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Music-Josh Devine (Guitar)



Greetings everyone!

Here are some of the video's from my son Josh Devine.

He has written all the music for Devine Miracles Soundtrack, and his song "Mum's Song" features on every "Domino Angels" Card reading video, for my You Tube channel.

Josh has been playing guitar since he was about 12 years old, and has been writing his own music, ever since.

I was not sure, if it was a "phase" he was going through, or whether he would keep it up,but when I found him alseep,with the guitar laying on his chest, I knew that this was something he loved very much.

He also has taught others to play guitar, and organized school sessions, and events as he went through high school.

His own style is an edgy type of Heavy Metal, but he also plays spiritual music, which so far has been instrumental.

He also plays in a band, of his school mates, and they are also working on new things.

His new album will be out, hopefully by January, 2013 or soon after, and will feature all of the songs below as well as a few others.

This album, will also feature, myself, on Bass Guitar, on the track titled,
"Mum's Song"

Hope you will enjoy !












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