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Your Questions Answered-By
By BDevine®

In this article I would like to give you some answers to common questions I have been asked or asked myself.
In any case some of this may seem like you have heard it all before and you must remember, I can only answer these questions with my own insight & beliefs in the matter - so it is up to you to form your own opinion.
My hope is that for some of you this will answer a lot of your questions & perhaps cure a lot of your illnesses and phobias, as well as help you to "reconnect" with the parts of your soul that have been lost in lives gone by.


Do We Have Past Lives?

The answer is a huge "YES" of course we do-but not our physical bodies as they are today. It is only we as a "SOUL" that has lived before and continues to live until we have learnt all of our earthly lessons - our SOUL'S purpose is to become Spiritually aware and spread that light too everyone.
As this happens your SOUL becomes whole again. All of our memories are stored in what's known As the "Hall Of Records" & Archangel Metatron looks after these records for us. (The Akashic Records).
When we wish to explore our past lives, & Indeed when I look at your past lives, its Archangel Metatron that I call on to help me.

Try This meditation below, from BDevine®

Why Can't I See Them?

There are two parts to this question. First you are born with ALL the memories of lives gone by, however it would be to confusing to have all of that information cramming your brain. Instead it is given to you in dreams, meditation, Angel guidance, hypnotherapy etc. to tap into your hidden memories. Second, every single person can "SEE" a past life, its again a matter of trusting your inner knowing & feelings that you can - & you will. Although remember, it will usually come in bits and pieces.It will help to write about what you see, and then more will be revealed to you in this way.


Yes,But I'm Imagining It Aren't I?

When we wish to delve into past lives its easy to believe you have imagined the whole thing. The images are indeed in your mind and how can we possibly know if we are making it up? Well, you don't imagine how you feel do you? When looking at a past life you know without a shadow of a doubt that you are seeing the truth about your soul. The more you look, the more intense the feelings get and you will find that those sorts of profound emotions can't be faked no matter what others may say. This is your private journey, therefore you have your own private images. You are not imagining anything!!


How Do Past Lives Help Us Now?

In our present lives we have to overcome so many problems. A lot of these problems our soul has carried over into this life.
In Reiki, they teach of your SOUL shattering, when an sudden catastrophic event or sudden death for example has happened. This can explain certain phobias, illness, loss & disease etc we have today.
If we can go back into a past life and see that "MAIN EVENT" that caused our soul to shatter, we can almost certainly heal those parts of our lives today.
For example, since I was about 13, I experienced extreme social phobia, whereby I would blush profusely & very noticeably when I was put on the spot or asked an uncomfortable question. Sometimes this would happen for no reason at all! I decided I would find out if this was a past life issue. It turns out, that as a teenager in a past life, I was burned to death for speaking in public about my spiritual and emotional feelings - thus the "BURNING UP" I felt in my face and entire body. As soon as I had that connection with my soul, the burning sensation has gone.
This is just one instance of how looking at a past life can help today.

My Child Has Died-WHY?

We must remember that in these instances where there is terrible family tragedies, sudden deaths of children, suicides, car accidents that leave people crippled etc, this has all happened because in this life we each wrote our own script so to speak. Before we were born and in heaven we decided who our family would be and what would happen in our life time to ensure that we didn't have to repeat this life again. Everything seems so easy when you are in the comfort of heaven that we sometimes give ourselves more than the soul can handle. Some commit suicide, which means they are destined to live in the same circumstance at another time, until they rise above and find a better solution. Children that die young have also chosen this to happen as a way of teaching their family and also because that may have been the last lesson that their soul had to learn. Not everything can be explained & a lot of life is definitely not easy but when we look back at our lives past, we will see that even though we have are struggles, we have come along way from where we had been.


I'm Unsettled With My Family Why?

In all of our lifetimes we have basically kept the same family circle although the roles may have been changed around. You might be a mother to a son who was once your father - as such you may find him a constant power struggle to deal with. You may have been your fathers mother - so you feel you know what's best for him, etc. You may have been abused sexually or physically by a relative - who could have been your husband/ wife in a past life or someone you had abused yourself. Even though we can't comprehend that this could of happened or why its happening now, there is always a reason from the past that needs to be explored. A lot of in-law situations in this life make people uncomfortable - our soul may have recognized this person as a previous enemy, and so when they are around we are on the defensive.
Now I'm not saying that anyone is "PUNISHED" in this life for the deeds of past lives, but we need to have experienced every emotion - good or bad for our soul to finish its journey.
Again its our job to look back at the "MAIN EVENT" in a past life to see what might have happened.


