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Message For July 2012 ~With The Angels Of New Life
& BDevine


" The great and glorious center of your heart, will burst wide open, as if struck by a lightening flash, and you will become the vibration of love, a vibration so exalted above the love of human emotions, that the languages of Earth, do not contain the words vivid enough, to make comparison." Ruby Nelson- The Door Of Everything

Greetings everyone!

I am so happy, to bring you all a special message this month!
Although I am always so eager to bring you all messages from the Angels, I felt this month was of particular importance, and came through at such intensity, I was wondering how I could contain my excitement!!

If you have not read about the Angels of new Life, you can CLICK HERE so you are familiar with them!

Thank you all for taking the time to read or tune into my message on You Tube!

Here is the message that came through for us, for the month Of July- I truly believe, that THIS is the beginning of a whole new life, and a whole new world!!


Dear Ones,

We are the Angels of Life. We are here, to bring you the new energies on Earth, & bring you the true life, you so desire.

We hear you! The vibration of the masses accumulates in the Earth's auric and etheric layer, & we hear this! Now, more than ever!

For thousands of years, the energies of light have been trying to help humanity- but there were still too many lessons to be learnt, so that Earth could be in the place it is today- that is- a MASS awakening of TRUTH!

Do you see, how different you are now, as opposed to 5, or 10 years ago?

Do you want to finally be free within your whole entire life?

Are you sick and tired of getting seemingly no where in your life?

Do you want to truly know your purpose?

Do you want to remember what you came to do?

Are you wanting healing?

Do you want your abilities fully opened?

Do you want love , confidence and trust?


This is what we are here for!

We are, Angels or shining ones, who are NEW to the Earth. However, each and every one of you, will know us, and our energy, because you have felt it before- when you were in spirit.

The unconditional love and acceptance is what we offer.

We want to allow each of you, the freedoms you deserve, whilst protecting you along the way!

Fear NOT, your own wonderful future. The life that each of you have set for yourself, is unique to YOU! Not all of you will stay on the Earth for long- this is also part of your life plan.

Again, we say, many of you will lose the physical aspect of loved ones-who wish a different path, to guide or come back, in a younger body.

Of course, there is physical loss-but you will all understand it better & your grieving will only be for the physical energy that once was-but with our help, you will still be able to 'see' them! You will always be in connection to spirit, as it always was!

It has always been there, but you have all been taught and programmed to believe a certain way- which has limited you all in different ways.

Now we ask, if you are truly ready, to allow us to illuminate you, opening all your senses & abilities, and awakening your true self.

Allow us to shield you all in love and honour, to support you in your journey.

As you connect with this energy, and allow it to flow through you, everything in your life will change.The path will open & the road will unfold.

Obstacles will leave you, and inspiration and direction will flow.

Benevolent changes will occur in all directions of time .People who are not part of your highest good will not be in your sphere. Be prepared for changes you have asked for, but remember that you will see things differently-instead of fear or worry, you will be happy because you know you are on the way to freedom, and so are they!

We offer you your true life purpose,& the skills, confidence, drive and support you need to get you there!

Your original guides, and Angels are still there-but they too have called to us, and the Universe, and requested additional help for everyone!

Even those who are considered evil, in every way, have the opportunity for change and release of their karma, and hold on the old energies.

It only takes one so called 'dark' energy to turn to the light, for a ripple effect of light, like never before-because this is happening now, on Earth WE ARE HERE!

Your new life, if you are ready for it, begins NOW.

You only need to ask, and it is done. You only need intention of change, and it is done.

We are the shining ones. The Angels of new life.

Believe that you are far more wonderful than you have ever been told- You are each light beings, and the time has come to fully awaken and embrace this. As you do this, more and more will be revealed to you.

No more 'how' 'why' 'when' or I can't. These things will no longer be of total relevance to you. You will switch gear in every area to better cope and understand everything.

A new life awaits you all. You are protected. You are safe. You are divine. You are life.

Go forth, and spread your light with your actions and this will inspire a new revelation throughout the Earth!

In peace, and greatest love, we stand ready!

Blessings and gratitude to all of you!


The Angels of New Life!


© 2012