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October Guidance 2012


Greetings to all of you wonderful souls!

Welcome once again, to the monthly guidance readings and information.

I truly love to bring this energy forward, and I am so happy that so many are enjoying the new format. So once again, I will be bringing the message for each of the Zodiac Element:

Earth, Air ,Fire & Water.

There is also an "overseeing" angel, for each element, and they also give a short message for the month.

Earth's overseeing Angel is "Uriel"

Air's Overseeing Angel is "Raphael"

Water's Overseeing Angel is "Gabriel"

Fire's Overseeing Angels is "Michael"

There is also the youtube video, explanation of this, part one and two, at the bottom of the page, if you are interested :)

So on with the key points for this month!

Key Points for October:
1: Self Healing is a MUST! Start to work on this every day.

2: Forget everyone else, and what they are doing! This is a time for you!

3: Must begin to work and explore crystals-Each holds vital information ,that is programmed to open now, it is very important for your growth!

4: Jealousy is a curse! It very quickly turns to hate-Lower emotions are leaving,so be prepared to transform!

5: Be sure, that you are outside,at least 2 hours a day~this is vital for self healing on all levels.

6:Action is required before results occur- if you want it to happen, start working towards it!

7. Longstanding issues will begin to reverse-but you also need to hang onto faith!

8: Trust yourself!! This is so important,and many have wasted this power for too long ..start to rely and trust yourself more, to free yourself of illusions!

9:False Light workers-they are everywhere, and have always been there-but learn to just deal with yourself, and your own light, without holding judgment on others-lest, you be judged by others too!

10: Energies are high-but the worst is over! Remember that you can handle anything with the right perspective.

11: Do not worry be free!

Message for the Elements:

FIRE SIGNS: Leo, Aries & Sagittarius

Overseen by Archangel Michael

Start to enjoy life's smaller blessings. See them all around you, and be grateful for this. Spending quiet time alone, is the only way to really connect with yourself..It is time, to really know your worth!Those who are self employed,are going to have success-in fact it is a successful month for anyone, who is working, but you are very gifted at working for yourself.aybe this is the time for you to think about this. You really are the only one who can make things happen for you...Try your best not too rely too heavily on others as you may find yourself let down.

Flowers, and incenses are going to help you concentrate easier, and put you in different moods. This will help you to awaken ALL the senses. Expect events to occur at great speed-but don't feel as though you have to rush. Slow down-people can wait! Review your options in decisions that you need to make. Sleep on it-there are options you may not have thought of yet.

Help is available to you, so ask for it if you need it. Unexpected advice will be given to you so listen to it. Look for more creative solutions, and play music, or be around music more to lift you, and connect you to the higher vibrations. Connect with Tree energy, as well as Fairy's and Unicorns who are with each and every one of you. Recovery abounds on all levels-and even recovering something that may have been lost to you, or that you thought you would never see again. Recovery on all levels, from addictions, illness, relationships etc.

The healing colour this month, for you, is BLUE.

Archangel Michael's Message: " Have faith in yourself! You can do it!"

AIR SIGNS: Libra,Gemini,Aquarius

Overseen by Archangel Raphael:

New opportunities abound!! You have the Green lights!! You may be receiving this month! Allow yourself to receive, open your arms, and let this in-do not feel unworthy, but instead, open to receiving all that is coming your way, and it is about time! If you are worrying, about anything, please stop this! It is not making your life easier, or solving the problem..It is really time to look at and evaluate your life and the way that you perceive problems. Look at how you are thinking, about anything in your life-therein, you may find the answer to your problems now.

There really is happiness around you, and some of you may experience relief for the first time! Karma is now being very good to you! Enjoy this,and be thankful for it! Time for completing projects that you have been meaning to do..A homecoming or celebration in the home-so be ready for fun times! If you are considering moving, it will go smoothly, so keep on having this smooth ride as your focus .Children are an important focus and you are each naturally sensitive to children's aware that your help and support may be required.

