Angel of March- "Angel Machidiel "
Known as " Lightening of God "



Hi everyone! Thank you for taking the time to read this month's guidance messages.


This month, we are working with the beautiful energy of 'Machidiel' the Angel who is known as "Lightening of God "


Machidiel brings the energy of opportunity, fortune and good luck. He brings healing to the Auric levels and cleanses and cleans the Crown chakra. This enables a clearer vision, of where you would like to be and what you would like to do for your future.


It is important to be careful of allowing others to dictate to you, and make you feel as though you are less than good enough to move forward in your own life. Once again, we are brought to a place of needing to let go of those who may try to manipulate you emotionally, to do what they want you to do, and make you feel pressured to be doing everything for them or the situation.

Moving forward is easy if you allow yourself to follow your happiness.

This month, you will find you way forward, and express yourself more completely.


Watch the video of the month here:



Crystals include: Malachite,Amethyst,Beryl,Coral & Clear quartz.


Essential Oils include:Orange, Lemon, Lime & Neroli.


Incense: Nag Champa



He/She also brings the "Fire" energy of the elements, and you can read more about it here :


For each month of the year, there is an 'overseeing' Angel or a group of them.


There is also an "overseeing" Angel, for each element.


Earth's overseeing Angel is "Uriel"

Air's Overseeing Angel is "Raphael"

Water's Overseeing Angel is "Gabriel"

Fire's Overseeing Angel is "Michael"

On with the key points for this month!



Key Points for March 2015:


1: Finding your way forward: The limitations on your life that you have actually created, need to release and leave you now. If you want your life to change, then you need to grasp it with both hands, without worrying about what other people may think of you. It is so important for your growth, and for you to have the life that you wish to lead. Be open to receiving the help and assistance that you deserve!


2: Auric Cleansing-Archangel Machidiel will help to clear the Aura and allow more light into the chakra's to allow healing.


3: Healing on inner levels- We are still trying to unblock a lot of the damage that has been caused from our past, and also inflicted from other people, that has hurt us terribly. We know some of these hurts, and some may still need to be discovered by you. There will always be the right healer, if you put your intention out to the Universe.


4: Finding happiness within yourself and not allowing others to tell you what to do anymore. It is tough to move forward, but as you let go and allow yourself joy everything begins to fall into place for you.




This year, we are doing the messages for the month a little differently.

If you watched the video you would see that I chose a card from the "Domino Angels " deck for each Element. I also pulled an extra Rune card. You can choose-one, two, three or four. (If all of them resonate, this is fine).


Fire signs- Archangel Michael. Your Angel card was-"Archangel Uriel "


Archangel Uriel works with us emotionally, and this card tells us to let go of the past and not lose sleep over things that are bugging you. It is time to move on from the past, and to remember that you have the power of the Universe flowing through you. Try not to listen to all that mindless gossip right now.


If you chose number 1: Your message from the Runes was "Eihwaz"- Eihwaz makes us strong ,courageous, introspective and allows us to triumph over the odds, and face and embrace our dark side.


Air signs-Archangel Raphael. Your Angel card was-Archangel Azrael.

Archangel Azrael is perfect at helping us with loss and grief. Even if it is grief from a long time ago, you can still heal with Azrael. This is also a hello from the heavens to you from loved ones! They are very much alive and at peace, and although we miss the physical presence, we can rest assured that they are complete and whole now. Remember that you are more support that you realize to a lot of people, so allow support from Azrael just for yourself.

If you chose number 2-Your Rune card was "Othila"
This Rune is connected to wealth but above all, what we have inherited from our ancestors.Time to look at the past in order to gain knowledge for your future.



Water signs- Archangel Gabriel. Your Angel Card was-The Angels of Patience.


The Angels of patience allow you to take a moment to relax and chill out even when it is so hard to do so. There may be all kinds of arguments that stem from jealousy, and you are being asked to not allow yourself to become upset, but ask for assistance from the Angels to help you calmly see your way through.


If you chose number 3 your Rune card was "Pertho".

Destiny,fate and inevitability are ruling you at the moment. Open yourself up to the world and all that is around you, and keep on moving forward, knowing that you are on the right path always.


Earth Signs- Archangel Uriel. Your Angel card was-"Archangel Adnachiel"


There is news of a sudden trip and the unexpected when you receive this card. You may be doing extra study as part of your life purpose. Expect the unexpected, and see each day as exciting for you.


If you chose number 4 your Rune card was: 'Raidho"


This card is associated with fast movement and travel. Raidho increases our self esteem and awareness bringing you strength and understanding.



Message from 'Machidiel':

"Dear ones,

It is the beginning of another journey in so many ways for each of you. Your lives have been twisting and turning and weaving into place. There has been some issue with feeling grounded or even with feeling safe.

Throughout your lives there will be times like these and although you may be unsure or start to feel that there is something wrong,try to look at things as healing for you.

Each time something takes place in your life, it makes room for healing to occur.

This month as you open your awareness and trust, you will begin to feel relief and understanding in your life.

It is time to embrace all that you are and begin to live for yourself and your own happiness!

We Angels always tell you this because so many ask for advice in making decisions for you. we cannot do this. We do not judge you as making a right or wrong move-so we say, do what make you the happiest in every way, as this is always what you are really seeking.

Be all you can be with joy in your heart.

With love to all,

Archangel Machidiel"



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