What About Soul Mates?

Yes this is one of the favored question. Everyone wants to find their soul mate & my answer is every romantic relationship you have ever had or will have, has derived from a past connection with this "SOUL" Just what the connection is can be difficult to work out. When you are with the correct "SOUL"partner, there is no difficulty you can't handle, no cheating, lying or even a question as too whether he or she is your soulmate.The trouble with other relationships that don't work is that you have made the connection in this life and recognized each others "SOUL" but failed to dig deeper as to what the connection is.

For violent or failed relationships, you could have been trying to force yourselves to be together because of the undeniable urge that you connected, without exploring the possibility that the past life connection was not a nice one. Sure enough you recognize each other but failed to heed the warnings that it was not meant to be. For all you know, this person could of killed you previously, or committed multiple crimes to humanity for example - my children's father in this life was very violent to say the least however I continued on in this relationship thinking it was morally wrong to have children out of wedlock, & leave - until I realized that I was actually murdered by this man in another life, and he took the children from me. Hence, my fear was that he would take the children away from me, once I discovered why I was so desperate to keep us together, everything changed & I was no longer hiding behind religion to stay there & managed to escape before indeed I was killed again!
So as you can see, there is a difference between soul recognition and true soul mates.

Ok,So How Do I See My Past Lives?

First its always good to have something you want to see about yourself. Like for me wanting to know why I started blushing as a teenager. Once you have this thought, have a look at the exercises to the right and start practicing. Remember don't be to hard on yourself you may need to repeat this a few times before you can see anything. Its a good idea to perhaps have a tape recorder handy so you can speak about what you see.

Its unnecessary to have specific dates and times in your mind just let the pictures unfold like a movie & you will be so surprised.

Another thing is if you are good at drawing you might like to draw the scene in your mind.If you are right handed, I have read that you should try to use your left hand and vice versa. I did this recently and I'm no way an artist, but I found I could sketch quite well with the opposite hand - obviously a past life thing! Most importantly, don't ever think you are imagining anything or you are crazy for believing you could have lived before. Every single one of us has, and the more we teach ourselves now, the less we will have to learn later!

What About Karma?

This can be a very deep subject but basically any place person or animal that you know , love or dislike, has Karma attached to it. So what is it? Basically its just an energy field between people, places or things ect.and some of this energy is negative & some positive. For example, are there people that you have instantly loved/hated? Places you fear/love to go? Are you wondering why you are fascinated by certain topics and do not feel drawn too others? All these things are Karma & when your time has come to address these things, you may need to release your ties to it. This is mostly true in bad situations, where the past is repeating itself or you have illness, phobias (like mine I mentioned) or even people that keep irritating you etc. Once these cords are cut this will undoubtedly improve or remove this Karma from your life. This also includes karma you may have unknowingly imposed on others.
It doesn't mean that you are evil or have meant for these events to occur but either way it has happened and we can release these cords with Archangel Metatron or any Angel you feel comfortable with.
I will explain this process with the past life exercises I've given you. Once you do this it doesn't necessarily mean that the negative feeling is completely over-the other person needs to release this to, but it does mean that you have been healed of this, and in time it won't bother you nearly as much.


I hope that you have enjoyed this article. I've been wanting to write this for some time and finally I did it!
I will be including some case files of people who have had some amazing experiences in the future. Please try the exercises and allow yourself to trust & enlighten yourself!

Many Blessings!


© 2009 onward







So you feel ready to discover a past life or may be more?

First its a good idea to make sure that you won't be disturbed for at least half an hour.

Work out what it is that you would like to find out - whether its an ailment you suffer, the reason you are afraid of the dark, why you end up in bad relationships or any situation you would like to uncover.

Next make sure you have a tape reorder or pen and paper so you can write down anything of relevance.


Remember don't worry if you see or feel nothing at first and if you happen to see something that frightens you in any way, remember that nothing can hurt you now, you are only observing this.


Stop at any time you feel necessary and only continue when you feel it is right to do so.


Looking at past lives is amazingly draining so don't do ten past lives in one day!


When you are ready, Ask for all your Angels and especially Archangel Metatron. He has a beautiful orange - golden glow so if you can picture this colour,no doubt he is there!


Next you will ask him too show you the life that has caused your current dilemma. Remembering to breathe gently and relax.


See yourself walking through a beautiful forest full of wildlife, large trees and a hint of Jasmine in the air. Continue too walk through the forest amazed at how peaceful and calm it is. Soon you will see a beautiful cave that does not frighten you one bit.


