Angel of November- "Adnachiel "

Element: Fire
Overseeing: Sagittarius



Hi everyone! Thank you for taking the time to read this month's guidance messages.


This month, we are working with the beautiful energy of 'Adnachiel'.


Adnachiel is known as the "The Voyager " and brings happiness,knowledge,relief and celebrations for all.


The energy of Adnachiel, is that of travel, fast action and all kinds of learning.


When we are working with Adnachiel, we find that our hidden talents begin to come to the surface rather quickly and also that we have a lot of hidden fears and insecurities that also begin to come up to be cleared.


As we embark more on our spiritual journey, we begin to understand our life experiences a little more, and we tend to stop a lot of the past from repeating, as we practice a life review.

Our intentions for a new life and a new direction will spark a new dimension of our soul, and a piece or two that we have somehow missed throughout our lives, will be able to fall neatly into place.


This is a pivotal time for change, and we must begin to get things right in our lives now, so that we are not going to fall back into old patterns and make ourselves feel that we are not worthy of the best.


Adnachiel helps things to move fast, and brings the right people into our lives to build us up and expand our awareness.

It will be important to remember that you are a beautiful portal of light on the earth, and as you embrace this, your abilities heighten, and you will begin to understand the bigger picture in your life.


A great time for romantic inclinations and also being grateful on a daily basis for all that you have and are about to receive.


As the pieces of the soul begin to fall into place, and the release of the old happens, there may be times of feeling unsure of yourself. Remember this is part of the process, and there is nothing wrong with you.

Allow things to come up for healing, and see them leaving you in the arms of the angels, taking care of the details for you.


November is also a time of getting together with people, some of them family, some of them soul family, some of them loving, but it will be a time of real deep connections, and new people may easily enter your life at this time.


Don't be afraid of yourself and who you really are .Embrace success on all levels, in your life, and continue to learn grow and release.


You have no idea how far the Universe will take you, if you don't open up to allowing it,something good for yourself.


You are protected,loved and always supported as you move ahead.




Watch the video of the month here:



Crystals include: Imperial Topaz, Chrysocolla, Moonstone,Jasper, Yellow Jade & Citrine.


Essential Oils include:

Eucalyptus, Ylang Ylang Spearmint,Neroli & Lemon.


Incense: Flora,Nag Champa.



He/She also brings the "Fire" energy of the elements, and you can read more about it here :


For each month of the year, there is an 'overseeing' Angel or a group of them.


There is also an "overseeing" Angel, for each element.


Earth's overseeing Angel is "Uriel"

Air's Overseeing Angel is "Raphael"

Water's Overseeing Angel is "Gabriel"

Fire's Overseeing Angel is "Michael"

On with the key points for this month!



Key Points for November 2017:


1: Cleansing:


2: Strength:


3: Visualization:


4: Thinking Big:


5: Holidays:


6: Passing Emotions:


7: Spiritual Soul vibration:


8: Action:


9: De-stress:

10: Surprise:


11: High Speed Action:






Message from 'Adnachiel':


"Dear Ones,


With much love and understanding, I embrace you with the power of the universal angels and divine guides, to lift you into a new understanding of yourself and the vibration of your soul.

You are limitless, you are infinite, and you are on the path of enlightenment and discovery of the power that you hold within you.

There is never a "perfect time" to begin anything, leave something that is negative, or shift into a total new direction.

You are each being given great knowledge and an awakening of your soul contracts, so that, if you are ready, you can clear out the old ways once and for all.

Don't feel the need to compare yourself with others on their journey-it is far more beneficial for you to embrace your own unique self, and allow this to truly shine without the weight of comparison holding you back, and halting your progress.

Just keep on moving forward, trusting endlessly, that your needs, and so much more will always be met, with added bonus's for all of you!


With love




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