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 Mediums-By BDevine®


Here we will explore some common beliefs about Mediums, & I also wanted too explain how I do this for you.
* See below A Video About The Techniques I am Explaining Here*

We have some movies to thank for depicting Mediums as ghost hunting freaks! Or a mysterious lady that performs "Seances" & raps the table
( We know the ones) But seriously, Mediums have a pretty awesome job! Also a very tough one at times!

Yes, they see, feel or hear dead people or animals even, but not always in the traditional scary way that we might think.!
Some people have been frightened when they first start too try, but this is just your fears reflected too you.

When I first wanted too explore how too connect , I tried a mirror technique. This is where you sit in front of a mirror with a candle & ask too speak with your chosen Spirit. Since my brother had recently died at the time, I wanted a visit that I controlled, other than dream messages.

I was not trained properly, although I had been able to help others,
so I just sat there and looked at my aura, in the mirror. My biggest fear, was seeing a skeleton or rotting corpse looking back at me.
What I did see, was my brothers face but it was somehow strange looking.

I immediately realized, I was seeing what my worst fear was.
Before trying this process again, I searched for good advice on the subject & came across authors like ,
Sylvia Browne, Doreen Virtue & Cassandra Eason.
I learnt too ask my Angels to protect me & even bring me Spirits to give messages too loved ones.
It hasn't been without developing a huge trust in this area & I've never had a bad or scary experience either.

A lot of people are skeptical or concerned about this but everybody
has the ability too tap into this level of consciousness, its just some have a
clearer channel than others. Or have learnt to develop this over time!

Becoming a medium too me is all about others.
I can speak with relatives when I choose, but being able too connect with a loved one or pet for someone, is why I do it.
There have been numerous healing's too so many people over the years, that the tiredness and emotion that you feel later is certainly worth it.

Do I see a person staring back at me when I read for you?
Not usually! Its not like the dead just staring at you or look the same as we do.
I t’s more like a lowering of your energy when  someone is there.
Feeling this is usually how you start becoming a strong medium-allowing your self too trust the feeling is the hard part!

Then the person /animal may actually show themselves to your 'visual ' eye.
However this is quite rare-& can be very brief.. Most Medium's see, feel, & hear -with their minds eye (or third eye) & possess a knowingness -which briefly means  you just know in your mind & heart exactly what you are “seeing!"

Its sounds complicated but I hope you get the Idea!
Its a sense of how the person acts, sometimes they will give you glimpses of their life on earth, & if you are reading for someone else you should ask the Spirit for some kind of validation that they are who the say they are!

It takes a lot of help from the Angels, whenever I read for you, too interpret the correct message . I can also "Channel" Angels & Spirits, meaning, the Spirit or Angels will step inside me & give me messages- but this really takes a toll on your body when Channeling Spirits, & its another area that commonly gets misused by people who may mean well, but do not protect themselves properly or allow the spirits too return too the light.
This must be done following any kind of reading!

However when Channeling Angels, Ascended Masters, Goddesses & Fairies etc
its a very high vibration, loving, gentle & peaceful -it makes you see the world through their eyes & they truly see US as Angels!

When contacting Spirits, Instead of being scared of what you may see, or feel, just ask for Archangel Michael to be around as he always is there for protection! Nothing can possibly hurt you when he is there!

Please try to avoid "Ouija Boards" if you are not trained in this area.
The reason is that you may not protect yourself or your area properly and you may allow a Spirit who has unfinished business come through and start a bit of havoc with your electricity or try desperately to get your attention.
This can alarm many people if you are not Spiritually able to deal with it.

If you would like to become a Medium, I suggest to really become
strong spiritually first.
Discover if its really a deep
interest or just curiosity.
It takes a lot out of you being a Medium & helping others with It, & its not all roses.
The energies can still have emotions attached to them and it may come across
to you if you are not properly prepared for this.

Stay Tuned!

More on Mediums Soon!



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