May 2013~ Archangel Ambriel


Greetings to all of you!

Welcome to this month's guidance!

I am so happy, and very honored to bring you the information, that comes to me from Source, my Higher Self , Guides and the Angelic realm of course..

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The month of May, is already here, and soon we shall be half way through the year! What a year it has been on a lot of different levels in each of our lives!

I am very glad that I am here with you on this journey of discovery we have each been on!


Be prepared this month to start to face yourself more completely. This will be important as the year goes on, that we are continuing to release, and embrace different parts of ourselves, thereby healing issues on much deeper levels.


I found it very important to engage more with my higher self, as a way of healing very deep issues then I first thought I had. This will be true for you, as you begin to dialogue with yourself, in a deeper way.


As always, we shall look at the different elements, and a message for each :

Earth, Air ,Fire & Water.

There is also an "overseeing" Angel, for each element, and they also give a short message for the month.

Earth's overseeing Angel is "Uriel"

Air's Overseeing Angel is "Raphael"

Water's Overseeing Angel is "Gabriel"

Fire's Overseeing Angel is "Michael"

On with the key points for this month!


Key Points for MAY:

1: Honor yourself, and all that you truly are! As a spiritual being having a human experience, it is sometimes hard for us to see past the 'human' aspects of ourselves-but when you look from a spiritual being's perspective, a lot of our 'issues' are very mundane.


2: Time to quit those habits, and move away from this lower energy. The time has come to truly look at those things that you do, which are not helping you in any way- do not feel guilty for trying to quit things, and slipping up every now and then- just try, and ask yourself honestly, the best way for you to proceed and succeed.


3: New opportunities abound in many different ways- time to be optimistic about this, and really open yourself up to the fact that things can actually get better, as you see them in this way! Take up the new opportunities, as they are answered prayer.


4: Sharpen your skills, and do things in a different way! If you write or paint for example, do a completely different style-even try to use your other hand, as a way of bringing a whole new energy into what you do!


5: Use your senses! Not so much your common sense :) but rather, think about your hearing, eyesight,smell,taste etc. Start to expand this with experiments on this. For example, with hearing, sit quietly, listening to the sounds in the room-then move on to outside the house, and so on and so on. You should be able to actually hear very far away-further than you might think :) awaken all your senses, knowing you can do this, and it makes a huge difference in all areas.


6: Children and being child like in many ways is also another important part of the journey of life. As you begin to forget about all the adult worries, and responsibilities, and become more as a learning child, you will have profound healing.



Message for the Elements:


FIRE SIGNS: Leo, Aries & Sagittarius

Overseen by Archangel Michael

Colour Of Healing: Green

Archangel Michael's Message: "You are multi-talented "

Lucky Number: 7


Burdens and pressures have been mounting, but you are now seeing where you have been hemming yourself in and even feeling weak, powerless, and unable to move ahead,

An opportunity arrives, that is an important step forward-Don't be so prideful that you don't take it . You are never left behind need to be in dependant now. A new job,promotion, or flow of money that is unexpected happens this month. The sun is important to healing, and memory. Try to get at least 5 minutes a day of sunshine :)


WATER SIGNS : Cancer,Scorpio,Pisces

Overseen by Archangel Gabriel:

Colour of healing: Purple

Archangel Gabriel's Message: "Celebration "

Lucky Number: 2


You are learning moderation, and seeing yourself in a better, more balanced way. You are cautioned right now to WALK AWAY from emotional problems and situations , that have served their purpose. Even though it may be painful, you must break the cycle. Don't feel that you need make an apology-simply retreat. There are blessings waiting. A generous person will pay you back for all your kindness. A short trip away will prove abundant!


AIR SIGNS : Libra,Aquarius,Gemini

Overseen by Archangel Raphael:

Colour of healing: Red

Archangel Raphael's Message: " light & love "

Lucky number: 3


Stop giving! You are guided to be careful who you trust with your money. If something is too good to be true, then it will be! You give too much of yourself away to others. You need to spend time alone , and practice your crafts. Whatever creative pursuits you have been putting off-just do it ! The timing is right for this. Not a very good time for investments-forget trying too advance with money now-keep it, and go within & create. Let the money instead, be attracted to you.


EARTH SIGNS: Virgo, Capricorn,Taurus

Overseen by Archangel Uriel

Colour of healing:Yellow

Archangel Uriel's message: "Keep it mellow "

Lucky Number: 6


You have made important sacrifices, but you don't need to keep going! Let yourself return to life feeling proud of yourself. Beware of gossip-whether it is you who is doing it, hearing it or seeing it! Reflect now, on what you allow to consume your mind and thoughts-this has a direct influence on your future. You make important decisions for your future towards the end of the month. Follow your heart, don't feel pressured to do anything that you do not really want to do. With change, comes growth and healing.



Message from Archangel Ambriel :


"Greetings dear ones!

I am Ambriel, one of the endless angels dedicated to helping you to reach your true soul potentials. I bring with me, the energy of the Angelic realm, here to assist each of you in every way.


Most importantly, is our mission to help each of you to become more childlike in your thinking, but less childlike in your behavior!


What this means, is, when you were a child, you were less, weighed down with responsibility , stress and money worries, that you have today & therefore, your imagination and creativity where more encompassing to you. This also meant that most of you did not have the emotional, mental and physical issues you have today. Although a lot of you were treated very badly as children, there was less overall responsibility then there is today on your shoulders.


What we Angels are reminding you of, is, freedom of thought- you need this more than ever today. Childish behavior - that is, of speaking out rudely,letting others take care of you, and being irresponsible, needs to be left behind you now or else you will live your life in confusion.


The time has really come to take a good look at yourself and see where you still show this childish behavior.


It is not a criticism rather a helping hand to the freedom and abundance you seek.


If you are still relying on others to show you what to do, and lead the way, you need to now move up to the next level. The same is true for those of you who are feeling responsible for everyone else-let them take care of themselves, for the healing to begin.


You will only have true success in what you wish to heal in your body,mind and spirit, when you let go of your feelings of responsibility, neediness, and self worth.

Your healing energy is all encompassing. When you place others higher than yourself, you will always miss your mark. You must accept yourself without conditions.


Trust the process, awaken truly within now!

Before you sleep at night, lie on your back, take deep breaths, protect yourself in white light, and ask mentally to be shown, where you have been slowing down in your progress. Ask to be shown what you need to know, and then DO IT!

You are supported, and loved! Give this teaching and healing to yourself, and then the much deeper levels of healing begin!


Once this happens, all that you desire will be readily available!

Blessed be!

I am Ambriel"