Angel of January- "Gabriel "

Element: Water
Overseeing: Aquarius

Tarot Cards: Cups
Chakra: Throat


Archangel Gabriel, is known as the Angel of the night, and the Angel of "Annunciation".

A powerful Angel of messages, healing, protection, grace and kindness, this Angel is wonderful at working with you on developing your own abilities, especially those related to communication and the arts.

You do no need any special talent, or to win any favors with the Angelic realm, in order for them to speak with you, and work with you.
There are so many people out there in the world, who claim to work with Angels, yet do not teach that you are able to do this on your own, and in fact it is your birthright.

All you need to do, is actually pour your heart out to them, ask them to be near to you and they are instantly there.


Even if you do not see the Angels, with your physical eyes, if you can learn to "imagine" them, in any way that you like, and hold this vision, you will see them do things and sense things, that you have not imagined.


Archangel Gabriel is one of the most gentle of Angels, bringing news to you that is beneficial to your growth.

As the Angels each work with you on your blueprint of life before you where born, they KNOW you very well, and have been with you since the beginning of time.

You do not need to beg or plead to work with the Angels, you just need to talk to them, have faith and belief in their ability to guide you, and work with your energy to open the doors, and guide you along.


Archangel Gabriel, is a wonderful ambassador of truth, much like the protection Angels, like Archangel Michael.


Gabriel can reveal the truth about any situation, if you follow your instincts and really open up to it.

It is so important that you know, that you are able to speak about the Angels, love them, have them in your life, for they are the energy of "Unconditional love" and in reality, are just that-powerful loving energy.


Energy is available to anyone, and is everywhere. If we can understand how to make this energy work in our favor, we can build a super powerful connection, that is non-egotistical or judgmental in any way.


Your only blockage to Angelic assistance is your doubts.

Ask Gabriel to help overcome fears, and deep seated emotions, that block you from seeing the truth of who you really are!

In case you do not know who you really are, you are a being of pure light, with this physical body. You have been around, (as a soul) since the beginning of time.

You have worked with the Angels, as close advisors and friends and they have guided you throughout your time on earth, and even on the other side of the veil,where they have taught you healing, deep wisdom, and information about all that is.

You carry with you the light of the heavens within your heart, and as you fill yourself with love and happiness, this light expands, and assists the world in it's own healing.

You carry healing within you, and through your hands and feet, you leave blessings of healing love everywhere you go!


Inside of you, is a great source of power. This does no show favoritism, or belong to any one religion, place,person or thing. It is available with love for all, and given freely to you.

The Angels help to amplify this power, and use it to help you on your path, and also for you to guide others on theirs.


The more you believe in yourself, and the power you hold within you, the more that you will open your abilities and knowledge, from all of those years you have been a soul.

Even if you are from another "planet" or even "solar-system", in fact, no matter how far the mind can imagine, you have been guided by this familiar and all loving energy of the Angels, and source.


Work with Gabriel on opening your belief in yourself, and all that you are!

You have the ability to change your life, and those lives around you, and as you trust in yourself, you change the World around you, the World you live in.


Gabriel will most likely come to you in dreams, where there is no obstruction from your conscious mind, and show you symbols and signs, even give message through other people, that will assist you on your path.


All messages of love come from the Angels, and Gabriel is one of the strongest Angels to help you to speak your truth, from a loving perspective.



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Crystals include: Amber, Larimar, Aquamarine, Hematite, Lapis Lazuli.


Essential Oils include:

Peppermint, Wintergreen, Ginger, Chamomile & Lemon.


Incense: Blue Jasmine, Super Hit.



He/She also brings the "Water" energy of the elements, and you can read more about it here :


For each month of the year, there is an 'overseeing' Angel or a group of them.


There is also an "overseeing" Angel, for each element.


Earth's overseeing Angel is "Uriel"

Air's Overseeing Angel is "Raphael"

Water's Overseeing Angel is "Gabriel"

Fire's Overseeing Angel is "Michael"

On with the key points for this month!



Key Points for January 2016


1: Manifesting your dreams


2: Independence


3: Original Ideas


4: Resolutions:


5: Loss and gains:


6: Creative energy


7: Speaking up with love intentions


8: Healing codes


9: De-stress:

10: Surprise:


11: High Speed Action:





Message from 'Gabriel':


"Dear Ones,

I bring with me the unconditional love of the Source of all, that is connected to you at all times.

In your lives, you have searched far and wide to reclaim this feeling of love, that you have on the other side of the veil, and yet it is never away from you!

You each hold it within you and can access it at any time, by closing your eyes and going within.

You are held in the arms of the Angels more than you may realize, and as one of the Angels of communication, I bring with me news of your ability to talk your truth and speak words from the heart, as we hold you and help you to have the strength and the confidence that you need.

You each have your own messages, and as long as they are coming from a place of loving intention, you are never wrong in what you need to say.

Writing, drawing, creating in any way, is what is needed to help you to reach a point of peace within your heart.

We Angels know you long for a direction that brings you into your most happiest life, and the most successful one as well.

As you focus on yourself more, and the uniqueness of who you are, the answers to your questions are revealed and a new direction will be taken that will lead you to the greatest achievement of all for yourself.

Please have understanding, that all you need to do is have faith and belief in yourself, and most of all, love for yourself, as we love you.

When you judge and berate yourself, it lowers your energy, and in time makes you feel worse and worse about who you are.

It can be harder to raise your vibration from a lower frequency like this. But as soon as you focus on love, and care for yourself, your vibration reaches to the highest heights, and heals you more than you realize!

We love you, unconditionally, and we stress this point to you now.

There is no end to the support that is there for you, and as you expect it to be there, you will see evidence of it being so.

Trust yourself dear ones, believe in yourself and your ability to make a massive difference in this world.

We stand and applaud you with great pride for all you have done so far.


Love and many blessings always,

Archangel Gabriel"







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