July 2013~ Archangel Verchiel


Greetings to all of you!


Welcome to this month's guidance! I would like to thank each of you wonderful souls, for learning and growing with me. It truly is remarkable, how many of you have had big and beautiful changes in your lives, and I am so happy to be a part of it.

It has been remarkable, how much I have also learnt, just through sharing knowledge-to teach is to learn!

As each of you know, I have been working on writing my first book, which is now ready for sale! Please check online stores worldwide, and your local bookstores also-if they don't have it, they can order it in for you! This book is written for you!
It is called "Angelic Guidance" by BDevine.


This month is very interesting, and the Archangel Verchiel, was very helpful to us in explaining easy steps to manifesting, that which you want-not what you do not want. The message, as always, is written for you here, and also I made a video about this, for all of you.

CLICK HERE to watch the video :)


As always, we shall look at the different elements, and a message for each :

Earth, Air ,Fire & Water.

There is also an "overseeing" Angel, for each element, and they also give a short message for the month.

Earth's overseeing Angel is "Uriel"

Air's Overseeing Angel is "Raphael"

Water's Overseeing Angel is "Gabriel"

Fire's Overseeing Angel is "Michael"

On with the key points for this month!


Key Points for JULY:

1: Archangel Verchiel is reminding us of our happiness and that this is what we really need to be focusing on. It is all too easy to get caught up in the mundane and meaningless, forgetting to smile and see the best in everything. This month, you will have much to smile about, if you first see & smile at the little things in life.


2: Abundance is not limited to wealth. Abundance is a state of mind-if you have an abundant mind, it is only natural that you will achieve abundance on every level. Use the power of your mind, to change everything in your life to a state of abundance. See below, in Verchiel's message, about how to create more of this in an easier fashion in your life.


3: Rest- learn how to rest when you need to. Having a nap is smart, not shameful. How many times I have put of having a necessary rest is amazing! After I decided to stop everything, and rest, even for 10 minutes, everything changes-and most of the time, you will have such an interesting and peaceful sleep, you will see why it was needed. A lot of messages will come to you, with having even a ten minute 'power' nap. Listen to your body!


4: Find your direction without looking for it! In other words, too many people are worried about the details of things in life- they are needing to know when, how, where etc. This is pointless, and quite frustrating not only to yourself, but other people as well. Start to have faith, that everything always works to benefit you. You know what you are here to do, intuitively, so trust that the Universe will place things in your way, or place you where you need to be!


5: Release! Again, this word comes up, and we don't know how much more we actually can release! Even if everything is great in your life, and you are abundant and free, you still need to release pent up healing energy. Direct your energy intention to the globe, and those you love-energy of healing and love is never wasted!


6: Archangel Verchiel is the angels of surprise, and you need to be open to surprises, good fun and enjoyment. Take time to go and enjoy yourself, and believe that all that you need to 'do' in your day will be completed easily .Expect good things! Expect surprises or give one of your own-a sure way to receive is to give!



Message for the Elements:


FIRE SIGNS: Leo, Aries & Sagittarius

Overseen by Archangel Michael

Colour Of Healing: Blue

Archangel Michael's Message: "Just walk your walk "

Lucky Number: 9


You have been spending time in concern for your life, and other people.On the other hand, you are actively trying to stop this. You are now guided to see, where you give too much of yourself for others and where you are being taken advantage of. Be yourself, but, learn when to say no. You will be rewarded for your efforts.
A significant event this month brings changes that are needed, and blessed. You may also have a lot of memories, that are deeper than before.



WATER SIGNS : Cancer,Scorpio,Pisces

Overseen by Archangel Gabriel:

Colour of healing: Green

Archangel Gabriel's Message: "Just do it "

Lucky Number: 8


A special partnership begins to deepen, and many of you will have a positive end to conflicts or troubles. Your perceptions about life have taken a more peaceful tone. This brings great happy changes to your life. When you are stressed,continue to work on rising above and canceling the negative. Are you ready for the next phase of life? It's about to begin because of the way you have been thinking and changing. Dive right into anything new-it's safe!