Try to see other peoples view with compassion,even if it is the most frustrating thing that you have to do.

The healing colour for you this month, is GREEN

Archangel Raphael's Message: "As you heal yourself, you heal the World-change it all up!"

WATER SIGNS: Cancer,Scorpio,Pisces

Overseen by Archangel Gabriel:

You are brilliant, but rather sensitive to criticism-stop seeing everything as a personal attack! Remember that you need to connect with your higher self to calm you down..It is very important to watch angry outbursts this month-it may have some repercussions for you..

There is excitement and new things coming to your life-try your best not to get caught up in everyone else's not feel as though you need to solve everything on your own!

You now, more than ever, need to really accept yourself-every single part of who you are and every time someone else does not understand you, don't blame yourself, or think that there is something that you need to do, in order to be liked.

There are those who are trustworthy-love them and accept them.You each have at least one person who comes to mind as either a hindrance r a help to you .Release the hindrances without guilt-you will be appreciated more,when you appreciate yourself.

Look out on the road! Be aware of everything without absorbing it,because you are sensitive to this .Start to shield yourself regularly,to help you.

The colour for healing is RED.

Archangel Gabriel's message is: " Be yourself-there is no one quite like you"


EARTH SIGNS: Virgo, Capricorn,Taurus

Overseen by Archangel Uriel

Your crown chakra is opening, so be aware of this-it may have been shut down,or not open completely for a time,so imagine the colour purple around this area. Time for a new haircut for some of you-dare to do something different! Change is always good,and allows energy to flow through you.

Anything new that you try, you will end up really liking. Avoid people who are emotionally taking from you, and draining you of energy. Stand up for yourself, think for yourself,and make your own judgments,if need be.You are experiencing intuition at new levels.

Have patience whilst you work it all out. Be careful in intimate relationships, that you do not act out or walk out.Try your best to keep calm and think before you act.

Appreciate the light that is within you, and the light that you are. Know that you do have many talents, and many of these will soon become more apparent.

The colour of healing for you, is PURPLE.

Archangel Uriel's message is: " You are all the friend that you need"

Message from the Angel of October-Archangel BARIEL.

"Dear ones,

Greeting to each of you! I am BARIEL, and I bring with me the chorus of thousands of angels,singing to you, the melody of your soul. Oh how proud we are at the work you are doing!- some of which is not so apparent to you on a physical level-however, from a soul level, we see each of you, lighting up,remembering,feeling different and changing your lives.

Dear ones, it is ever subtle what you do-You may even feel you are "going wrong" because of the changing energies within you, you are cleansing and washing away & renewing yourself in the process ...Closer are you each becoming whole-in your own time.

We Angels see you in a completely different way then you see yourself. We look at each of you with deep pride,unconditional love, acceptance & joy. We do not see you through a "physical lens" as you see yourself.We see you as vibration ,light, colour and sound and this is also how we Angels see, and recognize each other.

Sear Ones, we love you no matter what, we only ask that each one of you,love yourself without condition.

You face a new month of upgrades and healing, and you are prepared now,more than you think. Remember to ask and expect your journey to go smoothly-but, if things should get difficult in your eyes, do not think that you have been abandoned or forgotten! Please do not lose faith and hope in yourself, but understand that in harder times, you are actually helping more people than you think-your behavior reflects on others always, and either way, actually helps you to be true to yourself.

This is a time of discovery of you! FOrget as best you can, who is right or wrong, who is light or dark,who is good or bad-but instead, listen to yourself more completely-It is the only way you will learn to become more aware of the "big" picture of peace.

Dear ones, you are each beloved-no one is more worthy than anyone else.The only difference between people, is their sense of worthiness, Think about this.

I am the Angel Bariel, and I will help you find your truth in all things, I shall also assist in new discoveries and ancient mysteries. You will each uncover some amazing things from the Earth this month, and indeed from now on! Free yourselves dear children, you deserve it!

With love and Blessings,

Archangel Bariel"







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