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March Message 2012- Archangel Metatron

Hello and welcome to the message for March 2012.
This is a message that has been channeled through the use of Automatic Writing you can read about how to do this HERE.

I am so happy to be able to bring these messages each month to all of you, and together we are going through a remarkable journey!
The knowledge will never stop!

This is a month where your thoughts are really going to create quickly! Keep in mind , that each of you ARE creators- you are born that way, and here to bring this enjoy of creation to the World..

You didn't come to this life,for had to change things, you knew you could, and wanted to be a part of this new world, that we are living in is already taking place, we have each done alot of work...
Now lets see what we can really do if we are conciously, working on this every day, and enjoying the manifestations and abundance in our lives, in every way!
I trust that you will each enjoy the message, take what you need from it, and grow and expand!!

"Dearest children of light.


You have all been through some rather heavy energies this year so far...
Do not think that you have been failing, dear ones...for indeed you have opened your hearts, expanded your mind, and begun to see things more clearly than before..

This will continue for the month of March- it will be a faster paced time...
You will begin to see the unfolding's of your prayers & many of you who have been in turmoil & conflict will see resolutions to this-some of you may even leave situations once and for all that have not served you well...
Others will begin on a new journey and take on things that will lead you to a grand awakening of yourself- who you really are, as a soul.

This month, the energies of love and healing will be multiplied.
Please focus your energies on healing around the globe and see in your mind, peace quickly unfolding...
See troops returning home, and people free all over the World..

If you are irritated by people , your Governments and leaders, only visualize truth, and justice occurring!!

This is a month that sets in motion a new World not live in the past! Your thoughts are rising above , what has been before-
Don't drop down into the old ways, of fear and distrust.

Seek to balance yourself, expand your mind and use your thoughts to are born as creators!

Expect abundance and appreciate what you have!
Where there has been worry, replace this with a healed reality!
You have all reached and important milestone for you...on your journey as a soul.

It does not matter what your 'neighbor' appears to have-each of you have chosen this lifetime, to get things right!
To change the chaos that has been so predominant-to learn that your thoughts create energy-good or bad!

March will bring new knowledge to each of you who seek it.
Miracles are always occurring! Learn how you can create miracles in your life!

There will be changes of temperature around the globe-you may be experiencing this already-the Earth too, is coming into alignments with positive energies and intentions-you are all valuable and powerful in your own unique way!Embrace it!

Please don't think , you are less than capable of changing the world & how each of you have done so much already!

Spend time doing that which fills you with joy!

Remember that anything can be change for the better, with your thoughts..
Life will become easier, as you see things as easy...

You are each awakening rapidly...You are re-calibrating your body , mind and soul-
Of course, you may have physical symptoms from time-to time.
Sinus congestion, dizziness and fatigue are all common now...
This is your body adjusting to higher frequencies, which you have brought into your life!
Look out this month, for breakthroughs in medicine, and science!

Remember , natural therapies have all the answers~ Go back to nature, and ancient healing arts-this will be seen more and more in mainstream medicine.

Dear ones! Don't be hard on yourselves!
Be glad in what each of you have achieved!
The new month will start a whole new life,if you are willing to accept the new & release the old!

You are never alone, and always loved, no matter what...

Allow the spark of the Divine to be alive in you now!

Love and blessings to you all!

Archangel Metatron




© 2012