AIR SIGNS : Libra,Aquarius,Gemini

Overseen by Archangel Raphael:

Colour of healing: Red

Archangel Raphael's Message: "Opportunity opens "

Lucky number: 7


Deep emotions come to the surface, so don't suppress it. Opportunities may be missed, because you ,may not allow change. You are so sensitive at times! it is easy to keep more to yourself-however, you are expanding your knowledge now, and others will be curious. Make small changes in your life, which brings reward. The past has gone, and has no place in your future-unless you want a repeat of the past, rise above. See only the best for yourself always!


EARTH SIGNS: Virgo, Capricorn,Taurus

Overseen by Archangel Uriel

Colour of healing:Yellow

Archangel Uriel's message: "forgive & move on "

Lucky Number: 5


Take your time, to heal from your hurts. Forgive yourself most importantly.Only then, can you truly move on. Be sure that you are not pretending that everything is ok-if you feel something is not right, speak up LOVINGLY . Think before you react! You are learning to really rely on your instincts to help you through-be sure you always listen to your gut feelings. Support is on it's way!



Message from Archangel Verchiel :

" Greetings dear ones,

I am Verchiel! bringer of surprise. ad I will bring with me, as always, the energy of many many angels.


As an angel of surprise & happiness, I would love to help you all to feel this as a constant state of mind and reality.


Each of you just need to accept yourself, and open your arms to receive MORE.

We Angels, see many of you as 'closed-off' - in other words, you ask for assistance, love, wealth, jobs, health etc yet you do not believe it can happen to you! In fact you just shut-off and become angry, when you do not see results.


We ask, that when you are requesting assistance, in any area of your life, that you EXPECT the best. Take your worries to us and leave the details, how's and why's to us. The more you let go, the quicker the results. Ask for help actually expecting it, and you will then see the surprises in store for you.


Have not one doubt in your mind, that anything is possible for you. It only takes one doubt to block any manifestations. We angels and the entire spiritual realm applaud each and every one of you every day for the effort it takes to be on Earth. Our 'jobs' as 'God's messengers" is to guide you and assist you to becoming all you set out to be on your journey. You are never alone, and more of you are really becoming aware of this. Stand in your own power and magnificence.


Use your mind to attract your desires, You may not understand sometimes when you are sad,hurting & lonely-your lowest times are your greatest lessons,if you see it that way. We angels want you to understand , that all of you are equally loved. No-one is favored by us-you each have equal ability to manifest anything in your life. We have been telling you how to do it-don't delay your happiness by drowning it out with questions. Ask for assistance or what you would like to change in your life in a positive way-such as an affirmation like this :

"Thank you for the abundance in all areas of my life that is forever flowing to me"

You see how this is positive, expecting and grateful? If you say;
"I beg you, give me money please!"

You are not expecting to have it you are 'wishing' for it,and you are putting the act of desperation into it, which shows lack.


Simply observing how you ask for things, and changing your outlook on it, opens the treasure chest.

You have the free will to be as negative as you want-this will attract more to you.It really is that simple. We hope by showing you this example, your thought patterns will switch to an abundant state,where anything is possible and miracles occur. Cancel your lower thoughts and re-affirm the positive ones. This is self-mastery and is a huge part of ALL of your life's paths.


Ask in such a way that you expect the best. Don't try to change another's free will with your affirmations, for this won't work!

Work on yourself and see the wonderful changes that happen.

Oh, some people won't like your abundant self,because they don't see how it would work for them! Instead of using explanations, live your life in EXAMPLE of the blessings you manifest. It does not matter how learned someone is,if they can not prove their life has improved and continues to improved, maybe they have not really learned anything.


Really think about your life, and the struggles you have had. Remember how you were THINKING at the time. Therein, you will learn from this, and expand your consciousness which brings you what you are seeking!


As an angel of this month, I am with you all very closely-although, you can request my assistance, at any time. Simply affirm that which you desire,with positive expectation, and nothing less.

We angels never tire of assisting you!


Much love,

Archangel Verchiel"