Spiritual Mentoring Program

with BDevine®



Thank you for your interest in the "Spiritual Mentoring Program".

I would like to outline the Mentoring features, and how I will be able to assist you, to reach your goals and dreams.


Your Mentoring Program, will last 4 weeks (dependant on your needs) and EVERY program is unique, and will be tailor made to suit you. You may also save money by choosing to work with me over 12 weeks, which will also include life coaching, counselling, healing and whatever it is you would like mentoring about.


Unlike other programs, where you will follow along with everyone else, this program is aimed at your own individual needs, talents and desires.



I will work with you towards making your goals easier to accomplish, and increase your own knowledge, spirituality and business confidence-plus much more!


Here is what the program consists of:


Spiritual Mentoring Program

4 Week Course


*Phone call consultation (separate to your mentoring program) to talk about your needs,wants and goals.

This is a must! No course will start without this first consultation.

*Weekly Phone Calls and added lesson notes. Whatever we decide to work on, I will send you information about our lesson.

*4x Healing (once per week) to help implement the new knowledge and

way of life. This will be tailor made individually.

*Email support as needed.

*Your abilities and healing will also increase as we do meditations and healing over the phone as needed.

*You will be working with me personally, to help you on every level. You will need to reserve 1-2 hours per week on our calls, and further time on the lessons. There are no tests, or any homework. You will learn at your own pace in your own time.

4 Weeks Mentoring:


Bonus One EXTRA Session! 5 Sessions total!

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$444 USD
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12 Week Mentoring Program
Life Coaching, Spiritual Guidance PLUS Whatever you want to learn more deeply:


$1200 USD Save $









It is my aim, that after the 6-12 weeks, you will have a strong sense of what you need to do in order to reach your goals, and will find yourself with the determination, and tools necessary to achieve your desires. Of course, what you put into this, is really what you are going to get out of it, so it is important you are going into this wholeheartedly, and willing to do the work, receive the healing and attunements, and take whatever guidance is given to you, always for your highest good.


Your Program will be specific for you and what you have asked to achieve, and I will do my very best to help you in every way. If you should require further assistance, you will always have that option.





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