You enter the cave and you are aware of how cool and safe you feel, surrounded by gentle loving people who you sense are there to help you.


There seems to be some light at the end of the cave and as you walk toward it, you run your hand along the cave wall.


The light is ever so bright now and you are excited to see what's on the other side!


As you find the source of the light ,you see that its a beautiful portal full of rainbow colors that make you feel like you are in a safe giant bubble of light.


Indeed you are now floating in this bubble of rainbow light and you are certain that this bubble will safely take you too another time, another place, another life - your life before.


Let this bubble float above your past life, the one you have come to see to finally understand whatever it is that has troubled you.


You are aware of yourself, your surroundings and the fact that you are protected and safe as an observer of this. Take note of the weather, the countryside, are there birds or not are you near the ocean, are you in a building anything that can identify where you are and what year it might be.


You may also recognize SOULS that you are with today. Family, friends anyone that you have met in this life may have come from then.


It is a good idea to try to find a place where you can see yourself. Whether its a window, a pool of water or anything so you can see what you look like whether you are male or female. Just observe only.


Remember you are safe in your bubble and nothing can hurt you as you suddenly see the "MAIN EVENT" that moment in time that has stayed with you forever. Just watch this and get a sense of what has happened. You may in fact see your own death in that life, but its ok now.


As soon as you see exactly what this "MAIN EVENT" is you will turn around in your bubble with gladness in your heart and start too float back too the cave from whence you came. Letting go of the person you once where and the place that you once lived.


It has been shown too you. You have retrieved part of your soul that was SHATTERED by this experience and this will never hurt you or haunt you again.


Soon you reach your safe cave and are gently let out of your safe balloon. You are immediately hugged and congratulated by many Ascended Masters , Angels, Fairy's, Animals And of course Archangels.


You are so thrilled too have finally worked this event out in your mind and are also so happy that the past has been healed.


You look forward to again stepping into the beautiful safe bubble and perhaps looking at other past lives, knowing that you are safe and protected all the way.


Soon you are walking back through the cave and feeling the wall on the other side this time. It feels warm and buzzy and it has the colors of the rainbow all around it.


You reach the light at the other side and walk back through the forest with a smile on your face and gladness in your heart. The sun is shining there are birds and animals at play.


You turn around one last time and you see all the Angels and friends you have just met waving at you, so happy for you and waiting for your return sometime.


With a joyful heart, you are now back in your room, all the memories still fresh in your mind, ready too draw or write about your experiences.


You have never felt better!
You have seen one instance where you soul was shattered and it has made perfect sense to you.


It may be a good idea to record this meditation so you can play it and not have to think to much just experience it.


Be sure that you are pausing as you go through each part so that you are letting all the emotions set in.


Everyone can do this and you will find that over time, you can just close your eyes and ask for Archangel Metatron to show you glimpses of the past that may be relevant now.


You can also ask too see your families past lives or your partner's. This will be shown to you if you choose to see it.


As with any past life regression, you must ask that all Karmic ties that you have had with that event, now be released. It may be that you don't realize that you have actually done this, but part of your soul has been found again and you will have deep healing on an inner level as well as a physical one.


Don't be discouraged if you don't see anything.


We can block this vision if we are afraid of what we will see.
This is when you will need too remember that you are only an observer! That life has already been and gone and your only purpose here is too find out about your current life and most importantly start too build your soul again.


This is just one way in which you can connect to past lives. In my experience I no longer need to travel so far in my meditation I can simply ask to be shown this.


This will become much easier over time. The images you see may be sketchy in that you don't seem to stay in one particular part of it for to long. That's ok. In time you can come back again and delve deeper. Its not your imagination!


If you ever need clarification of what you have seen, you can always ask me to look at it for you. Just tell me what you have seen or are having trouble seeing and I will endeavor to help!


It may be helpful to try some affirmations so you are prepared to be able to clearly see,feel and even hear.


  • "I'm a powerful light worker and as such I can clearly see the past and how it relates to my future"


  • "I'm clearly able to help myself and others when I wish too regain my SOUL and find out how and where it got broken"


  • "My gift of knowledge will be used for the good of all"


  • "I shall endeavor too teach and learn from here on in"


  • "I have all the knowledge of the Universe in my heart and mind and I will be able to tap into this knowledge whenever I need it"


  • "My cells in my body and my eternal SOUL remember everything"


  • "I'm so thankful to be able to see what needed to be done to heal my life & others now"




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