself getting mad,or frustrated, or wanting to "have a go" at someone, you are not in control..

All of you are portals of the are each here, just to remember that you are more than just a human.,..

You are here to find happiness, BUT this must first come from within YOU..

Be on guard, but not aggressive-there are some people who want nothing more than to see you miserable, or fail, and these people will perhaps be ever so nice in the beginning, until the real agenda reveals itself..

These people, could very well , be a test of your mental strength, to see if you are going to go back to the same old ways of things or not...
These sort of angry hostile people, also have their own dramas to rectify,and overcome,and are taking things out on you..but really, they are angry with themselves..

Your Higher Self,will always see a positive way forward...

When you are getting upset,or angry for no reason at all, be sure that you talk with your Higher Self out loud!! He/She will show you ways in which you can relax and let things pass you by...

The point for you, will be to actually TRY these things...each time you do, you have moved up a level, and you have created GREAT Healing, for yourself,and the Earth!


When it is in black and white, it seems so easy..

When the situation arrives, where you need to be in control, it is not an easy thing...

Always ask your Higher Self, to help you to stay cool!

Sometimes I feel an negative emotion coming on,-like an annoyance when everything is going wrong -(and we all know WHEN this happens,)  all day,I try to stay calm, yet it builds and builds until (usually) I explode,and yell:

"For Crying Out Loud,WHY ME!!" (hahahahaha....)

Then,  I realize how ridiculous I look and sound,and feel guilty about exploding!

So to curb all of this, and to get into control we have to take it..we have to own it and we have to accept that we are actually in control of how we only takes a moment to breathe and take 10 seconds to close our eyes and say to ourselves "release,release,release" before you know it, the emotion of it all has switched,and we have conquered it..

Taking little steps toward freeing yourself of the old ways, is what will work for you ..especially now,since those emotions and situations will not exist in the world we want for ourselves..

Try your best,not to succumb to the drama of other people's lives, or even the drama that may be apparent in your own life..

Just as your Higher Self is above all of this, you too,can rise above this, and laugh at your ego..

As I said,each time you take control of your old emotions, you emit the healing in yourself you have been wanting,and your life takes a positive turn..

Remember that a sure fire way to fail, is to try to please everyone else..

You can only ever truly be responsible for yourself at any one time..

Although you may feel, as I often have, that you need to be the one to change everything for others, it is actually an impossible thing to simply can not change anything for anyone else-each of us must find a way that we can change our thoughts, just as we have trained ourselves to put them there, we can train ourselves to release them ..because they are doing us no good at all..

If we remain detached from drama, and call in the Angelic support, and our Higher Self,that is working with all that is,we are doing a great service to our psyche and the planet..

Be as kind to yourself as you would be to someone else in need..(we often neglect our own feelings, and this builds anger)

Here are some ways to connect with your higher self:

1: Step outside in nature, raise your hands above your head,palms up..

Be sure that you are alone, and speak out loud say:

" I now give permission, for my Higher Self to help me,to overcome all the feelings and problems I have been experiencing."

With your hands still raised in the air, imagine a screen of golden light flowing from the heavens to you,and to the earth.

State "I am now connected,and complete"

2: Meditate on how wonderful it is to be working with Angels and guides,and your higher self...keep on affirming that anything is possible, now that you have connected with all of who you really are..

State : " I am in control, and I am free"

What has often worked the most powerfully for myself, is to speak out loud,as though I am talking to my best friend..the more that you openly converse, the more you will receive feedback,memories,and abundance in your life..

You will also feel as though you have changed on deeper levels inside yourself, and will have more strength and confidence than you had keep open dialogue with your higher self, which is all knowing,and always working for the best for you, and your soul..

I hope that this has helped someone today,to awaken to all of your potentials..

Remember it is far worse to feel guilty about anything in your life, anything at all, than it is to have done it..

You are never alone, the support is always available to you, if you choose to accept it..

The energies of 2012 are strong, and the negativity of all that has already been in your life, will still try to hang on, for all its might, so the added strength from the creator and all the Angels, and also your Higher Self, will be required..

The sooner that you connect, the sooner you will have release..

When you ask for this connection, it is totally instant ...never doubt this, only accept it has happened, and you will see events and situations in your life change..and when things are difficult, you will have a new way of dealing with it!

See yourself as already successful,happy and healed...

With blessings and great love to all of you!




© 2012 onward