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Hello everyone!

This morning I asked my guides,and of course the Angels, for a message of the day for everyone..& I was greeted with a mixed response!

You may or may not know much about me personally, but all I can say for now, is that the last month especially has been extremely hard for me, on many levels..

Of course, as a spiritual teacher, I understand that life is full of cycles, of karma,and certainly lessons ..I keep waiting for the cycle to complete, once and for all, but so far I am only passing "chapters" of the same ordeal! ha ha..

So it brings me to the message for today, which is so important for our growth and our ability to create the life that we are really seeking, deep down..

The Angels and Guides, keep on telling me too use my imagination..

However I have found, as have so many of my clients, that it is almost impossible to see clearly when you are desperately unhappy or hurting..

How can we all believe in things getting easier, if we are always thrown on our butt,hurt,abused,belittled, sad, lonely, broke, scared, angry etc etc..

How can we believe that we are always protected and safe, when others are attacking us all the time, in one way or another?

I know it is so hard to believe sometimes, that there really are Angels and guides who are doing their best to help us..

So when you really do begin to use your imagination,of how you would like the future to unfold for you,it is best to do it, when you are not in a state of doom and gloom..

Always allow yourself to get upset if you need too ...suppressing any emotions, will only make it so much worse in the long have a time of being upset, or crying etc..this is good for you-of course, if it continues and you cant stop hurting etc, then you are allowing it to rule you..and that makes you feel weak and useless...and so many fall into a trap and stay in that state of mind...the doctors call it depression, but really, it is more like "suppression" when you are ready to face things head on,and get control back to your life, those things that were so hard for you to focus on, become so easy for you to deal with, or see the big picture..

Now, when I see this trouble that is very personal to me, and has been going on for 10 years, I can see exactly how it is being played, by the other party, and exactly what I need to do in order to change the outcome..

For me, it means, sitting and imagining what it would be like,for this to be over..

Not only how I would feel, but seeing joy on everyone's faces, and peace wash over all of us..

Whilst in a "suppressant" state, where everything has no happiness, only sadness, I could not see how wonderful and amazing the Universe really is ..I could not see how things could possibly get better, even when I was thinking in a negative way, there were times when I would,just for a moment, laugh or giggle about something ..I allowed a space in time, where I was not concerned about myself,and how life was treating me, and when I did this...just for a moment, it gave time for the blessings to come..

Of course, not straight away,but I was shown that there were hidden blessings in everything..

So you may be finding yourself in similar situations, or you may be dealing with over whelming grief at this time in your life, but don't suppress your emotions..

Continue to ask for guidance, and it will occur for you..

Try your best to imagine the most "benevolent outcome for all" when you can do this, you are not controlling the outcome at all, but rather, you are trusting that the best thing for everyone will occur,and this is how the Angels will work for you, and quickly at that!

Imagination, is the key to your success..

Use your thoughts wisely, and remember that you can cancel, or clear any thought pattern that you do not want for yourself anymore..

Your imagination, reaches you to the future, where the Angels and Guides can see you blissfully happy within your life, and within yourself..

They do not have time restraints, so don't think of time as an issue..

See success for the phoenix that rises from the ashes, in all its glory, never give up..

I believe, that anything can happen to alter the chain of events..

Those who have a negative intention towards you, may seem to win at the beginning, and may seem to hold all the cards, and get away with it...BUT those who are out to hurt others, always come crashing down the may take a long time, because they are so positive about winning, or they are positive, that they are doing the right thing, but when they fall, it is usually harder than you could imagine...and Justice, is Always done..(maybe not when you would like it to happen, but it is always done just the same)

When you hold visions that are clear, and you are certain of the life you want for yourself,and those you love, the intentions alone, create doors that open in your life..and drives you forward..

Continue to release the karma in your life, and any negative thought or intention that you may have, as this will not serve you, or help you in a happy future..

So your best, to only imagine that there are blessings in every situation, and that anyone who has continually wronged you, will only trip themselves up-you don't have do not have to do anything, to others, that you would not like done to you, even if you feel it is deserving..

Let them secure there own downfall...

When circumstances overwhelm you, and you are filled with so many different emotions, don't forget, that your Angels and Guides never ever leave you, and for whatever reason, this needed to happen to you now, for you to deal with once and for all...See things as an opportunity for growth, and ultimate happiness will always follow..

Continue to manifest your dreams, and imagine the life that would be perfect for you and all involved in your life, and indeed the world also..

Your imagination is the key to all the things you are looking for in your life...

Embrace what you have been given, and use it to sculpt and change your life however you wish..

I am imagining, that each and every one of you, are blissfully happy and feeling completely whole and in touch with all of the different aspects of you ...I imagine that you are in a healed reality,and have all the necessary abilities awake in your life,as well as every need being met for you...

If each of us start the day with 5 minutes of imagination, for ourselves and the world, we will change things is how the world evolves so peacefully and beautifully ...because we imagine it in no other way, but this..

I am imagining that those who needed to read this ,are smiling and feeling like they have the answers now, and ready to embrace life,and all the wonderful things that are coming!

With many blessings always!


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