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February Message 2012 -Archangel Hamied


Hello everyone!!

I am really happy to be bringing you these messages each month!
This month, Hamied, the Angel of miracles, comes through with a message for everyone!

He/She is one of the Angels who was considered a God in Egyptian times, and was known as the God "RA"
This Angel brings with him, a multitude of Angels that are all designed to help create miracles in our lives!! It was an Angel that for a long time, I have forgotten to ask for help, so here he is today for all of you!

You may notice a difference of feeling and "to the point" wording that he brings...for certain, he does not 'beat around the bush' but I promise you, he is loving, and kind, and also a wonderful healing Angel too!! My husband was healed from 10 years of having Psoriasis, with the help of Hamied!!

I have also written about him in another article HERE

I trust that you will enjoy the message today! Don't forget, the monthly readings are also on YOU TUBE



" Greetings dear ones!

I am Hamied, known as the Angel of miracles...but, I am but one of 1000's who help to create miracles in your lives.

The plan for all of you, is simple dear ones, yet so many of you strain to see the truth in every situation.
As you search for answers everywhere, on T. V, the internet, other mediums and speakers,you are searching for the one thing that will give you PROOF, give you understanding & relaxes your mind about the world and coming events!

Even though some of you are content with the answers you receive, more often than not, someone will come along, or a situation will take place too knock you off balance again- to cause you to worry and fear your existence.

Why then, is it important to you, to look anywhere else, but within your own heart?
Why do you seek fulfillment elsewhere?
How are some one else's words really going to help you. if you do not see that you need to help yourself?

The TRUTH about the World, is in your hearts.
The truth of the Universe, is there also.

We Angels, can not help you, to push past fear, if you don't admit,that, you yourself, are causing it.

February, no doubt, for some of you, will cause fear, IF you LET IT.

Frequencies are changing so rapidly, that your body, mind and soul, may become in a state of anxiety,high emotion, and worry..

Please do not allow this to take over your essence.
Any change, can be seen as disruption to many parts of your life.
Don't seek to make it worse, by doing what you have always done!Try, this time, to create MIRACLES in your lives by switching off the negativity!
Don't listen to negative announcements! For these people are acting on a lower vibration of fear.

Ask for Angelic assistance to remind you that miracles are your natural right!!!

You all have already come to the planet to heal it & change it's frequency to love.

If the World was really ending, there would be very few people alive today-because there would be no point in coming to Earth! BUT your World is brimming with people!! That ought to tell you, that success is at hand!!

February is the time for change & miracles.

I will work with whoever asks me too& I can help to heal all aspects of your body, as well as your aura & all traumas that you have been through so far..

You are seeing lights, Orbs, and Angelic humans already, & more glorious things too, as has been predicted by so many.

More and more WILL be seen and felt!

You are also HEARING and sending things more and more ...Isn't this what you have asked for?
Don't FEAR it!! Embrace it& move t the next level;.There is no room for fear where there is love.

Miracles are occurring for every one of you right now! What you are doing right now allows the miracles to occur!

I HAMIED know you all and you know me too! I am ready to help you, and you will see white light, when I am near..

We Angels are close! Closer than EVER!! Pay Attention!! Write down your daily events & appreciate the wonder of YOU!!

Blessings, Love & Miracles for all!!



© 2012